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Disanto, G. and Benkert, P. and Lorscheider, J. and Mueller, S. and Vehoff, J. and Zecca, C. and Ramseier, S. and Achtnichts, L. and Findling, O. and Nedeltchev, K. and Radue, E. W. and Sprenger, T. and Stippich, C. and Derfuss, T. and Louvion, J. F. and Kamm, C. P. and Mattle, H. P. and Lotter, C. and Du Pasquier, R. and Schluep, M. and Pot, C. and Lalive, P. H. and Yaldizli, O. and Gobbi, C. and Kappos, L. and Kuhle, J. and Smsc Scientific Board, . (2016) The Swiss Multiple Sclerosis Cohort-Study (SMSC): A Prospective Swiss Wide Investigation of Key Phases in Disease Evolution and New Treatment Options. PLoS One, 11 (3). e0152347.


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Papadopoulou, A. and Menegola, M. and Kuhle, J. and Ramagopalan, S. V. and D'Souza, M. and Sprenger, T. and Radue, E. W. and Kappos, L. and Yaldizli, O.. (2014) Lesion-to-ventricle distance and other risk factors for the persistence of newly formed black holes in relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis. Multiple Sclerosis Journal, 20 (3). pp. 322-330.

Yaldizli, O. and Penner, I. K. and Frontzek, K. and Naegelin, Y. and Amann, M. and Papadopoulou, A. and Sprenger, T. and Kuhle, J. and Calabrese, P. and Radu, E. W. and Kappos, L. and Gass, A.. (2014) The relationship between total and regional corpus callosum atrophy, cognitive impairment and fatigue in multiple sclerosis patients. Multiple Sclerosis Journal, 20 (3). pp. 356-364.


Corporaal, S. H. and Gensicke, H. and Kuhle, J. and Kappos, L. and Allum, J. H. and Yaldizli, O.. (2013) Balance control in multiple sclerosis : correlations of trunk sway during stance and gait tests with disease severity. Gait & posture, Vol. 37, H. 1. pp. 55-60.

Kuhle, J. and Malmestrom, C. and Axelsson, M. and Plattner, K. and Yaldizli, O. and Derfuss, T. and Giovannoni, G. and Kappos, L. and Lycke, J.. (2013) Neurofilament light and heavy subunits compared as therapeutic biomarkers in multiple sclerosis. Acta neurologica scandinavica, Vol. 128, H. 6 , e33-36.


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Wiesbeck, G. A. and Kuhl, H. C. and Yaldizli, O. and Wurst, F. M. on behalf of the WHO/ ISBRA Study on Biological State. (2008) Tobacco smoking and depression : results from the WHO/ISBRA study. Neuropsychobiology, 57 (1-2). pp. 26-31.

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