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Hasse, B. and Tarr, P. E. and Marques-Vidal, P. and Waeber, G. and Preisig, M. and Mooser, V. and Valeri, F. and Djalali, S. and Andri, R. and Bernasconi, E. and Calmy, A. and Cavassini, M. and Vernazza, P. and Battegay, M. and Weber, R. and Senn, O. and Vollenweider, P. and Ledergerber, B. and CoLaus Cohort, Fire and the Swiss, H. I. V. Cohort Study and Aubert, V. and Barth, J. and Battegay, M. and Bernasconi, E. and Boni, J. and Bucher, H. C. and Burton-Jeangros, C. and Calmy, A. and Cavassini, M. and Egger, M. and Elzi, L. and Fehr, J. and Fellay, J. and Furrer, H. and Fux, C. A. and Gorgievski, M. and Gunthard, H. and Haerry, D. and Hasse, B. and Hirsch, H. H. and Hosli, I. and Kahlert, C. and Kaiser, L. and Keiser, O. and Klimkait, T. and Kouyos, R. and Kovari, H. and Ledergerber, B. and Martinetti, G. and Martinez de Tejada, B. and Metzner, K. and Muller, N. and Nadal, D. and Pantaleo, G. and Rauch, A. and Regenass, S. and Rickenbach, M. and Rudin, C. and Schoni-Affolter, F. and Schmid, P. and Schultze, D. and Schupbach, J. and Speck, R. and Staehelin, C. and Tarr, P. and Telenti, A. and Trkola, A. and Vernazza, P. and Weber, R. and Yerly, S. and Jean-Michel, A. and Murielle, B. and Jean Michel, G. and Christoph, H. and Thomas, L. and Pedro, M. V. and Vincent, M. and Fred, P. and Martin, P. and Peter, V. and Roland, V. K. and Aidacic, V. and Gerard, W. and Jurg, B. and Markus, B. and Heinz, B. and Martin, B. and Hans-Ulrich, B. and Ivo, B. and Reto, C. and Isabelle, C. and Corinne, C. and Sima, D. and Peter, D. and Simone, E. and Andrea, F. and Markus, F. and Claudius, F. and Jakob, F. and Ali, G. M. and Matthias, G. and Denis, H. and Marcel, H. and Walter, H. and Simon, H. and Felix, H. and Paul, H. and Eva, K. and Vladimir, K. and Daniel, K. and Stephan, K. and Beat, K. and Benedict, K. and Heidi, K. and Vesna, L. and Giovanni, L. and Werner, L. H. and Phillippe, L. and Severin, L. and Christoph, M. and Jurgen, M. and Damian, M. and Werner, M. and Titus, M. and Valentina, N. and Jakob, R. and Thomas, R. and Hana, S. and Frank, S. and Georg, S. and Oliver, S. and Pietro, S. and Jacques, S. and Alfred, S. and Alois, S. and Claudia, S. and Othmar, S. and Phuoc, T. T. and Marco, V. and Alessandro, V. and Rene, V. A. and Hans, W. and Fritz, W. and Johanna, W. S. and Joseph, W. and Marco, Z.. (2015) Strong Impact of Smoking on Multimorbidity and Cardiovascular Risk Among Human Immunodeficiency Virus-Infected Individuals in Comparison With the General Population. Open Forum Infectious Diseases, 2 (3). ofv108.


Torgerson, P. R. and Schweiger, A. and Deplazes, P. and Pohar, M. and Reichen, J. and Ammann, R. W. and Tarr, P. E. and Halkik, N. and Müllhaupt, B.. (2008) Alveolar echinococcosis: from a deadly disease to a well-controlled infection : relative survival and economic analysis in Switzerland over the last 35 years. Journal of hepatology, Vol. 49, H. 1. pp. 72-77.

Chapuis-Taillard, C. and Manuel, O. and Bille, J. and Calandra, T. and Rotman, S. and Tarr, P. E.. (2008) Candida arteritis in patients who have not received organ transplants : case report and review of the literature. Clinical infectious diseases, Vol. 46, no. 10 , e106-111.

Gruber, V. and Cavassini, M. and Battegay, M. and Boffi El Amari, E. and Tarr, P. E.. (2008) Exposition gegenüber HIV, Hepatitis B und C in Praxis und Spital : Vorbeugung und Post-Expositionsprophylaxe. Swiss medical forum = Schweizerisches Medizin-Forum, Vol. 8. pp. 650-655.

Periard, D. and Cavassini, M. and Taffé, P. and Chevalley, M. and Senn, L. and Chapuis-Taillard, C. and de Vallière, S. and Hayoz, D. and Tarr, P. E. and Swiss, HIV Cohort Study. (2008) High prevalence of peripheral arterial disease in HIV-infected persons. Clinical infectious diseases, Vol. 46. pp. 761-767.

Nguyen, A. and Calmy, A. and Schiffer, V. and Bernasconi, E. and Battegay, M. and Opravil, M. and Evison, J. M. and Tarr, P. E. and Schmid, P. and Perneger, T. and Hirschel, B. and Swiss, HIV Cohort Study. (2008) Lipodystrophy and weight changes : data from the Swiss HIV Cohort Study, 2000-2006. HIV medicine, Vol. 9. pp. 142-150.

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