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Lalot, Fanny and Abrams, Dominic. (2023) A stranger or a friend? Closer descriptive norms drive compliance with COVID-19 social distancing measures. Zeitschrift für Psychologie, 231 (2). pp. 149-160.

Lalot, Fanny and Abrams, Dominic and Jessop, Curtis and Curtice, John. (2023) Compliance in crisis: Concern, trust, and distrustful complacency in the COVID-19 pandemic. Social and Personality Psychology Compass, 17 (7, Special Issue). e12752.

Lalot, Fanny and Marinthe, Gaëlle and Kasper, Alice and Abrams, Dominic. (2023) Mobilising IDEAS in the COVID-19 pandemic: Anti-lockdown actions and the Identity-Deprivation-Efficacy-Action-Subjective well-being model. Journal of Social and Political Psychology, 11 (1). pp. 145-166.


Lalot, Fanny and Abrams, Dominic and Heering, Maria S. and Babaian, Jacinta and Ozkececi, Hilal and Peitz, Linus and Davies Hayon, Kaya and Broadwood, Jo. (2022) Distrustful Complacency and the COVID-19 Vaccine: How Concern and Political Trust Interact to Affect Vaccine Hesitancy. Political psychology, 44 (5). pp. 983-1011.

Lalot, Fanny and Jauch, Melissa and Abrams, Dominic. (2022) Look past the divide: Social dominance, authoritarianism, future thinking, and superordinate identity underlie the environmental political divide. Current Research in Ecological and Social Psychology, 3. p. 100062.

Lalot, Fanny and Büttner, Christiane M. and Özkeçeci, Hilal and Abrams, Dominic. (2022) Right and left-wing views: A story of disagreement on environmental issues but agreement on solutions. Translational Issues in Psychological Science, 8 (4). pp. 503-517.

Lalot, Fanny and Heering, Maria S. and Rullo, Marika and Travaglino, Giovanni A. and Abrams, Dominic. (2022) The dangers of distrustful complacency: Low concern and low political trust combine to undermine compliance with governmental restrictions in the emerging COVID-19 pandemic. Group Processes & Intergroup Relations, 25 (1). pp. 106-121.

Lalot, Fanny and Abrams, Dominic and Broadwood, Jo and Davies Hayon, Kaya and Platts-Dunn, Isobel. (2022) The social cohesion investment: Communities that invested in integration programmes are showing greater social cohesion in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Journal of Community & Applied Social Psychology, 32 (3). pp. 536-554.


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Peitz, Linus and Lalot, Fanny and Douglas, Karen and Sutton, Robbie and Abrams, Dominic. (2021) COVID-19 conspiracy theories and compliance with governmental restrictions: The mediating roles of anger, anxiety, and hope. Journal of Pacific Rim Psychology, 15. p. 18344909211046646.

Davies, Ben and Lalot, Fanny and Peitz, Linus and Heering, Maria Sophia and Ozkececi, Hilal and Babaian, Jacinta and Davies Hayon, Kaya and Broadwood, Jo and Abrams, Dominic. (2021) Changes in political trust in Britain during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020: integrated public opinion evidence and implications. Humanities and Social Sciences Communications, 8. p. 166.

Abrams, Dominic and Lalot, Fanny and Hopthrow, Tim and Templeton, Anne and Steeden, Ben and Özkeçeci, Hilal and Imada, Hirotaka and Warbis, Sarah and Sandiford, Dominic and Meleady, Rose and Fell, Emily and Abrams, Zoe and Abrams, Alice and Ngan, Xue Qing and Celina, Stephanie and Tanyeri, Alize and Gammon, Molly and Abrams, Benjamin and Fischer, Liliann and Drysdale, Sophie and Dewi, Riska and Leite, Ana and Mills, Ashley and Peckham, Stephen. (2021) Cleaning up our acts: Psychological interventions to reduce engine idling and improve air quality. Journal of Environmental Psychology, 74. p. 101587.

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Abrams, Dominic and Travaglino, Giovanni A. and Grant, Peter R. and Templeton, Anne and Bennett, Mark and Lalot, Fanny. (2020) Mobilizing IDEAS in the Scottish Referendum: Predicting voting intention and well-being with the Identity-Deprivation-Efficacy-Action-Subjective well-being model. British Journal of Social Psychology, 59 (2). pp. 425-446.


Mahmood, Lynsey and Abrams, Dominic and Meleady, Rose and Hopthrow, Tim and Lalot, Fanny and Swift, Hannah and Van de Vyver, Julie. (2019) Intentions, efficacy, and norms: The impact of different self-regulatory cues on reducing engine idling at long wait stops. Journal of Environmental Psychology, 66. p. 101368.

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