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Eze, I. C. and Hemkens, L. G. and Bucher, H. C. and Hoffmann, B. and Schindler, C. and Künzli, N. and Schikowski, T. and Probst-Hensch, N. M.. (2015) Association between ambient air pollution and diabetes mellitus in Europe and north America : systematic review and meta-analysis. Environmental Health Perspectives, 123 (5). pp. 381-389.


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Jacquemin, B. and Schikowski, T. and Carsin, A. E. and Hansell, A. and Krämer, U. and Sunyer, J. and Probst-Hensch, N. and Kauffmann, F. and Künzli, N.. (2012) The role of air pollution in adult-onset asthma: a review of the current evidence. Seminars in respiratory and critical care medicine, Vol. 33, H. 6. pp. 606-609.


Vierkötter, A. and Schikowski, T. and Ranft, U. and Sugiri, D. and Matsui, M. and Krämer, U. and Krutmann, J.. (2010) Airborne particle exposure and extrinsic skin aging. Journal of investigative dermatology, Vol. 130, H. 12. pp. 2719-2726.

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Krämer, U. and Herder, C. and Sugiri, D. and Strassburger, K. and Schikowski, T. and Ranft, U. and Rathmann, W.. (2010) Traffic-related air pollution and incident type 2 diabetes : results from the SALIA cohort study. Environmental Health Perspectives, 118 (9). pp. 1273-1279.

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