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Sun, Yu and Amsler, Maximilian and Goedecker, Stefan and Caravella, Alessio and Yoshida, Masaki and Kato, Masako. (2019) Surfactant-assisted synthesis of large Cu-BTC MOF single crystals and their potential utilization as photodetectors. CrystEngComm, 21 (26). pp. 3948-3953.


Flores-Livas, Jose A. and Tomerini, Daniele and Amsler, Maximilian and Boziki, Ariadni and Rothlisberger, Ursula and Goedecker, Stefan. (2018) Emergence of hidden phases of methylammonium lead iodide (CH3NH3PbI3) upon compression. Physical Review Materials, 2 (8). 085201.


Fisicaro, Giuseppe and Sicher, Michael and Amsler, Maximilian and Saha, Santanu and Genovese, Luigi and Goedecker, Stefan. (2017) Surface reconstruction of fluorites in vacuum and aqueous environment. Physical Review Materials, 1 (3). 033609.

Eivari, Hossein Asnaashari and Ghasemi, S. Alireza and Tahmasbi, Hossein and Rostami, Samare and Faraji, Somayeh and Rasoulkhani, Robabe and Goedecker, Stefan and Amsler, Maximilian. (2017) Two-Dimensional Hexagonal Sheet of TiO2. Chemistry of Materials, 29 (20). pp. 8594-8603.


Zhu, Li and Amsler, Maximilian and Fuhrer, Tobias and Schaefer, Bastian and Faraji, Somayeh and Rostami, Samare and Ghasemi, S. Alireza and Sadeghi, Ali and Grauzinyte, Migle and Wolverton, Chris and Goedecker, Stefan. (2016) A fingerprint based metric for measuring similarities of crystalline structures. Journal of Chemical Physics, 144 (3). 034203.

Clarke, Samantha M. and Walsh, James P. S. and Amsler, Maximilian and Malliakas, Christos D. and Yu, Tony and Goedecker, Stefan and Wang, Yanbin and Wolverton, Chris and Freedman, Danna E.. (2016) Discovery of a Superconducting Cu-Bi Intermetallic Compound by High-Pressure Synthesis. Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 55 (43). pp. 13446-13449.

Flores-Livas, Jose A. and Amsler, Maximilian and Heil, Christoph and Sanna, Antonio and Boeri, Lilia and Profeta, Gianni and Wolverton, Chris and Goedecker, Stefan and Gross, E. K. U.. (2016) Superconductivity in metastable phases of phosphorus-hydride compounds under high pressure. Physical Review B, 93 (2). 020508.

He, Jiangang and Amsler, Maximilian and Xia, Yi and Naghavi, S. Shahab and Hegde, Vinay I. and Hao, Shiqiang and Goedecker, Stefan and Ozolins, Vidvuds and Wolverton, Chris. (2016) Ultralow Thermal Conductivity in Full Heusler Semiconductors. Physical Review Letters, 117 (4). 046602.

Amsler, Maximilian and Goedecker, Stefan and Zeier, Wolfgang G. and Snyder, G. Jeffrey and Wolverton, Chris and Chaput, Laurent. (2016) ZnSb Polymorphs with Improved Thermoelectric Properties. Chemistry of Materials, 28 (9). pp. 2912-2920.


Schaefer, Bastian and Pal, Rhitankar and Khetrapal, Navneet S. and Amsler, Maximilian and Sadeghi, Ali and Blum, Volker and Zeng, Xiao Cheng and Goedecker, Stefan and Wang, Lai-Sheng. (2014) Isomerism and Structural Fluxionality in the Au-26 and Au-26(-) Nanoclusters. ACS Nano, 8 (7). pp. 7413-7422.


Ghasemi, S. Alireza and Amsler, Maximilian and Hennig, Richard G. and Roy, Shantanu and Goedecker, Stefan and Lenosky, Thomas J. and Umrigar, C. J. and Genovese, Luigi and Morishita, Tetsuya and Nishio, Kengo. (2010) Energy landscape of silicon systems and its description by force fields, tight binding schemes, density functional methods, and quantum Monte Carlo methods. Physical Review B, Vol. 81, H. 21 , 214107.


Amsler, Maximilian and Ghasemi, S. Alireza and Goedecker, Stefan and Neelov, Alexey and Genovese, Luigi. (2009) Adsorption of small NaCl clusters on surfaces of silicon nanostructures. Nanotechnology, Vol. 20, H. 44 , 445301, 6 S..

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