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Santos, Stefanie and Haslinger, Christian and Klaic, Kristian and Faleschini, Maria Teresa and Mennet, Mónica and Potterat, Olivier and von Mandach, Ursula and Hamburger, Matthias and Simoes-Wüst, Ana Paula. (2019) A bufadienolide-enriched fraction of Bryophyllum pinnatum effectively inhibits myometrium contractility in vitro. Planta Medica, 85 (05). pp. 385-393.

Syafni, Nova and Moradi-Afrapoli, Fahimeh and Danton, Ombeline and Wilhelm, Anke and Stadler, Marco and Hering, Steffen and Potterat, Olivier and Hamburger, Matthias. (2019) HPLC-based activity profiling for GABAA receptor modulators from Murraya exotica. Natural Product Communications, 14 (1). pp. 41-45.

Schäfer, Anima M. and Potterat, Olivier and Seibert, Isabell and Fertig, Orlando and Meyer Zu Schwabedissen, Henriette E.. (2019) Hyperforin-Induced Activation of the Pregnane X Receptor Is Influenced by the Organic Anion-Transporting Polypeptide 2B1. Molecular Pharmacology, 95 (3). pp. 313-323.


Tabefam, Marzieh and Moridi Farimani, Mahdi and Danton, Ombeline and Ramseyer, Justine and Kaiser, Marcel and Ebrahimi, Samad Nejad and Salehi, Peyman and Batooli, Hoosien and Potterat, Olivier and Hamburger, Matthias. (2018) Antiprotozoal diterpenes from Perovskia abrotanoides. Planta Medica, 84 (12-13). pp. 913-919.

Thuerig, Barbara and Ramseyer, Justine and Hamburger, Matthias and Ludwig, Mathias and Oberhänsli, Thomas and Potterat, Olivier and Schärer, Hans-Jakob and Tamm, Lucius. (2018) Efficacy of a Magnolia officinalis bark extract against grapevine downy mildew and apple scab under controlled and field conditions. Crop Protection, 114. pp. 97-105.

Steinborn, Carmen and Potterat, Olivier and Meyer, Ulrich and Trittler, Rainer and Stadlbauer, Sven and Huber, Roman and Gründemann, Carsten. (2018) In Vitro Anti-inflammatory Effects of Equisetum Arvense Are Not Solely Mediated by Silica. Planta Medica, 84 (8). pp. 519-526.


Ramseyer, Justine and Thuerig, Barbara and De Mieri, Maria and Schärer, Hans-Jakob and Oberhänsli, Thomas and Gupta, Mahabir P. and Tamm, Lucius and Hamburger, Matthias and Potterat, Olivier. (2017) Eudesmanes sesquiterpenes from Verbesina lanata with inhibitory activity against grapevine downy mildew. Journal of Natural Products, 80 (12). pp. 3296-3304.

Corradi, Elisabetta and Schmidt, Nadine and Räber, Nathalie and De Mieri, Maria and Hamburger, Matthias and Butterweck, Veronika and Potterat, Olivier. (2017) Metabolite Profile and Antiproliferative Effects in HaCaT Cells of a Salix reticulata Extract. Planta Medica, 83 (14/15). pp. 1149-1158.

Bachmann, Simon and Betschart, Cornelia and Hamburger, Matthias and Fürer, Karin and Mennet, Mónica and von Mandach, Ursula and Potterat, Olivier and Simões-Wüst, Ana Paula and Gerber, Julia . (2017) Potential of Bryophyllum pinnatum as a detrusor relaxant: an in vitro exploratory study. Planta Medica, 83 (16). pp. 1274-1280.

Fuchs, Simone and Bischoff, Iris and Willer, Elisabeth A. and Bräutigam, Jacqueline and Bubik, Martin F. and Erdelmeier, Clemens A. J. and Koch, Egon and Faleschini, Maria T. and De Mieri, Maria and Bauhart, Milena and Hensel, Andreas and Hamburger, Matthias and Potterat, Olivier and Fürst, Robert and Zahler, Stefan. (2017) The Dual Edema-Preventing Molecular Mechanism of the Crataegus Extract WS 1442 Can Be Assigned to Distinct Phytochemical Fractions. Planta Medica, 83 (8). pp. 701-709.

February 2016

Corradi, Elisabetta and De Mieri, Maria and Cadisch, Larissa and Abbet, Christian and Hamburger, Matthias and Potterat, Olivier. (2016) New Acylated Flavonol Glycosides and a Phenolic Profile of Pritzelago alpina, a Forgotten Edible Alpine Plant. Chemistry & Biodiversity, 13 (2). pp. 188-197.

August 2015

Oufir, Mouhssin and Seiler, Christina and Gerodetti, Manon and Gerber, Julia and Fürer, Karin and Mennet-von Eiff, Monica and Elsas, Siegward-M. and Brenneisen, Rudolf and von Mandach, Ursula and Hamburger, Matthias and Potterat, Olivier. (2015) Quantification of burfadienolides in bryophyllum pinnatum leaves and manufactured products by UHPLC-ESIMS/MS. Planta Medica, 81 (12/13). pp. 1190-1197.


Hata, Yoshie and Ebrahimi, Samad Nejad and De Mieri, Maria and Zimmermann, Stefanie and Mokoka, Tsholofelo and Naidoo, Dashnie and Fouche, Gerda and Maharaj, Vinesh and Kaiser, Marcel and Brun, Reto and Potterat, Olivier and Hamburger, Matthias. (2014) Antitrypanosomal isoflavan quinones from Abrus precatorius. Fitoterapia, Vol. 93. pp. 81-87.

Potterat, Olivier and Herzog, Carmela and Raith, Melanie and Ebrahimi, Samad N. and Hamburger, Matthias. (2014) Irigermanone, a noriridal with unprecedented methylketone function from Iris germanica. Helvetica Chimica Acta, 97 (1). pp. 32-38.


Potterat, Olivier and Hamburger, Matthias. (2013) Concepts and technologies for tracking bioactive compounds in natural product extracts : generation of libraries, and hyphenation of analytical processes with bioassays. Natural Product Reports, 30 (4). pp. 546-564.

Fürer, Karin and Raith, Melanie and Brenneisen, Rudolf and Mennet, Monica and Simoes-Wüst, Ana Paula and von Mandach, Ursula and Hamburger, Matthias and Potterat, Olivier. (2013) Two New Flavonol Glycosides and a Metabolite Profile ofBryophyllum pinnatum, a Phytotherapeutic Used in Obstetrics and Gynaecology. Planta Medica, 79 (16). pp. 1565-1571.


Grabher, Patrick and Durieu, Emilie and Kouloura, Eirini and Halabalaki, Maria and Skaltsounis, Leandros A. and Meijer, Laurent and Hamburger, Matthias and Potterat, Olivier. (2012) Library-based discovery of DYRK1A/CLK1 inhibitors from natural product extracts. Planta Medica, 78 (10). pp. 951-956.


Potterat, Olivier. (2010) Goji (Lycium barbarum and L. chinense) : Phytochemistry, Pharmacology and Safety in the Perspective of Traditional Uses and Recent Popularity. Planta medica, Vol. 78. pp. 7-19.

Mojarrab, Mahdi and Delazar, Abbas and Hamburger, Matthias and Potterat, Olivier. (2010) New coumarin-hemiterpene ether glucosides and a structurally related phenylpropanoic acid derivative from Artemisia armeniaca. Natural product communications, Vol. 5. pp. 1619-1622.

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