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Al-Kateb, Hussam and Khanna, Geetika and Filges, Isabel and Hauser, Natalie and Grange, Dorothy K. and Shen, Joseph and Smyser, Christopher D. and Kulkarni, Shashikant and Shinawi, Marwan. (2014) Scoliosis and vertebral anomalies: additional abnormal phenotypes associated with chromosome 16p11.2 rearrangement. American journal of medical genetics. Part A, 164A (5). pp. 1118-1126.


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Ganster, Christina and Wernstedt, Annekatrin and Kehrer-Sawatzki, Hildegard and Messiaen, Ludwine and Schmidt, Konrad and Rahner, Nils and Heinimann, Karl and Fonatsch, Christa and Zschocke, Johannes and Wimmer, Katharina. (2010) Functional PMS2 hybrid alleles containing a pseudogene-specific missense variant trace back to a single ancient intrachromosomal recombination event. Human mutation, Vol. 31, H. 5. pp. 552-560.

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Denora, Paola S. and Schlesinger, David and Casali, Carlo and Kok, Fernando and Tessa, Alessandra and Boukhris, Amir and Azzedine, Hamid and Dotti, Maria Teresa and Bruno, Claudio and Truchetto, Jeremy and Biancheri, Roberta and Fedirko, Estelle and Di Rocco, Maja and Bueno, Clarissa and Malandrini, Alessandro and Battini, Roberta and Sickl, Elisabeth and de Leva, Maria Fulvia and Boespflug-Tanguy, Odile and Silvestri, Gabriella and Simonati, Alessandro and Said, Edith and Ferbert, Andreas and Criscuolo, Chiara and Heinimann, Karl and Modoni, Anna and Weber, Peter and Palmeri, Silvia and Plasilova, Martina and Pauri, Flavia and Cassandrini, Denise and Battisti, Carla and Pini, Antonella and Tosetti, Michela and Hauser, Erwin and Masciullo, Marcella and Di Fabio, Roberto and Piccolo, Francesca and Denis, Elodie and Cioni, Giovanni and Massa, Roberto and Della Giustina, Elvio and Calabrese, Olga and Melone, Marina A. B. and De Michele, Giuseppe and Federico, Antonio and Bertini, Enrico and Durr, Alexandra and Brockmann, Knut and van der Knaap, Marjo S. and Zatz, Mayana and Filla, Alessandro and Brice, Alexis and Stevanin, Giovanni and Santorelli, Filippo M.. (2009) Screening of ARHSP-TCC patients expands the spectrum of SPG11 mutations and includes a large scale gene deletion. Human mutation : variations, databases, and diseases, Vol. 30 , E500-519.

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