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Ansar, Muhammad and Ranza, Emmanuelle and Shetty, Madhur and Paracha, Sohail A. and Azam, Maleeha and Kern, Ilse and Iwaszkiewicz, Justyna and Farooq, Omer and Pournaras, Constantin J. and Malcles, Ariane and Kecik, Mateusz and Rivolta, Carlo and Muzaffar, Waqar and Qurban, Aziz and Ali, Liaqat and Aggoun, Yacine and Santoni, Federico A. and Makrythanasis, Periklis and Ahmed, Jawad and Qamar, Raheel and Sarwar, Muhammad T. and Henry, L. Keith and Antonarakis, Stylianos E.. (2020) Taurine treatment of retinal degeneration and cardiomyopathy in a consanguineous family with SLC6A6 taurine transporter deficiency. Human molecular genetics, 29 (4). pp. 618-623.

Ascari, Giulia and Peelman, Frank and Farinelli, Pietro and Rosseel, Toon and Lambrechts, Nina and Wunderlich, Kirsten A. and Wagner, Matias and Nikopoulos, Konstantinos and Martens, Pernille and Balikova, Irina and Derycke, Lara and Holtappels, Gabriële and Krysko, Olga and Van Laethem, Thalia and De Jaegere, Sarah and Guillemyn, Brecht and De Rycke, Riet and De Bleecker, Jan and Creytens, David and Van Dorpe, Jo and Gerris, Jan and Bachert, Claus and Neuhofer, Christiane and Walraedt, Sophie and Bischoff, Almut and Pedersen, Lotte B. and Klopstock, Thomas and Rivolta, Carlo and Leroy, Bart P. and De Baere, Elfride and Coppieters, Frauke. (2020) Functional characterization of the first missense variant in CEP78, a founder allele associated with cone-rod dystrophy, hearing loss, and reduced male fertility. Human mutation, 41 (5). pp. 998-1011.

Bastos, Filipa and Quinodoz, Mathieu and Addor, Marie-Claude and Royer-Bertrand, Beryl and Fodstad, Heidi and Rivolta, Carlo and Poloni, Claudia and Superti-Furga, Andrea and Roulet-Perez, Eliane and Lebon, Sebastien. (2020) Childhood neurodegeneration associated with a specific UBTF variant: a new case report and review of the literature. BMC neurology, 20 (1). p. 17.

Bedoni, Nicola and Quinodoz, Mathieu and Pinelli, Michele and Cappuccio, Gerarda and Torella, Annalaura and Nigro, Vincenzo and Testa, Francesco and Simonelli, Francesca and Telethon Undiagnosed Disease Programm, and Corton, Marta and Lualdi, Susanna and Lanza, Federica and Morana, Giovanni and Ayuso, Carmen and Di Rocco, Maja and Filocamo, Mirella and Banfi, Sandro and Brunetti-Pierri, Nicola and Superti-Furga, Andrea and Rivolta, Carlo. (2020) An Alu-mediated duplication in NMNAT1, involved in NAD biosynthesis, causes a novel syndrome, SHILCA, affecting multiple tissues and organs. Human molecular genetics, 29 (13). pp. 2250-2260.

Del Pozo-Valero, Marta and Riveiro-Alvarez, Rosa and Blanco-Kelly, Fiona and Aguirre-Lamban, Jana and Martin-Merida, Inmaculada and Iancu, Ionut-Florin and Swafiri, Saoud and Lorda-Sanchez, Isabel and Rodriguez-Pinilla, Elvira and Trujillo-Tiebas, Maria José and Jimenez-Rolando, Belen and Carreño, Ester and Mahillo-Fernandez, Ignacio and Rivolta, Carlo and Corton, Marta and Avila-Fernandez, Almudena and Garcia-Sandoval, Blanca and Ayuso, Carmen. (2020) Genotype-Phenotype Correlations in a Spanish Cohort of 506 Families With Biallelic ABCA4 Pathogenic Variants. American journal of ophthalmology, 219. pp. 195-204.

Gallay, Caroline and Meylan, Patrick and Mermoud, Sophie and Johannsen, Alexandre and Lang, Caroline and Rivolta, Carlo and Christen-Zaech, Stephanie. (2020) Genetic predisposition and environmental factors associated with the development of atopic dermatitis in infancy: a prospective birth cohort study. European journal of pediatrics, 179 (9). pp. 1367-1377.

Panagiotou, Evangelia S. and Papathomas, Thomas and Nikopoulos, Konstantinos and Koukoula, Stavrenia and Quinodoz, Mathieu and Rehman, Atta Ur and Giannopoulos, Theodoros and Rivolta, Carlo and Konstas, Anastasios G.. (2020) Management of Full-Thickness Macular Hole in A Genetically Confirmed Case with Usher Syndrome. Ophthalmology and Therapy, 9 (3). pp. 677-684.

Poulter, James A. and Gravett, Molly S. C. and Taylor, Rachel L. and Fujinami, Kaoru and De Zaeytijd, Julie and Bellingham, James and Rehman, Atta Ur and Hayashi, Takaaki and Kondo, Mineo and Rehman, Abdur and Ansar, Muhammad and Donnelly, Dan and Toomes, Carmel and Ali, Manir and U. K. Inherited Retinal Disease Consortium, and De Baere, Elfride and Leroy, Bart P. and Davies, Nigel P. and Henderson, Robert H. and Webster, Andrew R. and Rivolta, Carlo and Mahroo, Omar A. and Arno, Gavin and Black, Graeme C. M. and McKibbin, Martin and Harris, Sarah A. and Khan, Kamron N. and Inglehearn, Chris F.. (2020) New variants and in silico analyses in GRK1 associated Oguchi disease. Human Mutation. pp. 1-13.

Rehman, Atta Ur and Peter, Virginie G. and Quinodoz, Mathieu and Dawood, Muhammad and Rivolta, Carlo. (2020) Whole-exome sequencing in a consanguineous Pakistani family identifies a mutational hotspot in the COL7A1 gene, causing recessive dystrophic epidermolysis bullosa. Clinical Dysmorphology, 29 (2). pp. 86-89.

Salmaninejad, Arash and Bedoni, Nicola and Ravesh, Zeinab and Quinodoz, Mathieu and Shoeibi, Nasser and Mojarrad, Majid and Pasdar, Alireza and Rivolta, Carlo. (2020) Whole exome sequencing and homozygosity mapping reveals genetic defects in consanguineous Iranian families with inherited retinal dystrophies. Scientific reports, 10 (1). p. 19413.

Ueno, Shinji and Koyanagi, Yoshito and Kominami, Taro and Ito, Yasuki and Kawano, Kenichi and Nishiguchi, Koji M. and Rivolta, Carlo and Nakazawa, Toru and Sonoda, Koh-Hei and Terasaki, Hiroko. (2020) Clinical characteristics and high resolution retinal imaging of retinitis pigmentosa caused by RP1 gene variants. Japanese Journal of Ophthalmology, 64 (5). pp. 485-496.

de Bruijn, Suzanne E. and Fiorentino, Alessia and Ottaviani, Daniele and Fanucchi, Stephanie and Melo, Uirá S. and Corral-Serrano, Julio C. and Mulders, Timo and Georgiou, Michalis and Rivolta, Carlo and Pontikos, Nikolas and Arno, Gavin and Roberts, Lisa and Greenberg, Jacquie and Albert, Silvia and Gilissen, Christian and Aben, Marco and Rebello, George and Mead, Simon and Raymond, F. Lucy and Corominas, Jordi and Smith, Claire E. L. and Kremer, Hannie and Downes, Susan and Black, Graeme C. and Webster, Andrew R. and Inglehearn, Chris F. and van den Born, L. Ingeborgh and Koenekoop, Robert K. and Michaelides, Michel and Ramesar, Raj S. and Hoyng, Carel B. and Mundlos, Stefan and Mhlanga, Musa M. and Cremers, Frans P. M. and Cheetham, Michael E. and Roosing, Susanne and Hardcastle, Alison J.. (2020) Structural Variants Create New Topological-Associated Domains and Ectopic Retinal Enhancer-Gene Contact in Dominant Retinitis Pigmentosa. American Journal of Human Genetics, 107 (5). pp. 802-814.


Bibert, Stéphanie and Piret, Jocelyne and Quinodoz, Mathieu and Collinet, Emilie and Zoete, Vincent and Michielin, Olivier and Menasria, Rafik and Meylan, Pascal and Bihl, Titus and Erard, Véronique and Fellmann, Florence and Rivolta, Carlo and Boivin, Guy and Bochud, Pierre-Yves. (2019) Herpes simplex encephalitis in adult patients with MASP-2 deficiency. PLoS Pathogens, 15 (12). e1008168.

Moye, Abigail R. and Bedoni, Nicola and Cunningham, Jessica G. and Sanzhaeva, Urikhan and Tucker, Eric S. and Mathers, Peter and Peter, Virginie G. and Quinodoz, Mathieu and Paris, Liliana P. and Coutinho-Santos, Luísa and Camacho, Pedro and Purcell, Madeleine G. and Winkelmann, Abbie C. and Foster, James A. and Pugacheva, Elena N. and Rivolta, Carlo and Ramamurthy, Visvanathan. (2019) Mutations in ARL2BP, a protein required for ciliary microtubule structure, cause syndromic male infertility in humans and mice. PLoS Genetics, 15 (8). e1008315.

Nikopoulos, Konstantinos and Cisarova, Katarina and Quinodoz, Mathieu and Koskiniemi-Kuendig, Hanna and Miyake, Noriko and Farinelli, Pietro and Rehman, Atta Ur and Khan, Muhammad Imran and Prunotto, Andrea and Akiyama, Masato and Kamatani, Yoichiro and Terao, Chikashi and Miya, Fuyuki and Ikeda, Yasuhiro and Ueno, Shinji and Fuse, Nobuo and Murakami, Akira and Wada, Yuko and Terasaki, Hiroko and Sonoda, Koh-Hei and Ishibashi, Tatsuro and Kubo, Michiaki and Cremers, Frans P. M. and Kutalik, Zoltán and Matsumoto, Naomichi and Nishiguchi, Koji M. and Nakazawa, Toru and Rivolta, Carlo. (2019) A frequent variant in the Japanese population determines quasi-Mendelian inheritance of rare retinal ciliopathy. Nature Communications, 10 (1). p. 2884.

Peter, Virginie G. and Quinodoz, Mathieu and Pinto-Basto, Jorge and Sousa, Sergio B. and Di Gioia, Silvio Alessandro and Soares, Gabriela and Ferraz Leal, Gabriela and Silva, Eduardo D. and Pescini Gobert, Rosanna and Miyake, Noriko and Matsumoto, Naomichi and Engle, Elizabeth C. and Unger, Sheila and Shapiro, Frederic and Superti-Furga, Andrea and Rivolta, Carlo and Campos-Xavier, Belinda. (2019) The Liberfarb syndrome, a multisystem disorder affecting eye, ear, bone, and brain development, is caused by a founder pathogenic variant in the PISD gene. Genetics in medicine, 21 (12). pp. 2734-2743.

Rehman, Atta Ur and Peter, Virginie G. and Quinodoz, Mathieu and Rashid, Abdur and Khan, Syed Akhtar and Superti-Furga, Andrea and Rivolta, Carlo. (2019) Exploring the Genetic Landscape of Retinal Diseases in North-Western Pakistan Reveals a High Degree of Autozygosity and a Prevalent Founder Mutation in ABCA4. Genes, 11 (1). p. 13.

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