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Wehr, Riccardo and dos Santos, Elena C. and Muthwill, Moritz S. and Chimisso, Vittoria and Gaitzsch, Jens and Meier, Wolfgang. (2021) Fully amorphous atactic and isotactic block copolymers and their self-assembly into nano- and microscopic vesicles. Polymer Chemistry, 12 (37). pp. 5377-5389.

Daubian, Davy and Gaitzsch, Jens and Meier, Wolfgang. (2020) Synthesis and complex self-assembly of amphiphilic block copolymers with a branched hydrophobic poly(2-oxazoline) into multicompartment micelles, pseudo-vesicles and yolk/shell nanoparticles. Polymer Chemistry, 11 (6). pp. 1237-1248.

Wehr, Riccardo and Gaitzsch, Jens and Daubian, Davy and Fodor, Csaba and Meier, Wolfgang. (2020) Deepening the insight into poly(butylene oxide)-block-poly(glycidol) synthesis and self-assemblies: micelles, worms and vesicles. RSC advances, 10 (38). pp. 22701-22711.

Daubian, Davy and Fillion, Alexandra and Gaitzsch, Jens and Meier, Wolfgang. (2020) One-Pot Synthesis of an Amphiphilic ABC Triblock Copolymer PEO-b-PEHOx-b-PEtOz and Its Self-Assembly into Nanoscopic Asymmetric Polymersomes. Macromolecules, 53 (24). pp. 11040-11050.

Folini, Jenny and Huang, Chao-Hung and Anderson, James C. and Meier, Wolfgang P. and Gaitzsch, Jens. (2019) Novel monomers in radical ring-opening polymerisation for biodegradable and pH responsive nanoparticles. Polymer Chemistry, 10 (39). pp. 5285-5288.