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Aebi, N. J. and Baenteli, I. and Fink, G. and Meinlschmidt, G. and Schaefert, R. and Schwenkglenks, M. and Studer, A. and Trost, S. and Tschudin, S. and Wyss, K. and SomPsyNet Consortium, . (2023) Facilitators and barriers of routine psychosocial distress assessment within a stepped and collaborative care model in a Swiss hospital setting. PLoS One, 18 (6). e0285395.

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Anvari, M. S. and Belus, J. M. and Regenauer, K. S. and Myers, B. and Joska, J. and Magidson, J. F.. (2023) The combination of HIV and alcohol use internalized stigmas are associated with greater symptoms of depression in a South African sample living with HIV. Stigma Health, 7 (3). pp. 370-373.

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Faculty of Theology

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