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Freytag, Virginie and Probst, Sabine and Hadziselimovic, Nils and Boglari, Csaba and Hauser, Yannick and Peter, Fabian and Gabor Fenyves, Bank and Milnik, Annette and Demougin, Philippe and Vukojevic, Vanja and de Quervain, Dominique J.-F. and Papassotiropoulos, Andreas and Stetak, Attila. (2017) Genome-Wide Temporal Expression Profiling in; Caenorhabditis elegans; Identifies a Core Gene Set Related to Long-Term Memory. Journal of Neuroscience, 37 (28). pp. 6661-6672.


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Arnold, Andreas and Rahman, Md Masuder and Lee, Man Chun and Muehlhaeusser, Sandra and Katic, Iskra and Gaidatzis, Dimos and Hess, Daniel and Scheckel, Claudia and Wright, Jane E. and Stetak, Attila and Boag, Peter R. and Ciosk, Rafal. (2014) Functional characterization of C. elegans Y-box-binding proteins reveals tissue-specific functions and a critical role in the formation of polysomes. Nucleic Acids Research, 42 (21). pp. 13353-13369.


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