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Sailer, Christian and Tiberi, Simone and Schmid, Bernhard and Stöcklin, Jürg and Grossniklaus, Ueli. (2021) Apomixis and genetic background affect distinct traits in Hieracium pilosella L. grown under competition. BMC biology, 19 (1). 177 (2021).

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Song, Bo and Stoll, Peter and Peng, Deli and Sun, Hang and Stöcklin, Jürg. (2020) Demography of the giant monocarpic herb Rheum nobile in the Himalayas and the effect of disturbances by grazing. Annals of botany, 125 (3). pp. 447-458.


Kesselring, Halil and Hamann, Elena and Armbruster, Georg F. J. and Stöcklin, Jürg and Scheepens, J. F.. (2019) Local adaptation is stronger between than within alpine populations of Anthyllis vulneraria. Evolutionary Ecology, 33. pp. 737-750.

Stöcklin, Jürg. (2019) Von den Äpfeln in den "Himmlischen Bergen": Die Entstehung des Kulturapfels und die Rolle der Bären bei seiner Domestizierung. FloraCH, 9. pp. 7-9.


Song, Bo and Stöcklin, Jürg and Armbruster, W. Scott and Gao, Yongqian and Peng, Deli and Sun, Hang. (2018) Reversible colour change in leaves enhances pollinator attraction and reproductive success in Saururus chinensis (Saururaceae). Annals of botany, 121 (4). pp. 641-650.

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Schmid, Sophie F. and Stöcklin, Jürg and Hamann, Elena and Kesselring, Halil. (2017) High-elevation plants have reduced plastictiy in flowering time in response to warming compared to low-elevation congeners. Basic and Applied Ecology, 21. pp. 1-12.


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Stöcklin, Jürg and Armbruster, Georg F. J.. (2016) Environmental filtering, not local adaptation of established plants, determines the occurrence of seed- and bulbil-producing Poa alpina in a local flora. Basic and Applied Ecology, 17 (7). pp. 586-595.

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