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Beynon, F. and Guérin, F. and Lampariello, R. and Schmitz, T. and Tan, R. and Ratanaprayul, N. and Tamrat, T. and Pellé, K. G. and Catho, G. and Keitel, K. and Masanja, I. and Rambaud-Althaus, C.. (2023) Digitalizing clinical guidelines: experiences in the development of clinical decision support algorithms for management of childhood illness in resource-constrained settings. Glob Health Sci Pract, 11 (4). e2200439.

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Book Section

Zaugg, Claudio. (2011) Better information, better decisions, better care : introducing a web-based inventory system for medical devices in Moldova. In: International Conference on Nanotechnologies and Biomedical Engineering, Chisinau, Moldova, July 7-8, 2011 : proceedings. Chisinau, pp. 427-430.

Zaugg, C. and Raab, M.. (2010) Improving health technology management : development of a model for the implementation of an essential information system for medical devices in low- and middle-income countries. In: Global telemedicine and eHealth updates : knowledge resources, Vol. 3. Luxembourg, pp. 432-436.

Newspaper or Magazine Article

Stepurko, T. and Kovtoniuk, P. and Riabtseva, N. and Raab, M. and Hoffmann, A.. (1 January 2017) Shore-term education for health care administrators in Ukraine: Swiss-Ukrainian collaboration. Вісник АПСВТ, 35 (614). pp. 61-70. Kiev.


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