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Carninci, P. and Kasukawa, T. and Katayama, S. and Gough, J. and Frith, M. C. and Maeda, N. and Oyama, R. and Ravasi, T. and Lenhard, B. and Wells, C. and Kodzius, R. and Shimokawa, K. and Bajic, V. B. and Brenner, S. E. and Batalov, S. and Forrest, A. R. R. and Zavolan, M. and Davis, M. J. and Wilming, L. G. and Aidinis, V. and Allen, J. E. and Ambesi-Impiombato, A. and Apweiler, R. and Aturaliya, R. N. and Bailey, T. L. and Bansal, M. and Baxter, L. and Beisel, K. W. and Bersano, T. and Bono, H. and Chalk, A. M. and Chiu, K. P. and Choudhary, V. and Christoffels, A. and Clutterbuck, D. R. and Crowe, M. L. and Dalla, E. and Dalrymple, B. P. and de Bono, B. and Della Gatta, G. and di Bernardo, D. and Down, T. and Engstrom, P. and Fagiolini, M. and Faulkner, G. and Fletcher, C. F. and Fukushima, T. and Furuno, M. and Futaki, S. and Gariboldi, M. and Georgii-Hemming, P. and Gingeras, T. R. and Gojobori, T. and Green, R. E. and Gustincich, S. and Harbers, M. and Hayashi, Y. and Hensch, T. K. and Hirokawa, N. and Hill, D. and Huminiecki, L. and Iacono, M. and Ikeo, K. and Iwama, A. and Ishikawa, T. and Jakt, M. and Kanapin, A. and Katoh, M. and Kawasawa, Y. and Kelso, J. and Kitamura, H. and Kitano, H. and Kollias, G. and Krishnan, S. P. T. and Kruger, A. and Kummerfeld, S. K. and Kurochkin, I. V. and Lareau, L. F. and Lazarevic, D. and Lipovich, L. and Liu, J. and Liuni, S. and McWilliam, S. and Madan Babu, M. and Madera, M. and Marchionni, L. and Matsuda, H. and Matsuzawa, S. and Miki, H. and Mignone, F. and Miyake, S. and Morris, K. and Mottagui-Tabar, S. and Mulder, N. and Nakano, N. and Nakauchi, H. and Ng, P. and Nilsson, R. and Nishiguchi, S. and Nishikawa, S. and Nori, F. and Ohara, O. and Okazaki, Y. and Orlando, V. and Pang, K. C. and Pavan, W. J. and Pavesi, G. and Pesole, G. and Petrovsky, N. and Piazza, S. and Reed, J. and Reid, J. F. and Ring, B. Z. and Ringwald, M. and Rost, B. and Ruan, Y. and Salzberg, S. L. and Sandelin, A. and Schneider, C. and Schonbach, C. and Sekiguchi, K. and Semple, C. A. M. and Seno, S. and Sessa, L. and Sheng, Y. and Shibata, Y. and Shimada, H. and Shimada, K. and Silva, D. and Sinclair, B. and Sperling, S. and Stupka, E. and Sugiura, K. and Sultana, R. and Takenaka, Y. and Taki, K. and Tammoja, K. and Tan, S. L. and Tang, S. and Taylor, M. S. and Tegner, J. and Teichmann, S. A. and Ueda, H. R. and van Nimwegen, E. and Verardo, R. and Wei, C. L. and Yagi, K. and Yamanishi, H. and Zabarovsky, E. and Zhu, S. and Zimmer, A. and Hide, W. and Bult, C. and Grimmond, S. M. and Teasdale, R. D. and Liu, E. T. and Brusic, V. and Quackenbush, J. and Wahlestedt, C. and Mattick, J. S. and Hume, D. A. and Kai, C. and Sasaki, D. and Tomaru, Y. and Fukuda, S. and Kanamori-Katayama, M. and Suzuki, M. and Aoki, J. and Arakawa, T. and Iida, J. and Imamura, K. and Itoh, M. and Kato, T. and Kawaji, H. and Kawagashira, N. and Kawashima, T. and Kojima, M. and Kondo, S. and Konno, H. and Nakano, K. and Ninomiya, N. and Nishio, T. and Okada, M. and Plessy, C. and Shibata, K. and Shiraki, T. and Suzuki, S. and Tagami, M. and Waki, K. and Watahiki, A. and Okamura-Oho, Y. and Suzuki, H. and Kawai, J. and Hayashizaki, Y.. (2005) The transcriptional landscape of the mammalian genome. Science, Vol. 309, no. 5740. pp. 1559-1563.


Okazaki, Y. and Furuno, M. and Kasukawa, T. and Adachi, J. and Bono, H. and Kondo, S. and Nikaido, I. and Osato, N. and Saito, R. and Suzuki, H. and Yamanaka, I. and Kiyosawa, H. and Yagi, K. and Tomaru, Y. and Hasegawa, Y. and Nogami, A. and Schonbach, C. and Gojobori, T. and Baldarelli, R. and Hill, D. P. and Bult, C. and Hume, D. A. and Quackenbush, J. and Schriml, L. M. and Kanapin, A. and Matsuda, H. and Batalov, S. and Beisel, K. W. and Blake, J. A. and Bradt, D. and Brusic, V. and Chothia, C. and Corbani, L. E. and Cousins, S. and Dalla, E. and Dragani, T. A. and Fletcher, C. F. and Forrest, A. and Frazer, K. S. and Gaasterland, T. and Gariboldi, M. and Gissi, C. and Godzik, A. and Gough, J. and Grimmond, S. and Gustincich, S. and Hirokawa, N. and Jackson, I. J. and Jarvis, E. D. and Kanai, A. and Kawaji, H. and Kawasawa, Y. and Kedzierski, R. M. and King, B. L. and Konagaya, A. and Kurochkin, I. V. and Lee, Y. and Lenhard, B. and Lyons, P. A. and Maglott, D. R. and Maltais, L. and Marchionni, L. and McKenzie, L. and Miki, H. and Nagashima, T. and Numata, K. and Okido, T. and Pavan, W. J. and Pertea, G. and Pesole, G. and Petrovsky, N. and Pillai, R. and Pontius, J. U. and Qi, D. and Ramachandran, S. and Ravasi, T. and Reed, J. C. and Reed, D. J. and Reid, J. and Ring, B. Z. and Ringwald, M. and Sandelin, A. and Schneider, C. and Semple, C. A. M. and Setou, M. and Shimada, K. and Sultana, R. and Takenaka, Y. and Taylor, M. S. and Teasdale, R. D. and Tomita, M. and Verardo, R. and Wagner, L. and Wahlestedt, C. and Wang, Y. and Watanabe, Y. and Wells, C. and Wilming, L. G. and Wynshaw-Boris, A. and Yanagisawa, M. and Yang, I. and Yang, L. and Yuan, Z. and Zavolan, M. and Zhu, Y. and Zimmer, A. and Carninci, P. and Hayatsu, N. and Hirozane-Kishikawa, T. and Konno, H. and Nakamura, M. and Sakazume, N. and Sato, K. and Shiraki, T. and Waki, K. and Kawai, J. and Aizawa, K. and Arakawa, T. and Fukuda, S. and Hara, A. and Hashizume, W. and Imotani, K. and Ishii, Y. and Itoh, M. and Kagawa, I. and Miyazaki, A. and Sakai, K. and Sasaki, D. and Shibata, K. and Shinagawa, A. and Yasunishi, A. and Yoshino, M. and Waterston, R. and Lander, E. S. and Rogers, J. and Birney, E. and Hayashizaki, Y.. (2002) Analysis of the mouse transcriptome based on functional annotation of 60,770 full-length cDNAs. Nature, Vol. 420 No. 6915. pp. 563-573.

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