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Teschler, Jennifer K. and Nadell, Carey D. and Drescher, Knut and Yildiz, Fitnat H.. (2022) Mechanisms underlying Vibrio cholerae biofilm formation and dispersion. Annual Reviews of Microbiology, 76. pp. 503-532.

Teschler, Jennifer K. and Jiménez-Siebert, Eva and Jeckel, Hannah and Singh, Praveen K. and Park, Jin Hwan and Pukatzki, Stefan and Nadell, Carey D. and Drescher, Knut and Yildiz, Fitnat H.. (2022) VxrB Influences Antagonism within Biofilms by Controlling Competition through Extracellular Matrix Production and Type 6 Secretion. mBio, 13 (4). e0188522.


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Díaz-Pascual, Francisco and Hartmann, Raimo and Lempp, Martin and Vidakovic, Lucia and Song, Boya and Jeckel, Hannah and Thormann, Kai M. and Yildiz, Fitnat H. and Dunkel, Jörn and Link, Hannes and Nadell, Carey D. and Drescher, Knut. (2019) Breakdown of Vibrio cholerae biofilm architecture induced by antibiotics disrupts community barrier function. Nature Microbiology, 4 (12). pp. 2136-2145.


Fong, Jiunn C. N. and Rogers, Andrew and Michael, Alicia K. and Parsley, Nicole C. and Cornell, William-Cole and Lin, Yu-Cheng and Singh, Praveen K. and Hartmann, Raimo and Drescher, Knut and Vinogradov, Evgeny and Dietrich, Lars E. P. and Partch, Carrie L. and Yildiz, Fitnat H.. (2017) Structural dynamics of RbmA governs plasticity of Vibrio cholerae biofilms. eLife, 6. e26163.

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