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Tattikota, Sudhir G. and Rathjen, Thomas and Hausser, Jean and Khedkar, Aditya and Kabra, Uma D. and Pandey, Varun and Sury, Matthias and Wessels, Hans-Hermann and Mollet, Inês G. and Eliasson, Lena and Selbach, Matthias and Zinzen, Robert P. and Zavolan, Mihaela and Kadener, Sebastian and Tschöp, Matthias H. and Jastroch, Martin and Friedländer, Marc R. and Poy, Matthew N.. (2015) miR-184 Regulates Pancreatic β-Cell Function According to Glucose Metabolism. Journal of biological chemistry, Vol. 290, H. 33. pp. 20284-20294.


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Hausser, Jean and Syed, Afzal Pasha and Bilen, Biter and Zavolan, Mihaela. (2013) Analysis of CDS-located miRNA target sites suggests that they can effectively inhibit translation. Genome research, Vol. 23, H. 4. pp. 604-615.

Tattikota, Sudhir G. and Rathjen, Thomas and McAnulty, Sarah J. and Wessels, Hans-Hermann and Akerman, Ildem and van de Bunt, Martijn and Hausser, Jean and Esguerra, Jonathan L. S. and Musahl, Anne and Pandey, Amit K. and You, Xintian and Chen, Wei and Herrera, Pedro L. and Johnson, Paul R. and O'Carroll, Donal and Eliasson, Lena and Zavolan, Mihaela and Gloyn, Anna L. and Ferrer, Jorge and Shalom-Feuerstein, Ruby and Aberdam, Daniel and Poy, Matthew N.. (2013) Argonaute2 Mediates Compensatory Expansion of the Pancreatic β Cell. Cell metabolism, Vol. 19, H. 1. pp. 122-134.

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Krützfeldt, Jan and Rösch, Nora and Hausser, Jean and Manoharan, Muthiah and Zavolan, Mihaela and Stoffel, Markus. (2012) MicroRNA-194 is a target of transcription factor 1 (Tcf1, Hnf1α) in adult liver and controls expression of frizzled-6. Hepatology, Vol. 55, No. 1. pp. 98-107.


Suffert, Guillaume and Malterer, Georg and Hausser, Jean and Viiliäinen, Johanna and Fender, Aurélie and Contrant, Maud and Ivacevic, Tomi and Benes, Vladimir and Gros, Frédéric and Voinnet, Olivier and Zavolan, Mihaela and Ojala, Päivi M. and Haas, Juergen G. and Pfeffer, Sébastien. (2011) Kaposi's Sarcoma Herpesvirus microRNAs Target Caspase 3 and Regulate Apoptosis. PLoS Pathogens, Vol. 7, H. 12 , e1002405.

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Hausser, Jean and Landthaler, Markus and Jaskiewicz, Lukasz and Gaidatzis, Dimos and Zavolan, Mihaela. (2009) Relative contribution of sequence and structure features to the mRNA binding of Argonaute/EIF2C-miRNA complexes and the degradation of miRNA targets. Genome research, Vol. 19, H. 11. pp. 2009-2020.

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