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July 2016

Betz, Charles and Lenard, Anna and Belting, Heinz-Georg and Affolter, Markus. (2016) Cell behaviors and dynamics during angiogenesis. Development, 143 (13). pp. 2249-2260.


Konantz, Martina and Alghisi, Elisa and Müller, Joëlle S. and Lenard, Anna and Esain, Virginie and Carroll, Kelli J. and Kanz, Lothar and North, Trista E. and Lengerke, Claudia. (2016) Evi1 regulates Notch activation to induce zebrafish hematopoietic stem cell emergence. The EMBO Journal, 35 (21). pp. 2315-2331.

Lenard, Anna and Alghisi, Elisa and Daff, Hamina and Donzelli, Massimiliano and McGinnis, Claudia and Lengerke, Claudia. (2016) Using zebrafish to model erythroid lineage toxicity and regeneration. Haematologica, 101 (5). e164-7.


Lenard, Anna and Daetwyler, Stephan and Betz, Charles and Ellertsdottir, Elin and Belting, Heinz-Georg and Huisken, Jan and Affolter, Markus. (2015) Endothelial Cell Self-fusion during Vascular Pruning. PLoS biology, Vol. 13, H. 4 , e1002126.

Aydogan, Vahap and Lenard, Anna and Denes, Alexandru Stefan and Sauteur, Loïc and Belting, Heinz-Georg and Affolter, Markus. (2015) Endothelial cell division in angiogenic sprouts of differing cellular architecture. Biology open, 4. pp. 1259-1269.


Sauteur, Loïc and Krudewig, Alice and Herwig, Lukas and Ehrenfeuchter, Nikolaus and Lenard, Anna and Affolter, Markus and Belting, Heinz-Georg. (2014) Cdh5/VE-cadherin Promotes Endothelial Cell Interface Elongation via Cortical Actin Polymerization during Angiogenic Sprouting. Cell reports, Vol. 9, H. 2. pp. 504-513.

De Smet, Frederik and Tembuyser, Bieke and Lenard, Anna and Claes, Filip and Zhang, Jie and Michielsen, Christof and Van Schepdael, Ann and Herbert, Jean-Marc and Bono, Françoise and Affolter, Markus and Dewerchin, Mieke and Carmeliet, Peter. (2014) Fibroblast Growth Factor Signaling Affects Vascular Outgrowth and Is Required for the Maintenance of Blood Vessel Integrity. Chemistry & biology, Vol. 21, H. 10. pp. 1310-1317.

Brauchle, Michael and Hansen, Simon and Caussinus, Emmanuel and Lenard, Anna and Ochoa-Espinosa, Amanda and Scholz, Oliver and Sprecher, Simon G. and Plückthun, Andreas and Affolter, Markus. (2014) Protein interference applications in cellular and developmental biology using DARPins that recognize GFP and mCherry. Biology open, 3 , S. 1252–1261.


Kochhan, Eva and Lenard, Anna and Ellertsdottir, Elin and Herwig, Lukas and Affolter, Markus and Belting, Heinz-Georg and Siekmann, Arndt F.. (2013) Blood Flow Changes Coincide with Cellular Rearrangements during Blood Vessel Pruning in Zebrafish Embryos. PLoS ONE, Vol. 8, H. 10 , e75060.

Lenard, Anna. Dynamic cell rearrangements shape the cranial vascular network of developing Zebrafish embryos. 2013, Doctoral Thesis, University of Basel, Faculty of Science.

Lenard, Anna and Ellertsdottir, Elin and Herwig, Lukas and Krudewig, Alice and Sauteur, Loïc and Belting, Heinz-Georg and Affolter, Markus. (2013) In Vivo Analysis Reveals a Highly Stereotypic Morphogenetic Pathway of Vascular Anastomosis. Developmental cell, Vol. 25, H. 5. pp. 492-506.

Lenard, Anna and Affolter, Markus. (2013) Tugging organs into place. Developmental cell, Vol. 27, H. 3. pp. 243-244.


Herwig, Lukas and Blum, Yannick and Krudewig, Alice and Ellertsdottir, Elin and Lenard, Anna and Belting, Heinz-Georg and Affolter, Markus. (2011) Distinct cellular mechanisms of blood vessel fusion in the zebrafish embryo. Current biology, Vol. 21, H. 22. pp. 1942-1948.

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