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Menegon, M. and Loader, S. P. and Marsden, S. J. and Branch, W. R. and Davenport, T. R. B. and Ursenbacher, S.. (2014) The genus Atheris (Serpentes: Viperidae) in East Africa : phylogeny and the role of rifting and climate in shaping the current pattern of species diversity. Molecular phylogenetics and evolution, Vol. 79. pp. 12-22.


Geser, S. and Kaiser, L. and Zwahlen, V. and Ursenbacher, S.. (2013) Development of polymorphic microsatellite markers for the asp viper (Vipera aspis) using high-throughput sequencing and their use for other European vipers. Amphibia-Reptilia, Bd. 31, H. 1. pp. 109-113.


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Ursenbacher, S. and Meyer, E.. (2012) Landschaftsstruktur und Genfluss bei Amphibien und Reptilien im Elsass.

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Rajabizadeh, M. and Yazdanpanah, A. and Ursenbacher, S.. (2012) Preliminary analysis of dorsal pattern variation and sexual dimorphism in Montivipera latifi (Mertens, Darevsky and Klemmer, 1967) (Ophidia: Viperidae). Acta herpetologica, Vol. 7, H. 1. pp. 13-21.

Schmidlin, S. and Schmera, D. and Ursenbacher, S. and Baur, B.. (2012) Separate introductions but lack of genetic variability in the invasive clam Corbicula spp. in Swiss lakes. Aquatic invasions, Vol. 7, H. 1. pp. 73-80.


Metzger, C. and Christe, P. and Ursenbacher, S.. (2011) Diet Variability of Two Convergent Natricine Colubrids in an Invasive-Native Interaction. In: The dice snake, Natrix tessellata : biology, distribution and conservation of a Palaearctic species. Rheinbach, pp. 86-93.

Mazza, G. and Monney, J. -C. and Ursenbacher, S.. (2011) Structural Habitat Partitioning of Natrix tessellata and Natrix maura at Lake Geneva, Switzerland. In: The dice snake, Natrix tessellata : biology, distribution and conservation of a Palaearctic species. Rheinbach, pp. 80-85.

Mebert, K. and Zwahlen, V. and Golay, P. and Durand, T. and Ursenbacher, S.. (2011) Ungewöhnlich hoher Farb-Polymorphismus in alpinen Aspisvipern in Frankreich? Zufall oder natürliche Selektion? Elaphe, 19. pp. 13-19.


Ursenbacher, S. and Alvarez, C. and Armbruster, G. F. J. and Baur, B.. (2010) High population differentiation in the rock dwelling land snail (Trochulus caelatus) endemic to the Swiss Jura Mountains. Conservation genetics, Vol. 11, H. 4. pp. 1265-1271.

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Ursenbacher, S. and Monney, J. -C. and Fumagalli, L.. (2009) Limited genetic diversity and high differentiation among the remnant adder (Vipera berus) populations in the Swiss and French Jura Mountains. Conservation genetics, Vol. 10, H. 2. pp. 303-315.

Ursenbacher, S. and Erny, C. and Fumagalli, L.. (2009) Male reproductive success and multiple paternity in wild, low density populations of the adder (Vipera berus). The journal of heredity, Vol. 100, H. 3. pp. 365-370.

Metzger, C. and Ursenbacher, S. and Christe, P.. (2009) Testing the Competitive Exclusion Principle using various niche parameters in a native (Natrix maura) and an introduced (N. tessellata) colubrid. Amphibia-Reptilia, Bd. 30. pp. 523-531.


Ursenbacher, S. and Schweiger, S. and Tomovic, L. and Crnobrnja-Isailovic, J. and Fumagalli, L. and Mayer, W.. (2008) Molecular phylogeography of the nose-horned viper (Vipera ammodytes, Linnaeus (1758)) : evidence for high genetic diversity and multiple refugia in the Balkan peninsula. Molecular phylogenetics and evolution, Vol. 46, H. 3. pp. 1116-1128.

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