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Calabrese, Silvia and Kohler, Annegret and Niehl, Annette and Veneault-Fourrey, Claire and Boller, Thomas and Courty, Pierre-Emmanuel. (2017) Transcriptome analysis of the Populus trichocarpa-Rhizophagus irregularis Mycorrhizal Symbiosis: Regulation of Plant and Fungal Transportomes under Nitrogen Starvation. Plant & Cell Physiology, 58 (6). pp. 1003-1017.

Golyaev, Victor. The role of viral effector proteins in suppression of plant antiviral defenses based on RNA silencing and innate immunity. 2017, Doctoral Thesis, University of Basel, Faculty of Science.

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Nachelli Malpica López, Hortensia. Revisiting the roles of replicase complex proteins in tobamovirus replication and suppression of RNA silencing. 2017, Doctoral Thesis, University of Basel, Faculty of Science.

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Schütz, Lukas. Microbial inoculants : global reliability and specific application in a mixed cropping system on marginal land in India. 2017, Doctoral Thesis, University of Basel, Faculty of Science.

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Thieme, Michael. Stress-induced mobilization of retrotransposons for plant breeding. 2017, Doctoral Thesis, University of Basel, Faculty of Science.

Turco, Silvia. siRomics for universal diagnostics of plant viral disease and virus diversity studies. 2017, Doctoral Thesis, University of Basel, Faculty of Science.


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Calabrese, Silvia. Nutrient transport in the arbuscular mycorrhizal symbiosis : the regulation of nutrient transporters in Rhizophagus irregularis and its host plants populus trichocarpa and sorghum bicolor. 2016, Doctoral Thesis, University of Basel, Faculty of Science.

Calabrese, Silvia and Pérez-Tienda, Jacob and Ellerbeck, Matthias and Arnould, Christine and Chatagnier, Odile and Boller, Thomas and Schüßler, Arthur and Brachmann, Andreas and Wipf, Daniel and Ferrol, Nuria and Courty, Pierre-Emmanuel. (2016) GintAMT3 - a Low-Affinity Ammonium Transporter of the Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Rhizophagus irregularis. Frontiers in Plant Science, 7. p. 679.

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Hander, Tim. AtPeps as danger signals in arabidopsis - their release from PROPEP proteins by highly specific metacaspases. 2016, Doctoral Thesis, University of Basel, Faculty of Science.

Karthikeyan, Chockalingam and Patil, Basavaprabhu L. and Borah, Basanta K. and Resmi, Thulasi R. and Turco, Silvia and Pooggin, Mikhail M. and Hohn, Thomas and Veluthambi, Karuppannan. (2016) Emergence of a Latent Indian Cassava Mosaic Virus from Cassava Which Recovered from Infection by a Non-Persistent Sri Lankan Cassava Mosaic Virus. Viruses, 8 (10). p. 264.

Klauser, Dominik and Flury, Pascale and Boller, Thomas and Merker, Sebastian. (2016) Looking BAK again: Is an old acquaintance of innate immunity involved in the detection of herbivores? Plant Signaling & Behavior, 11 (11). e1252014.

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Seguin, Jonathan and Otten, Patricia and Baerlocher, Loïc and Farinelli, Laurent and Pooggin, Mikhail M.. (2016) MISIS-2: A bioinformatics tool for in-depth analysis of small RNAs and representation of consensus master genome in viral quasispecies. Journal of Virological Methods, 233. pp. 37-40.

Walder, Florian and Boller, Thomas and Wiemken, Andres and Courty, Pierre-Emmanuel. (2016) Regulation of plants' phosphate uptake in common mycorrhizal networks: Role of intraradical fungal phosphate transporters. Plant Signaling & Behavior, 11 (2). e1131372.

Zvereva, Anna S. and Golyaev, Victor and Turco, Silvia and Gubaeva, Ekaterina G. and Rajeswaran, Rajendran and Schepetilnikov, Mikhail V. and Srour, Ola and Ryabova, Lyubov A. and Boller, Thomas and Pooggin, Mikhail M.. (2016) Viral protein suppresses oxidative burst and salicylic acid-dependent autophagy and facilitates bacterial growth on virus-infected plants. New Phytologis, 211 (3). pp. 1020-1034.

November 2015

Symanczik, Sarah and Courty, Pierre-Emmanuel and Boller, Thomas and Wiemken, Andres and Al-Yahya'ei, Mohamed N.. (2015) Impact of water regimes on an experimental community of four desert arbuscular mycorrhizal fungal (AMF) species, as affected by the introduction of a non-native AMF species. Mycorrhiza, 25 (8). pp. 639-647.

August 2015

Klauser, Dominik and Desurmont, Gaylord A. and Glauser, Gaétan and Vallat, Armelle and Flury, Pascale and Boller, Thomas and Turlings, Ted C. J. and Bartels, Sebastian. (2015) The Arabidopsis Pep-PEPR system is induced by herbivore feeding and contributes to JA-mediated plant defence against herbivory. Journal of experimental botany, 66 (17). pp. 5327-5336.

July 2015

Cohen, Yigal and Van den Langenberg, Kyle M. and Wehner, Todd C. and Ojiambo, Peter S. and Hausbeck, Mary and Quesada-Ocampo, Lina M. and Lebeda, Ales and Sierotzki, Helge and Gisi, Ulrich. (2015) Resurgence of Pseudoperonospora cubensis: the Causal Agent of Cucurbit Downy Mildew. Phytopathology, 105 (7). pp. 998-1012.

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10 June 2015

Hohn, Thomas. (2015) RNA based viral silencing suppression in plant pararetroviruses. Frontiers in Plant Science, 6. p. 398.

1 June 2015

Courty, Pierre-Emmanuel and Smith, Penelope and Koegel, Sally and Redecker, Dirk and Wipf, Daniel. (2015) Inorganic Nitrogen Uptake and Transport in Beneficial Plant Root-Microbe Interactions. Critical Reviews in Plant Sciences, 34 (1/3). pp. 4-16.

May 2015

Heinlein, Manfred. (2015) Plant virus replication and movement. Virology, 479. pp. 657-671.

Resmi, Thulasi Raveendrannair and Hohn, Thomas and Hohn, Barbara and Veluthambi, Karuppannan. (2015) The Agrobacterium tumefaciens Ti Plasmid Virulence Gene virE2 Reduces Sri Lankan Cassava Mosaic Virus Infection in Transgenic Nicotiana benthamiana Plants. Viruses, 7 (5). pp. 2641-2653.

23 January 2015

Shivaprasad, Padubidri V. and Hohn, Thomas and Akbergenov, Rashid. (2015) Biochemical Requirements for Two Dicer-Like Activities from Wheat Germ. PLoS ONE, 10 (1). e0116736.


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Wyrsch, Ines. Immune signaling in arabidopsis thaliana upon perception of bacterial and viral molecular patterns with a special emphasis on roots. 2015, Doctoral Thesis, University of Basel, Faculty of Science.

Wyrsch, Ines and Domínguez-Ferreras, Ana and Geldner, Niko and Boller, Thomas. (2015) Tissue-specific FLAGELLIN-SENSING 2 (FLS2) expression in roots restores immune responses in Arabidopsis fls2 mutants. The new phytologist, Vol. 206, H. 2. pp. 774-784.

December 2014

Beck, Martina and Wyrsch, Ines and Strutt, James and Wimalasekera, Rinukshi and Webb, Alex and Boller, Thomas and Robatzek, Silke. (2014) Expression patterns of FLAGELLIN SENSING 2 map to bacterial entry sites in plant shoots and roots. Journal of experimental botany, 65 (22). pp. 6487-6498.


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Rajeswaran, Rajendran and Seguin, Jonathan and Chabannes, Matthieu and Duroy, Pierre-Olivier and Laboureau, Nathalie and Farinelli, Laurent and Iskra-Caruana, Marie-Line and Pooggin, Mikhail M.. (2014) Evasion of Short Interfering RNA-Directed Antiviral Silencing in Musa acuminata Persistently Infected with Six Distinct Banana Streak Pararetroviruses. Journal of virology, Vol. 88, H. 19. pp. 11516-11528.

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