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Schuetz, Lukas and Saharan, Krishna and Maeder, Paul and Boller, Thomas and Mathimaran, Natarajan. (2022) Rate of hyphal spread of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi from pigeon pea to finger millet and their contribution to plant growth and nutrient uptake in experimental microcosms. APPLIED SOIL ECOLOGY, 169. ARTN 104156.


Mathimaran, Natarajan and Jegan, Sekar and Thimmegowda, Matadadoddi Nanjundegowda and Prabavathy, Vaiyapuri Ramalingam and Yuvaraj, Perisamy and Kathiravan, Raju and Sivakumar, Mohanur Natesan and Manjunatha, Baiyapalli Narayanswamy and Bhavitha, Nayakanahalli Chikkegowda and Sathish, Ayyappa and Shashidhar, Gurudevarahalli Chikkathamegowda and Bagyaraj, Davis Joseph and Ashok, Ettigi Gurubasappa and Singh, Devesh and Kahmen, Ansgar and Boller, Thomas and Maeder, Paul. (2020) Intercropping Transplanted Pigeon Pea With Finger Millet: Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi and Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria Boost Yield While Reducing Fertilizer Input. FRONTIERS IN SUSTAINABLE FOOD SYSTEMS, 4. ARTN 88.

Singh, Devesh and Mathimaran, Natarajan and Boller, Thomas and Kahmen, Ansgar. (2020) Deep-rooted pigeon pea promotes the water relations and survival of shallow-rooted finger millet during drought-Despite strong competitive interactions at ambient water availability. PLOS ONE, 15 (2). ARTN e0228993.


Singh, Devesh and Mathimaran, Natarajan and Boller, Thomas and Kahmen, Ansgar. (2019) Bioirrigation: a common mycorrhizal network facilitates the water transfer from deep-rooted pigeon pea to shallow-rooted finger millet under drought. PLANT AND SOIL, 440 (1-2). pp. 277-292.


Saharan, Krishna and Schutz, Lukas and Kahmen, Ansgar and Wiemken, Andres and Boller, Thomas and Mathimaran, Natarajan. (2018) Finger Millet Growth and Nutrient Uptake Is Improved in Intercropping With Pigeon Pea Through "Biofertilization" and "Bioirrigation" Mediated by Arbuscular Mycorrhizal-Fungi and Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria. FRONTIERS IN ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE, 6. 11/46.

Schütz, Lukas and Gattinger, Andreas and Meier, Matthias and Müller, Adrian and Boller, Thomas and Mäder, Paul and Mathimaran, Natarajan. (2018) Improving Crop Yield and Nutrient Use Efficiency via Biofertilization-A Global Meta-analysis. Frontiers in Plant Science, 8. p. 2204.


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Croll, Daniel and Wille, Lukas and Gamper, Hannes A. and Mathimaran, Natarajan and Lammers, Peter J. and Corradi, Nicolas and Sanders, Ian R.. (2008) Genetic diversity and host plant preferences revealed by simple sequence repeat and mitochondrial markers in a population of the arbuscular mycorrhizal fungus Glomus intraradices. The new phytologist, Vol. 178. pp. 672-687.


Mathimaran, N. and Ruh, R. and Vullioud, P. and Frossard, E. and Jansa, J.. (2005) Glomus intraradices dominates arbuscular mycorrhizal communities in a heavy textured agricultural soil. Mycorrhiza, Vol. 16, H. 1. pp. 61-66.