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Donato, Cinzia and Buczak, Katarzyna and Schmidt, Alexander and Aceto, Nicola. (2021) Mass spectrometry analysis of circulating breast cancer cells from a Xenograft mouse model. STAR Protocols, 2 (2). p. 100480.


Donato, Cinzia and Kunz, Leo and Castro-Giner, Francesc and Paasinen-Sohns, Aino and Strittmatter, Karin and Szczerba, Barbara Maria and Scherrer, Ramona and Di Maggio, Nunzia and Heusermann, Wolf and Biehlmaier, Oliver and Beisel, Christian and Vetter, Marcus and Rochlitz, Christoph and Weber, Walter Paul and Banfi, Andrea and Schroeder, Timm and Aceto, Nicola. (2020) Hypoxia Triggers the Intravasation of Clustered Circulating Tumor Cells. Cell reports, 32 (10). p. 108105.


Castro-Giner, Francesc and Gkountela, Sofia and Donato, Cinzia and Alborelli, Ilaria and Quagliata, Luca and Ng, Charlotte K. Y. and Piscuoglio, Salvatore and Aceto, Nicola. (2018) Cancer Diagnosis Using a Liquid Biopsy: Challenges and Expectations. Diagnostics, 8 (2). p. 31.


Aceto, Nicola and Bardia, Aditya and Miyamoto, David T. and Donaldson, Maria C. and Wittner, Ben S. and Spencer, Joel A. and Yu, Min and Pely, Adam and Engstrom, Amanda and Zhu, Huili and Brannigan, Brian W. and Kapur, Ravi and Stott, Shannon L. and Shioda, Toshi and Ramaswamy, Sridhar and Ting, David T. and Lin, Charles P. and Toner, Mehmet and Haber, Daniel A. and Maheswaran, Shyamala. (2014) Circulating tumor cell clusters are oligoclonal precursors of breast cancer metastasis. Cell, 158 (5). pp. 1110-1122.

MacDonald, Gwen and Nalvarte, Ivan and Smirnova, Tatiana and Vecchi, Manuela and Aceto, Nicola and Dolemeyer, Arno and Frei, Anna and Lienhard, Susanne and Wyckoff, Jeffrey and Hess, Daniel and Seebacher, Jan and Keusch, Jeremy J. and Gut, Heinz and Salaun, Daniele and Mazzarol, Giovanni and Disalvatore, Davide and Bentires-Alj, Mohamed and Di Fiore, Pier Paolo and Badache, Ali and Hynes, Nancy E.. (2014) Memo is a copper-dependent redox protein with an essential role in migration and metastasis. Science Signaling, 7 (329). ra56.


Aceto, Nicola and Sausgruber, Nina and Brinkhaus, Heike and Gaidatzis, Dimos and Martiny-Baron, Georg and Mazzarol, Giovanni and Confalonieri, Stefano and Quarto, Micaela and Hu, Guang and Balwierz, Piotr J. and Pachkov, Mikhail and Elledge, Stephen J. and van Nimwegen, Erik and Stadler, Michael B. and Bentires-Alj, Mohamed. (2012) Tyrosine phosphatase SHP2 promotes breast cancer progression and maintains tumor-initiating cells via activation of key transcription factors and a positive feedback signaling loop. Nature medicine, Vol. 18, H. 4. pp. 529-537.


Aceto, Nicola. Opposing roles for protein tyrosine phosphatases SHP2 and PTPN12 in breast cancer. 2011, Doctoral Thesis, University of Basel, Faculty of Science.

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