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Hestericova, Martina and Heinisch, Tillmann and Lenz, Markus and Ward, Thomas R.. (2018) Ferritin encapsulation of artificial metalloenzymes: engineering a tertiary coordination sphere for an artificial transfer hydrogenase. Dalton transactions, 47 (32). pp. 10837-10841.

Hestericová, Martina and Heinisch, Tillman and Alonso-Cotchico, Lur and Maréchal, Jean-Didier and Vidossich, Pietro and Ward, Thomas R.. (2018) Directed Evolution of an Artificial Imine Reductase. Angewandte Chemie - International Edition, 57 (7). pp. 1863-1868.

Ribar Hestericová, Martina. Optimization of the performance of an artificial imine reductase by directed evolution and encapsulation. 2018, Doctoral Thesis, University of Basel, Faculty of Science.

Mallin, Hendrik and Reuter, Raphael and Hestericova, Martina and Ward, Thomas R.. (2016) Library design and screening protocol for artificial metalloenzymes based on the biotin-streptavidin technology. Nature Protocols, 11. pp. 835-852.

Hestericova, Martina and Correro, M. Rita and Lenz, Markus and Corvini, Philippe F.-X. and Shahgaldian, Patrick and Ward, Thomas R.. (2016) Immobilization of an Artificial Imine Reductase within Silica Nanoparticles Improves its Performance. Chemical Communications , 52. pp. 9462-9465.