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Hou, L. and Bergen, S. E. and Akula, N. and Song, J. and Hultman, C. M. and Landen, M. and Adli, M. and Alda, M. and Ardau, R. and Arias, B. and Aubry, J. M. and Backlund, L. and Badner, J. A. and Barrett, T. B. and Bauer, M. and Baune, B. T. and Bellivier, F. and Benabarre, A. and Bengesser, S. and Berrettini, W. H. and Bhattacharjee, A. K. and Biernacka, J. M. and Birner, A. and Bloss, C. S. and Brichant-Petitjean, C. and Bui, E. T. and Byerley, W. and Cervantes, P. and Chillotti, C. and Cichon, S. and Colom, F. and Coryell, W. and Craig, D. W. and Cruceanu, C. and Czerski, P. M. and Davis, T. and Dayer, A. and Degenhardt, F. and Del Zompo, M. and DePaulo, J. R. and Edenberg, H. J. and Etain, B. and Falkai, P. and Foroud, T. and Forstner, A. J. and Frisen, L. and Frye, M. A. and Fullerton, J. M. and Gard, S. and Garnham, J. S. and Gershon, E. S. and Goes, F. S. and Greenwood, T. A. and Grigoroiu-Serbanescu, M. and Hauser, J. and Heilbronner, U. and Heilmann-Heimbach, S. and Herms, S. and Hipolito, M. and Hitturlingappa, S. and Hoffmann, P. and Hofmann, A. and Jamain, S. and Jimenez, E. and Kahn, J. P. and Kassem, L. and Kelsoe, J. R. and Kittel-Schneider, S. and Kliwicki, S. and Koller, D. L. and Konig, B. and Lackner, N. and Laje, G. and Lang, M. and Lavebratt, C. and Lawson, W. B. and Leboyer, M. and Leckband, S. G. and Liu, C. and Maaser, A. and Mahon, P. B. and Maier, W. and Maj, M. and Manchia, M. and Martinsson, L. and McCarthy, M. J. and McElroy, S. L. and McInnis, M. G. and McKinney, R. and Mitchell, P. B. and Mitjans, M. and Mondimore, F. M. and Monteleone, P. and Muhleisen, T. W. and Nievergelt, C. M. and Nothen, M. M. and Novak, T. and Nurnberger, J. I. and Jr., and Nwulia, E. A. and Osby, U. and Pfennig, A. and Potash, J. B. and Propping, P. and Reif, A. and Reininghaus, E. and Rice, J. and Rietschel, M. and Rouleau, G. A. and Rybakowski, J. K. and Schalling, M. and Scheftner, W. A. and Schofield, P. R. and Schork, N. J. and Schulze, T. G. and Schumacher, J. and Schweizer, B. W. and Severino, G. and Shekhtman, T. and Shilling, P. D. and Simhandl, C. and Slaney, C. M. and Smith, E. N. and Squassina, A. and Stamm, T. and Stopkova, P. and Streit, F. and Strohmaier, J. and Szelinger, S. and Tighe, S. K. and Tortorella, A. and Turecki, G. and Vieta, E. and Volkert, J. and Witt, S. H. and Wright, A. and Zandi, P. P. and Zhang, P. and Zollner, S. and McMahon, F. J.. (2016) Genome-wide association study of 40,000 individuals identifies two novel loci associated with bipolar disorder. Human Molecular Genetics, 25 (15). pp. 3383-3394.

Li, M. and Luo, X. J. and Landen, M. and Bergen, S. E. and Hultman, C. M. and Li, X. and Zhang, W. and Yao, Y. G. and Zhang, C. and Liu, J. and Mattheisen, M. and Cichon, S. and Muhleisen, T. W. and Degenhardt, F. A. and Nothen, M. M. and Schulze, T. G. and Grigoroiu-Serbanescu, M. and Li, H. and Fuller, C. K. and Chen, C. and Dong, Q. and Chen, C. and Jamain, S. and Leboyer, M. and Bellivier, F. and Etain, B. and Kahn, J. P. and Henry, C. and Preisig, M. and Kutalik, Z. and Castelao, E. and Wright, A. and Mitchell, P. B. and Fullerton, J. M. and Schofield, P. R. and Montgomery, G. W. and Medland, S. E. and Gordon, S. D. and Martin, N. G. and Moo, D. S. Consortium and Swedish Bipolar Study, Group and Rietschel, M. and Liu, C. and Kleinman, J. E. and Hyde, T. M. and Weinberger, D. R. and Su, B.. (2016) Impact of a cis-associated gene expression SNP on chromosome 20q11.22 on bipolar disorder susceptibility, hippocampal structure and cognitive performance. The British Journal of Psychiatry, 208 (2). pp. 128-137.

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