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Maity, Surajit and Steglich, Mathias and Maier, John P.. (2016) Electronic spectroscopy of resonance-stabilised C6H7 radicals. Molecular Physics, 114 (19). pp. 2808-2816.

Steglich, Mathias and Maity, Surajit and Maier, John P.. (2016) Visible Absorptions of Potential Diffuse ISM Hydrocarbons: C9H9 and C9H5 Radicals. Astrophysical Journal, 830 (2). pp. 145-151.


Steglich, M. and Maier, J. P.. (2015) Electronic Transitions of Jet-Cooled Sic2, Si2CN (n=1-3), Si3CN (N = 1,2), and Sic6H4 between 250 and 710 nm. The astrophysical journal. Part 1, Vol. 801, H. 2. p. 119.

Reilly, N. J. and Steglich, M. and Kokkin, D. L. and Maier, J. P. and Stanton, J. F. and McCarthy, M. C.. (2015) Optical spectrum of Si3C, and a re-analysis of the C1B1 ← X1A1 transition. Journal of molecular spectroscopy, Vol. 310. pp. 135-140.

Steglich, Mathias and Fulara, Jan and Maity, Surajit and Nagy, Adam and Maier, John P.. (2015) Electronic spectra of linear HC5H and cumulene carbene H2C5. Journal of Chemical Physics, 142 (24). p. 244311.

Surajit Maity, and Mathias Steglich, and John P. Maier, . (2015) Electronic Spectroscopy of Resonantly Stabilized Aromatic Radicals : 1-Indanyl and Methyl Substituted Analogues. The journal of physical chemistry. A, Molecules, spectroscopy, kinetics, environment, and general theory, Vol. 119, H. 34. pp. 9078-9084.

Maity, Surajit and Steglich, Mathias and Maier, John P.. (2015) Gas Phase Detection of Benzocyclopropenyl. The journal of physical chemistry. A, 119 (44). pp. 10849-10853.


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Mathias Steglich, and Xiaojing Chen, and Anatoly Johnson, and John P. Maier, . (2014) UV spectra of iron-doped carbon clusters FeCn n = 3–6. International journal of mass spectrometry, Vol. 365-366. pp. 351-355.