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Mussetti, Gianluca and Brunner, Dominik and Henne, Stephan and Allegrini, Jonas and Krayenhoff, E. Scott and Schubert, Sebastian and Feigenwinter, Christian and Vogt, Roland and Wicki, Andreas and Carmeliet, Jan. (2020) COSMO-BEP-Tree v1.0: a coupled urban climate model with explicit representation of street trees. Geoscientific Model Development, 13 (3). pp. 1685-1710.


Spirig, Robert and Vogt, Roland and Larsen, Jarl Are and Feigenwinter, Christian and Wicki, Andreas and Franceschi, Joel and Parlow, Eberhard and Adler, Bianca and Kalthoff, Norbert and Cermak, Jan and Andersen, Hendrik and Fuchs, Julia and Bott, Andreas and Hacker, Maike and Wagner, Niklas and Maggs-Kölling, Gillian and Wassenaar, Theo and Seely, Mary. (2019) Probing the Fog Life Cycles in the Namib Desert. Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, 100 (12). pp. 2491-2507.

24 August 2018

Krauser, Helena and Feigenwinter, Christian and Wicki, Andreas. (24 August 2018) Tropennächte - Forscher belegen: Darum schwitzen die Basler in Sommernächten stärker. bz basel. p. 1. Liestal.


Bischofberger, Mirko and Wicki, Andreas and Seitz, Claudia and Lovis, Christian and De Geyter, Maria and Eckstein, Jens. (2018) Ethische Fragestellungen im Kontext digitaler Transformation des Gesundheitswesens. Schweizerisches Medizin-Forum, 18 (48). pp. 1001-1005.

Wicki, Andreas and Parlow, Eberhard and Feigenwinter, Christian. (2018) Evaluation and Modeling of Urban Heat Island Intensity in Basel, Switzerland. Climate, 6 (3). p. 55.

Wicki, Andreas. The urban climate of Basel/Switzerland: analysis, investigation and perspectives using remote sensing and GIS techniques : analysis, investigation and perspectives using remote sensing and GIS techniques. 2018, Doctoral Thesis, University of Basel, Faculty of Science.


Wicki, Andreas and Parlow, Eberhard. (2017) Attribution of local climate zones using a multitemporal land use/land cover classification scheme. Journal of Applied Remote Sensing, 11. 026001.

Wicki, Andreas and Parlow, Eberhard. (2017) Multiple Regression Analysis for Unmixing of Surface Temperature Data in an Urban Environment. Remote Sensing, 9 (7). p. 684.

Nordmann, Thierry M. and Juengling, Freimut D. and Recher, Mike and Berger, Christoph T. and Kalbermatten, Daniel and Wicki, Andreas and Paasinen-Sohns, Aino and Cathomas, Gieri and Tzankov, Alexandar and Daikeler, Thomas. (2017) Trametinib after disease reactivation under dabrafenib in Erdheim-Chester disease with both BRAF and KRAS mutations. Blood, 129 (7). pp. 879-882.


Koelzer, Viktor H. and Buser, Tobias and Willi, Niels and Rothschild, Sacha I. and Wicki, Andreas and Schiller, Peter and Cathomas, Gieri and Zippelius, Alfred and Mertz, Kirsten D.. (2016) Grover's-like drug eruption in a patient with metastatic melanoma under ipilimumab therapy. Journal for ImmunoTherapy of Cancer, 4. p. 47.

Orleth, Annette and Mamot, Christoph and Rochlitz, Christoph and Ritschard, Reto and Alitalo, Kari and Christofori, Gerhard and Wicki, Andreas. (2016) Simultaneous targeting of VEGF-receptors 2 and 3 with immunoliposomes enhances therapeutic efficacy. Journal of Drug Targeting, 24 (1). pp. 80-89.

28 February 2015

Wicki, Andreas and Witzigmann, Dominik and Balasubramanian, Vimalkumar and Huwyler, Jörg. (2015) Nanomedicine in cancer therapy : challenges, opportunities, and clinical applications. Journal of controlled release, 200. pp. 138-157.


Cmiljanovic, Vladimir and Cmiljanovic, Natasa and Marone, Romina and Beaufils, Florent and Zhang, Xuxiao and Zvelebil, Marketa and Hebeisen, Paul and Lang, Marc and Mestan, Juergen and Melone, Anna and Bohnacker, Thomas and Gaudio, Eugenio and Tarantelli, Chiara and Bertoni, Francesco and Ritschard, Reto and Pretre, Vincent and Wicki, Andreas and Fabbro, Doriano and Hillmann, Petra and Williams, Roger and Giese, Bernd and Wymann, Matthias P.. (2015) PQR309: Structure-based design, synthesis and biological evaluation of a novel, selective, dual pan-PI3K/mTOR inhibitor. Cancer Research, 75 (15). p. 2664.

Tarantelli, Chiara and Gaudio, Eugenio and Kwee, Ivo and Rinaldi, Andrea and Bernasconi, Elena and Cascione, Luciano and Hillmann, Petra and Stathis, Anastasios and Carrassa, Laura and Broggini, Massimo and Stussi, Georg and Fabbro, Doriano and Beaufils, Florent and Melone, Anna and Bohnacker, Thomas and Wymann, Matthias P. and Wicki, Andreas and Zucca, Emanuele and Cmiljanovic, Vladimir and Bertoni, Francesco. (2015) Pre-clinical activity and mechanism of action of the novel dual PI3K/mTOR inhibitor PQR309 in B-cell lymphomas. Cancer Research, 75 (15). p. 2652.

16 February 2014

Wicki, Andreas and Wild, Damian and Prêtre, Vincent and Mansi, Rosalba and Orleth, Annette and Reubi, Jean-Claude and Rochlitz, Christoph and Mamot, Christoph and Mäcke, Helmut R. and Christofori, Gerhard. (2014) Synergism of peptide receptor-targeted Auger electron radiation therapy with anti-angiogenic compounds in a mouse model of neuroendocrine tumors. EJNMMI research, 4. p. 9.


Wicki, Andreas and Hermann, Frank and Prêtre, Vincent and Winterhalder, Ralph and Kueng, Marc and von Moos, Roger and Rochlitz, Christoph and Herrmann, Richard. (2014) Pre-existing antihypertensive treatment predicts early increase in blood pressure during bevacizumab therapy: the prospective AVALUE cohort study. Oncol Res Treat, 37 (5). pp. 230-236.


Wicki, Andreas and Rochlitz, Christoph and Orleth, Annette and Ritschard, Reto and Albrecht, Imke and Herrmann, Richard and Christofori, Gerhard and Mamot, Christoph. (2012) Targeting tumor-associated endothelial cells: anti-VEGFR2 immunoliposomes mediate tumor vessel disruption and inhibit tumor growth. Clinical cancer research, Vol. 18, no. 18. pp. 454-464.


Wild, Damian and Wicki, Andreas and Mansi, Rosalba and Béhé, Martin and Keil, Boris and Bernhardt, Peter and Christofori, Gerhard and Ell, Peter J. and Mäcke, Helmut R.. (2010) Exendin-4-based radiopharmaceuticals for glucagonlike peptide-1 receptor PET/CT and SPECT/CT. Journal of nuclear medicine, Vol. 51, H. 7. pp. 1059-1067.

Wicki, Andreas and Herrmann, Richard and Christofori, Gerhard. (2010) Kras in metastatic colorectal cancer. Swiss Medical Weekly, Vol. 140 , w13112.

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