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Katsara, Alkisti and Wight, Eduard and Heinzelmann-Schwarz, Viola and Kavvadias, Tilemachos. (2016) Long-term quality of life, satisfaction, pelvic floor symptoms and regret after colpocleisis. Archives of gynecology and obstetrics, 294 (5). pp. 999-1003.

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Huang, Yen-Lin and Hung, Jung-Tung and Cheung, Sarah K. C. and Lee, Hsin-Yu and Chu, Kuo-Ching and Li, Shiou-Ting and Lin, Yu-Chen and Ren, Chien-Tai and Cheng, Ting-Jen R. and Hsu, Tsui-Ling and Yu, Alice L. and Wu, Chung-Yi and Wong, Chi-Huey. (2013) Carbohydrate-based vaccines with a glycolipid adjuvant for breast cancer. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 110 (7). pp. 2517-2522.


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