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Maffei, Enea and Burkolter, Marco and Heyer, Yannik and Egli, Adrian and Jenal, Urs and Harms, Alexander. (2022) Phage Paride hijacks bacterial stress responses to kill dormant, antibiotic-tolerant cells. bioRxiv. p. 477855.

8 March 2021

Maffei, Enea and Shaidullina, Aisylu and Burkolter, Marco and Druelle, Valentin and Willi, Luc and Estermann, Fabienne and Michaelis, Sarah and Hilbi, Hubert and Thaler, David S. and Harms, Alexander. (2021) Systematic exploration of Escherichia coli phage-host interactions with the BASEL phage collection.


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Maffei, Enea and Harms, Alexander. (2021) Messages from the dead protect bacteria from viral attack. The EMBO Journal, 41 (3). e110382.

Maffei, Enea and Shaidullina, Aisylu and Burkolter, Marco and Heyer, Yannik and Estermann, Fabienne and Druelle, Valentin and Sauer, Patrick and Willi, Luc and Michaelis, Sarah and Hilbi, Hubert and Thaler, David Solomon and Harms, Alexander. (2021) Systematic exploration of Escherichia coli phage-host interactions with the BASEL phage collection. PLoS Biology, 19 (11). e300142.

2 July 2020

Dietz, Nikolaus Balthasar and Huber, Markus and Sorg, Isabel and Goepfert, Arnaud and Harms, Alexander and Schirmer, Tilman and Dehio, Christoph. (2020) Structural basis for selective targeting of Rac subfamily GTPases by a bacterial effector protein.


Fino, Cinzia and Vestergaard, Martin and Ingmer, Hanne and Pierrel, Fabien and Gerdes, Kenn and Harms, Alexander. (2020) PasT of Escherichia coli sustains antibiotic tolerance and aerobic respiration as a bacterial homolog of mitochondrial Coq10. MicrobiologyOpen, 9 (8). e1064.

Horesh, Gal and Fino, Cinzia and Harms, Alexander and Dorman, Matthew J. and Parts, Leopold and Gerdes, Kenn and Heinz, Eva and Thomson, Nicholas R.. (2020) Type II and type IV toxin-antitoxin systems show different evolutionary patterns in the global Klebsiella pneumoniae population. Nucleic Acids Research, 48 (8). pp. 4357-4370.


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Harms, Alexander. (2019) The Biology of Persister Cells in Escherichia coli. In: Persister Cells and Infectious Disease. Cham, pp. 39-57.

Harms, Alexander and Diard, Médéric. (2019) Crowd Controlled-Host Quorum Sensing Drives Phage Decision. Cell host & microbe, 25 (2). pp. 179-181.

Svenningsen, Mikkel Skjoldan and Veress, Alexandra and Harms, Alexander and Mitarai, Namiko and Semsey, Szabolcs. (2019) Birth and Resuscitation of (p)ppGpp Induced Antibiotic Tolerant Persister Cells. Scientific Reports, 9 (1). p. 6056.


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Harms, Alexander and Liesch, Marius and Körner, Jonas and Québatte, Maxime and Engel, Philipp and Dehio, Christoph. (2017) A bacterial toxin-antitoxin module is the origin of inter-bacterial and inter-kingdom effectors of Bartonella. PLoS Genetics, 13 (10). e1007077.

Harms, Alexander and Segers, Francisca H. I. D. and Quebatte, Maxime and Mistl, Claudia and Manfredi, Pablo and Körner, Jonas and Chomel, Bruno B. and Kosoy, Michael and Maruyama, Soichi and Engel, Philipp and Dehio, Christoph. (2017) Evolutionary Dynamics of Pathoadaptation Revealed by Three Independent Acquisitions of the VirB/D4 Type IV Secretion System in Bartonella. Genome biology and evolution, 9 (3). pp. 761-776.

Québatte, Maxime and Christen, Matthias and Harms, Alexander and Körner, Jonas and Christen, Beat and Dehio, Christoph. (2017) Gene Transfer Agent Promotes Evolvability within the Fittest Subpopulation of a Bacterial Pathogen. Cell Systems, 4 (6). pp. 611-621.e6.


Harms, A. and Gerdes, K.. (2016) Back to the Roots: Deep View into the Evolutionary History of ADP-Ribosylation Opened by the DNA-Targeting Toxin-Antitoxin Module DarTG. Molecular cell, 64 (6). pp. 1020-1021.

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Stanger, Frédéric V. and Burmann, Björn M. and Harms, Alexander and Aragão, Hugo and Mazur, Adam and Sharpe, Timothy and Dehio, Christoph and Hiller, Sebastian and Schirmer, Tilman. (2016) Intrinsic regulation of FIC-domain AMP-transferases by oligomerization and automodification. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 113 (5). E529-E537.

September 2015

Harms, Alexander and Stanger, Frédéric Valentin and Scheu, Patrick Daniel and de Jong, Imke Greet and Goepfert, Arnaud and Glatter, Timo and Gerdes, Kenn and Schirmer, Tilman and Dehio, Christoph. (2015) Adenylylation of Gyrase and Topo IV by FicT Toxins Disrupts Bacterial DNA Topology. Cell Reports, 12 (9). pp. 1497-1507.


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Harms, Alexander and Dehio, Christoph. (2012) Intruders below the radar: molecular pathogenesis of Bartonella spp. Clinical microbiology reviews, 25 (1). pp. 42-78.

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