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Rutishauser, T. and Lepore, M. and Di Blasi , D. and Dangy, J. P. and Abdulla, S. and Jongo, S. and Ramadhani, K. and Sim, B. K. L. and Hoffman, S. L. and Tanner, M. and Daubenberger, C. and De Libero , G.. (2020) Activation of TCR Vδ1+ and Vδ1-Vδ2- γδ T cells upon controlled infection with Plasmodium falciparum in Tanzanian volunteers. Journal of Immunology, 204 (1). pp. 180-191.


Gilleron, M. and Lepore, M. and Layre, E. and Cala-De Paepe, D. and Mebarek, N. and Shayman, J. A. and Canaan, S. and Mori, L. and Carriere, F. and Puzo, G. and De Libero, G.. (2016) Lysosomal Lipases PLRP2 and LPLA2 Process Mycobacterial Multi-acylated Lipids and Generate T Cell Stimulatory Antigens. Cell Chemical Biology, 23 (9). pp. 1147-1156.

Camacho, F. and Sarmiento, M. E. and Reyes, F. and Kim, L. and Huggett, J. and Lepore, M. and Otero, O. and Gilleron, M. and Puzo, G. and Norazmi, M. N. and Rook, G. and Mori, L. and De Libero, G. and Acosta, A.. (2016) Selection of phage-displayed human antibody fragments specific for CD1b presenting the Mycobacterium tuberculosis glycolipid Ac2SGL. International Journal of Mycobacteriology, 5 (2). pp. 120-127.

Mori, L. and Lepore, M. and De Libero, G.. (2016) The Immunology of CD1- and MR1-Restricted T Cells. Annual Review of Immunology, 34. pp. 479-510.


Gau, B. and Lemetais, A. and Lepore, M. and Garcia-Alles, L. F. and Bourdreux, Y. and Mori, L. and Gilleron, M. and De Libero, G. and Puzo, G. and Beau, J. M. and Prandi, J.. (2013) Simplified deoxypropionate acyl chains for Mycobacterium tuberculosis sulfoglycolipid analogues : chain length is essential for high antigenicity. ChemBioChem, Vol. 14, H. 18. pp. 2413-2417.


Facciotti, F. and Ramanjaneyulu, G. S. and Lepore, M. and Sansano, S. and Cavallari, M. and Kistowska, M. and Forss-Petter, S. and Ni, G. and Colone, A. and Singhal, A. and Berger, J. and Xia, C. and Mori, L. and De Libero, G.. (2012) Peroxisome-derived lipids are self antigens that stimulate invariant natural killer T cells in the thymus. Nature immunology, Vol. 13, H. 5. pp. 474-480.


de Lalla, C. and Lepore, M. and Piccolo, F. M. and Rinaldi, A. and Scelfo, A. and Garavaglia, C. and Mori, L. and De Libero, G. and Dellabona, P. and Casorati, G.. (2011) High-frequency and adaptive-like dynamics of human CD1 self-reactive T cells. European journal of immunology, Vol. 41, H. 3. pp. 602-610.

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