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2 November 2022

Gutnik, Silvia and Sawh, Ahilya and Mango, Susan E.. (2022) Multiplex DNA fluorescence in situ hybridization to analyze maternal vs. paternal C. elegans chromosomes.


Sawh, Ahilya N. and Mango, Susan E.. (2022) Chromosome organization in 4D: insights from C. elegans development. Current Opinion in Genetics & Development, 75. p. 101939.

20 May 2021

Tocchini, Cristina and Rohner, Michèle and Von Stetina, Stephen E. and Mango, Susan E.. (2021) Translation-dependent mRNA localization to Caenorhabditis elegans adherens junctions.


Tocchini, Cristina and Rohner, Michèle and Guerard, Laurent and Ray, Poulomi and Von Stetina, Stephen E. and Mango, Susan E.. (2021) Translation-dependent mRNA localization to Caenorhabditis elegans adherens junctions. Development, 148 (24). p. 200027.

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Sawh, Ahilya N. and Mango, Susan E.. (2020) Multiplexed Sequential DNA FISH in Caenorhabditis elegans Embryos. STAR Protocols, 1 (3). p. 100107.

Sawh, Ahilya N. and Shafer, Maxwell E. R. and Su, Jun-Han and Zhuang, Xiaowei and Wang, Siyuan and Mango, Susan E.. (2020) Lamina-Dependent Stretching and Unconventional Chromosome Compartments in Early C. elegans Embryos. Molecular Cell, 78. pp. 1-16.


Mutlu, Beste and Chen, Huei-Mei and Gutnik, Silvia and Hall, David H. and Keppler-Ross, Sabine and Mango, Susan E.. (2019) Distinct functions and temporal regulation of methylated histone H3 during early embryogenesis. Development (Cambridge, England), 146 (19). dev174516.

27 September 2018

Chen, H. M. and Mutlu, B. and Sackton, T. and Wang, J. and Keppler-Ross, S. and Levine, E. and Liu, T. and Mango, S. E.. (2018) A heterochromatic histone methyltransferase lowers nucleosome occupancy at euchromatic promoters.


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Von Stetina, Stephen E. and Liang, Jennifer and Marnellos, Georgios and Mango, Susan E.. (2017) Temporal regulation of epithelium formation mediated by FoxA, MKLP1, MgcRacGAP, and PAR-6. Molecular Biology of the Cell, 28 (15). pp. 2042-2065.


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