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Kobayashi, K. and Ehrlich, S. D. and Albertini, A. and Amati, G. and Andersen, K. K. and Arnaud, M. and Asai, K. and Ashikaga, S. and Aymerich, S. and Bessieres, P. and Boland, F. and Brignell, S. C. and Bron, S. and Bunai, K. and Chapuis, J. and Christiansen, L. C. and Danchin, A. and Débarbouille, M. and Dervyn, E. and Deuerling, E. and Devine, K. and Devine, S. K. and Dreesen, O. and Errington, J. and Fillinger, S. and Foster, S. J. and Fujita, Y. and Galizzi, A. and Gardan, R. and Eschevins, C. and Fukushima, T. and Haga, K. and Harwood, C. R. and Hecker, M. and Hosoya, D. and Hullo, M. F. and Kakeshita, H. and Karamata, D. and Kasahara, Y. and Kawamura, F. and Koga, K. and Koski, P. and Kuwana, R. and Imamura, D. and Ishimaru, M. and Ishikawa, S. and Ishio, I. and Le Coq, D. and Masson, A. and Mauël, C. and Meima, R. and Mellado, R. P. and Moir, A. and Moriya, S. and Nagakawa, E. and Nanamiya, H. and Nakai, S. and Nygaard, P. and Ogura, M. and Ohanan, T. and O'Reilly, M. and O'Rourke, M. and Pragai, Z. and Pooley, H. M. and Rapoport, G. and Rawlins, J. P. and Rivas, L. A. and Rivolta, C. and Sadaie, A. and Sadaie, Y. and Sarvas, M. and Sato, T. and Saxild, H. H. and Scanlan, E. and Schumann, W. and Seegers, J. F. M. L. and Sekiguchi, J. and Sekowska, A. and Séror, S. J. and Simon, M. and Stragier, P. and Studer, R. and Takamatsu, H. and Tanaka, T. and Takeuchi, M. and Thomaides, H. B. and Vagner, V. and van Dijl, J. M. and Watabe, K. and Wipat, A. and Yamamoto, H. and Yamamoto, M. and Yamamoto, Y. and Yamane, K. and Yata, K. and Yoshida, K. and Yoshikawa, H. and Zuber, U. and Ogasawara, N.. (2003) Essential Bacillus subtilis genes. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 100 (8). pp. 4678-4683.


Kunst, F. and Ogasawara, N. and Moszer, I. and Albertini, A. M. and Alloni, G. and Azevedo, V. and Bertero, M. G. and Bessières, P. and Bolotin, A. and Borchert, S. and Borriss, R. and Boursier, L. and Brans, A. and Braun, M. and Brignell, S. C. and Bron, S. and Brouillet, S. and Bruschi, C. V. and Caldwell, B. and Capuano, V. and Carter, N. M. and Choi, S. K. and Cordani, J. J. and Connerton, I. F. and Cummings, N. J. and Daniel, R. A. and Denziot, F. and Devine, K. M. and Düsterhöft, A. and Ehrlich, S. D. and Emmerson, P. T. and Entian, K. D. and Errington, J. and Fabret, C. and Ferrari, E. and Foulger, D. and Fritz, C. and Fujita, M. and Fujita, Y. and Fuma, S. and Galizzi, A. and Galleron, N. and Ghim, S. Y. and Glaser, P. and Goffeau, A. and Golightly, E. J. and Grandi, G. and Guiseppi, G. and Guy, B. J. and Haga, K. and Haiech, J. and Harwood, C. R. and Hènaut, A. and Hilbert, H. and Holsappel, S. and Hosono, S. and Hullo, M. F. and Itaya, M. and Jones, L. and Joris, B. and Karamata, D. and Kasahara, Y. and Klaerr-Blanchard, M. and Klein, C. and Kobayashi, Y. and Koetter, P. and Koningstein, G. and Krogh, S. and Kumano, M. and Kurita, K. and Lapidus, A. and Lardinois, S. and Lauber, J. and Lazarevic, V. and Lee, S. M. and Levine, A. and Liu, H. and Masuda, S. and Mauël, C. and Médigue, C. and Medina, N. and Mellado, R. P. and Mizuno, M. and Moestl, D. and Nakai, S. and Noback, M. and Noone, D. and O'Reilly, M. and Ogawa, K. and Ogiwara, A. and Oudega, B. and Park, S. H. and Parro, V. and Pohl, T. M. and Portelle, D. and Porwollik, S. and Prescott, A. M. and Presecan, E. and Pujic, P. and Purnelle, B. and Rapoport, G. and Rey, M. and Reynolds, S. and Rieger, M. and Rivolta, C. and Rocha, E. and Roche, B. and Rose, M. and Sadaie, Y. and Sato, T. and Scanlan, E. and Schleich, S. and Schroeter, R. and Scoffone, F. and Sekiguchi, J. and Sekowska, A. and Seror, S. J. and Serror, P. and Shin, B. S. and Soldo, B. and Sorokin, A. and Tacconi, E. and Takagi, T. and Takahashi, H. and Takemaru, K. and Takeuchi, M. and Tamakoshi, A. and Tanaka, T. and Terpstra, P. and Togoni, A. and Tosato, V. and Uchiyama, S. and Vandebol, M. and Vannier, F. and Vassarotti, A. and Viari, A. and Wambutt, R. and Wedler, H. and Weitzenegger, T. and Winters, P. and Wipat, A. and Yamamoto, H. and Yamane, K. and Yasumoto, K. and Yata, K. and Yoshida, K. and Yoshikawa, H. F. and Zumstein, E. and Yoshikawa, H. and Danchin, A.. (1997) The complete genome sequence of the gram-positive bacterium Bacillus subtilis. Nature, 390 (6657). pp. 249-256.

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