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Chen, G. and Guo, Y. and Yue, X. and Tong, S. and Gasparrini, A. and Bell, M. L. and Armstrong, B. and Schwartz, J. and Jaakkola, J. J. K. and Zanobetti, A. and Lavigne, E. and Nascimento Saldiva, P. H. and Kan, H. and Roye, D. and Milojevic, A. and Overcenco, A. and Urban, A. and Schneider, A. and Entezari, A. and Vicedo-Cabrera, A. M. and Zeka, A. and Tobias, A. and Nunes, B. and Alahmad, B. and Forsberg, B. and Pan, S. C. and Iñiguez, C. and Ameling, C. and De la Cruz Valencia, C. and Åström, C. and Houthuijs, D. and Van Dung, D. and Samoli, E. and Mayvaneh, F. and Sera, F. and Carrasco-Escobar, G. and Lei, Y. and Orru, H. and Kim, H. and Holobaca, I. H. and Kyselý, J. and Teixeira, J. P. and Madureira, J. and Katsouyanni, K. and Hurtado-Diaz, M. and Maasikmets, M. and Ragettli, M. S. and Hashizume, M. and Stafoggia, M. and Pascal, M. and Scortichini, M. and de Sousa Zanotti Stagliorio Coêlho, M. and Valdes Ortega, N. and Ryti, N. R. I. and Scovronick, N. and Matus, P. and Goodman, P. and Garland, R. M. and Abrutzky, R. and Garcia, S. O. and Rao, S. and Fratianni, S. and Dang, T. N. and Colistro, V. and Huber, V. and Lee, W. and Seposo, X. and Honda, Y. and Guo, Y. L. and Ye, T. and Yu, W. and Abramson, M. J. and Samet, J. M. and Li, S.. (2021) Mortality risk attributable to wildfire-related PM2.5 pollution: a global time series study in 749 locations. Lancet Planet Health, 5 (9). e579-e587.

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