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Ansar, Muhammad and Javed, Samra and Baig, Hafiz Muhammad Azhar and Quinodoz, Mathieu and Ullah, Mukhtar and Han, Ji Hoon and Rahim, Muhammad Usama and Kausar, Humera and Calzetti, Giacomo and Rivolta, Carlo. (2022) A new nonsense mutation in; HMX1; in two siblings with oculoauricular syndrome. Ophthalmic Genetics, 43 (5). pp. 720-723.

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Han, Ji Hoon and Ryan, Gavin and Guy, Alyson and Liu, Lu and Quinodoz, Mathieu and Helbling, Ingrid and Lai-Cheong, Joey E. and Genomics England Research Consortium, and Barwell, Julian and Folcher, Marc and McGrath, John A. and Moss, Celia and Rivolta, Carlo. (2022) Mutations in the ribosome biogenesis factor gene LTV1 are linked to LIPHAK syndrome, a novel poikiloderma-like disorder. Human Molecular Genetics, 31 (12). pp. 1970-1978.

Nardou, Katya and Nicolas, Michael and Kuttler, Fabien and Cisarova, Katarina and Celik, Elifnaz and Quinodoz, Mathieu and Riggi, Nicolo and Michielin, Olivier and Rivolta, Carlo and Turcatti, Gerardo and Moulin, Alexandre Pierre. (2022) Identification of New Vulnerabilities in Conjunctival Melanoma Using Image-Based High Content Drug Screening. Cancers, 14 (6). p. 1575.

Quinodoz, Mathieu and Peter, Virginie G. and Cisarova, Katarina and Royer-Bertrand, Beryl and Stenson, Peter D. and Cooper, David N. and Unger, Sheila and Superti-Furga, Andrea and Rivolta, Carlo. (2022) Analysis of missense variants in the human genome reveals widespread gene-specific clustering and improves prediction of pathogenicity. American Journal of Human Genetics (AJHG), 109 (3). pp. 457-470.

Santos, Cristina and Almeida, Andreia and Pinto, Rita and Kaminska, Karolina and Peter, Virginie G. and Sousa, Ana-Berta and Rivolta, Carlo and Coutinho-Santos, Luísa. (2022) Anisometropia and asymmetric ABCA4-related cone-rod dystrophy. Ophthalmic genetics, 43 (4). pp. 576-580.

Schroeder, Marion and Peter, Virginie G. and Gränse, Lotta and Andréasson, Sten and Rivolta, Carlo and Kjellström, Ulrika. (2022) A novel phenotype associated with the R162W variant in the KCNJ13 gene. Ophthalmic genetics, 43 (4). pp. 500-507.


Allou, Lila and Balzano, Sara and Magg, Andreas and Quinodoz, Mathieu and Royer-Bertrand, Beryl and Schöpflin, Robert and Chan, Wing-Lee and Speck-Martins, Carlos E. and Carvalho, Daniel Rocha and Farage, Luciano and Lourenço, Charles Marques and Albuquerque, Regina and Rajagopal, Srilakshmi and Nampoothiri, Sheela and Campos-Xavier, Belinda and Chiesa, Carole and Niel-Bütschi, Florence and Wittler, Lars and Timmermann, Bernd and Spielmann, Malte and Robson, Michael I. and Ringel, Alessa and Heinrich, Verena and Cova, Giulia and Andrey, Guillaume and Prada-Medina, Cesar A. and Pescini-Gobert, Rosanna and Unger, Sheila and Bonafé, Luisa and Grote, Phillip and Rivolta, Carlo and Mundlos, Stefan and Superti-Furga, Andrea. (2021) Non-coding deletions identify Maenli lncRNA as a limb-specific En1 regulator. Nature, 592. pp. 93-98.

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Gonçalves, André Brás and Hasselbalch, Sarah Kirstine and Joensen, Beinta Biskopstø and Patzke, Sebastian and Martens, Pernille and Ohlsen, Signe Krogh and Quinodoz, Mathieu and Nikopoulos, Konstantinos and Suleiman, Reem and Damsø Jeppesen, Magnus Per and Weiss, Catja and Christensen, Søren Tvorup and Rivolta, Carlo and Andersen, Jens S. and Farinelli, Pietro and Pedersen, Lotte Bang. (2021) CEP78 functions downstream of CEP350 to control biogenesis of primary cilia by negatively regulating CP110 levels. eLife, 10. e63731.

Lebon, Sébastien and Quinodoz, Mathieu and Peter, Virginie G. and Gengler, Carole and Blanchard, Gaëlle and Cina, Viviane and Campos-Xavier, Belinda and Rivolta, Carlo and Superti-Furga, Andrea. (2021) Agenesis of the Corpus Callosum with Facial Dysmorphism and Intellectual Disability in Sibs Associated with Compound Heterozygous KDM5B Variants. Genes, 12 (9). p. 1397.

Nishiguchi, Koji M. and Miya, Fuyuki and Mori, Yuka and Fujita, Kosuke and Akiyama, Masato and Kamatani, Takashi and Koyanagi, Yoshito and Sato, Kota and Takigawa, Toru and Ueno, Shinji and Tsugita, Misato and Kunikata, Hiroshi and Cisarova, Katarina and Nishino, Jo and Murakami, Akira and Abe, Toshiaki and Momozawa, Yukihide and Terasaki, Hiroko and Wada, Yuko and Sonoda, Koh-Hei and Rivolta, Carlo and Tsunoda, Tatsuhiko and Tsujikawa, Motokazu and Ikeda, Yasuhiro and Nakazawa, Toru. (2021) A hypomorphic variant in EYS detected by genome-wide association study contributes toward retinitis pigmentosa. Communications Biology, 4 (1). p. 140.

Perea-Romero, I. and Blanco-Kelly, F. and Sanchez-Navarro, I. and Lorda-Sanchez, I. and Tahsin-Swafiri, S. and Avila-Fernandez, A. and Martin-Merida, I. and Trujillo-Tiebas, M. J. and Lopez-Rodriguez, R. and Rodriguez de Alba, M. and Iancu, I. F. and Romero, R. and Quinodoz, M. and Hakonarson, H. and Garcia-Sandova, Blanca and Minguez, P. and Corton, M. and Rivolta, C. and Ayuso, C.. (2021) NGS and phenotypic ontology-based approaches increase the diagnostic yield in syndromic retinal diseases. Human genetics, 140 (12). pp. 1665-1678.

Perea-Romero, Irene and Gordo, Gema and Iancu, Ionut F. and Del Pozo-Valero, Marta and Almoguera, Berta and Blanco-Kelly, Fiona and Carreño, Ester and Jimenez-Rolando, Belen and Lopez-Rodriguez, Rosario and Lorda-Sanchez, Isabel and Martin-Merida, Inmaculada and Pérez de Ayala, Lucia and Riveiro-Alvarez, Rosa and Rodriguez-Pinilla, Elvira and Tahsin-Swafiri, Saoud and Trujillo-Tiebas, Maria J. and Esretnet Study Group, and Erdc Study Group, and Associated Clinical Study Group, and Garcia-Sandoval, Blanca and Minguez, Pablo and Avila-Fernandez, Almudena and Corton, Marta and Ayuso, Carmen. (2021) Genetic landscape of 6089 inherited retinal dystrophies affected cases in Spain and their therapeutic and extended epidemiological implications. Scientific Reports, 11 (1). p. 1526.

Peter, Virginie G. and Quinodoz, Mathieu and Sadio, Silvia and Held, Sebastian and Rodrigues, Márcia and Soares, Marta and Sousa, Ana Berta and Santos, Luisa Coutinho and Damme, Markus and Rivolta, Carlo. (2021) New clinical and molecular evidence linking mutations in ARSG to Usher syndrome type IV. Human Mutation, 42 (3). pp. 261-271.

Quinodoz, Mathieu and Peter, Virginie G. and Bedoni, Nicola and Royer Bertrand, Béryl and Cisarova, Katarina and Salmaninejad, Arash and Sepahi, Neda and Rodrigues, Raquel and Piran, Mehran and Mojarrad, Majid and Pasdar, Alireza and Ghanbari Asad, Ali and Sousa, Ana Berta and Coutinho Santos, Luisa and Superti-Furga, Andrea and Rivolta, Carlo. (2021) AutoMap is a high performance homozygosity mapping tool using next-generation sequencing data. Nature Communications, 12 (1). p. 518.

Rehman, Atta Ur and Sepahi, Neda and Bedoni, Nicola and Ravesh, Zeinab and Salmaninejad, Arash and Cancellieri, Francesca and Peter, Virginie G. and Quinodoz, Mathieu and Mojarrad, Majid and Pasdar, Alireza and Asad, Ali Ghanbari and Ghalamkari, Saman and Piran, Mehran and Piran, Mehrdad and Superti-Furga, Andrea and Rivolta, Carlo. (2021) Whole exome sequencing in 17 consanguineous Iranian pedigrees expands the mutational spectrum of inherited retinal dystrophies. Scientific Reports, 11 (1). p. 19332.

Ruberto, Francesco Paolo and Balzano, Sara and Namburi, Prasanthi and Kimchi, Adva and Pescini-Gobert, Rosanna and Obolensky, Alexey and Banin, Eyal and Ben-Yosef, Tamar and Sharon, Dror and Rivolta, Carlo. (2021) Heterozygous deletions of noncoding parts of the PRPF31 gene cause retinitis pigmentosa via reduced gene expression. Molecular Vision, 27. pp. 107-116.


Ansar, Muhammad and Ranza, Emmanuelle and Shetty, Madhur and Paracha, Sohail A. and Azam, Maleeha and Kern, Ilse and Iwaszkiewicz, Justyna and Farooq, Omer and Pournaras, Constantin J. and Malcles, Ariane and Kecik, Mateusz and Rivolta, Carlo and Muzaffar, Waqar and Qurban, Aziz and Ali, Liaqat and Aggoun, Yacine and Santoni, Federico A. and Makrythanasis, Periklis and Ahmed, Jawad and Qamar, Raheel and Sarwar, Muhammad T. and Henry, L. Keith and Antonarakis, Stylianos E.. (2020) Taurine treatment of retinal degeneration and cardiomyopathy in a consanguineous family with SLC6A6 taurine transporter deficiency. Human molecular genetics, 29 (4). pp. 618-623.

Ascari, Giulia and Peelman, Frank and Farinelli, Pietro and Rosseel, Toon and Lambrechts, Nina and Wunderlich, Kirsten A. and Wagner, Matias and Nikopoulos, Konstantinos and Martens, Pernille and Balikova, Irina and Derycke, Lara and Holtappels, Gabriële and Krysko, Olga and Van Laethem, Thalia and De Jaegere, Sarah and Guillemyn, Brecht and De Rycke, Riet and De Bleecker, Jan and Creytens, David and Van Dorpe, Jo and Gerris, Jan and Bachert, Claus and Neuhofer, Christiane and Walraedt, Sophie and Bischoff, Almut and Pedersen, Lotte B. and Klopstock, Thomas and Rivolta, Carlo and Leroy, Bart P. and De Baere, Elfride and Coppieters, Frauke. (2020) Functional characterization of the first missense variant in CEP78, a founder allele associated with cone-rod dystrophy, hearing loss, and reduced male fertility. Human mutation, 41 (5). pp. 998-1011.

Bastos, Filipa and Quinodoz, Mathieu and Addor, Marie-Claude and Royer-Bertrand, Beryl and Fodstad, Heidi and Rivolta, Carlo and Poloni, Claudia and Superti-Furga, Andrea and Roulet-Perez, Eliane and Lebon, Sebastien. (2020) Childhood neurodegeneration associated with a specific UBTF variant: a new case report and review of the literature. BMC neurology, 20 (1). p. 17.

Bedoni, Nicola and Quinodoz, Mathieu and Pinelli, Michele and Cappuccio, Gerarda and Torella, Annalaura and Nigro, Vincenzo and Testa, Francesco and Simonelli, Francesca and Telethon Undiagnosed Disease Programm, and Corton, Marta and Lualdi, Susanna and Lanza, Federica and Morana, Giovanni and Ayuso, Carmen and Di Rocco, Maja and Filocamo, Mirella and Banfi, Sandro and Brunetti-Pierri, Nicola and Superti-Furga, Andrea and Rivolta, Carlo. (2020) An Alu-mediated duplication in NMNAT1, involved in NAD biosynthesis, causes a novel syndrome, SHILCA, affecting multiple tissues and organs. Human molecular genetics, 29 (13). pp. 2250-2260.

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Bibert, Stéphanie and Piret, Jocelyne and Quinodoz, Mathieu and Collinet, Emilie and Zoete, Vincent and Michielin, Olivier and Menasria, Rafik and Meylan, Pascal and Bihl, Titus and Erard, Véronique and Fellmann, Florence and Rivolta, Carlo and Boivin, Guy and Bochud, Pierre-Yves. (2019) Herpes simplex encephalitis in adult patients with MASP-2 deficiency. PLoS Pathogens, 15 (12). e1008168.

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April 2011

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September 2010

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