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Berg, S. and Garcia-Pelayo M. C., and Müller, B. and Hailu, E. and Asiimwe, B. and Kremer, K. and Dale, J. and Boniotti, B. and Rodriguez, S. and Hilty, M. and Rigouts, L. and Firdessa, R. and Machado, A. and Mucavele, C. and Ngandolo, B. N. and Bruchfeld, J. and Boschiroli, L. and Muller, A. and Sahraoui, N. and Pacciarini, M. and Cadmus, S. and Joloba, M. and van Soolingen D., and Michel, A. L. and Djonne, B. and Aranaz, A. and Zinsstag, J. and van Helden P., and Portaels, F. and Kazwala, R. and Källenius, G. and Hewinson, R. G. and Aseffa, A. and Gordon, S. V. and Smith, N. H.. (2011) African 2, a clonal complex of Mycobacterium bovis epidemiologically important in East Africa. Journal of bacteriology : a publication of the American Society for Microbiology, Vol. 193, H. 3. pp. 670-678.

Smith, N. H. and Berg, S. and Dale, J. and Allen, A. and Rodriguez, S. and Romero, B. and Matos, F. and Ghebremichael, S. and Karoui, C. and Donati, C. and Machado, A. D. and Mucavele, C. and Kazwala, R. R. and Hilty, M. and Cadmus, S. and Ngandolo, B. N. and Habtamu, M. and Oloya, J. and Muller, A. and Milian-Suazo F., and Andrievskaia, O. and Projahn, M. and Barandiaran, S. and Macias, A. and Muller, B. and Zanini, M. S. and Ikuta, C. Y. and Rodriguez, C. A. and Pinheiro, S. R. and Figueroa, A. and Cho, S. N. and Mosavari, N. and Chuang, P. C. and Jou, R. and Zinsstag, J. and van Soolingen D., and Costello, E. and Aseffa, A. and Proano-Perez F., and Portaels, F. and Rigouts, L. and Cataldi, A. A. and Collins, D. M. and Boschiroli, M. L. and Hewinson, R. G. and Neto, J. S. and Surujballi, O. and Tadyon, K. and Botelho, A. and Zarraga, A. M. and Buller, N. and Skuce, R. and Michel, A. and Aranaz, A. and Kallenius, G. and Niemann, S. and Boniotti, M. B. and van Helden P. D., and Harris, B. and Zumarraga, M. J. and Kremer, K. and Gordon, S. V. and Jeon, B. Y.. (2011) European 1 : a globally important clonal complex of Mycobacterium bovis. Infection, genetics and evolution : journal of molecular epidemiology and evolutionary genetics and infectious diseases (MEEGID), Vol. 11, H. 6. pp. 1340-1351.

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