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Chang, M. A. and Impoinvil, D. and Hamre, K. E. S. and Dalexis, P. E. and Mérilien, J. B. and Dismer, A. M. and Fouché, B. and Desir, L. and Holmes, K. and Lafortune, W. and Herman, C. and Rogier, E. and Noland, G. S. and Young, A. J. and Druetz, T. and Ashton, R. and Eisele, T. P. and Cohen, J. and van den Hoogen, L. and Stresman, G. and Drakeley, C. and Pothin, E. and Cameron, E. and Battle, K. E. and Williamson, J. and Telfort, M. A. and Lemoine, J. F.. (2023) Acceptability, feasibility, drug safety, and effectiveness of a pilot mass drug administration with a single round of sulfadoxine-pyrimethamine plus primaquine and indoor residual spraying in communities with malaria transmission in Haiti, 2018. Am J Trop Med Hyg, 108 (6). pp. 1127-1139.

De Santis, O. and Pothin, E. and Bouscaren, N. and Irish, S. R. and Jaffar-Bandjee, M. C. and Menudier, L. and Ramis, J. and Schultz, C. and Lamaurt, F. and Wisniak, A. and Bertolotti, A. and Hafsia, S. and Dussart, P. and Baril, L. and Mavingui, P. and Flahault, A.. (2023) Investigation of dengue infection in asymptomatic individuals during a recent outbreak in La Reunion. Viruses, 15 (3). p. 742.

Thawer, S. G. and Golumbeanu, M. and Lazaro, S. and Chacky, F. and Munisi, K. and Aaron, S. and Molteni, F. and Lengeler, C. and Pothin, E. and Snow, R. W. and Alegana, V. A.. (2023) Spatio-temporal modelling of routine health facility data for malaria risk micro-stratification in mainland Tanzania. Sci Rep, 13. p. 10600.

Thawer, Sumaiyya Gulamraza. The use of routine health facility data for malaria risk stratification in mainland Tanzania. 2023, Doctoral Thesis, University of Basel, Associated Institution, Faculty of Science.


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Reyné, B. and Richard, Q. and Selinger, C. and Sofonea, M. T. and Djidjou-Demasse, R. Alizon. (2022) Non-Markovian modelling highlights the importance of age structure on Covid-19 epidemiological dynamics. Math Model Nat Phenom, 17. p. 7.


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Visser, T. and Ramachandra, S. and Pothin, E. and Jacobs, J. and Cunningham, J. and Menach, A. L. and Gatton, M. L. and Dos Santos Souza, S. and Nelson, S. and Rooney, L. and Aidoo, M.. (2021) A comparative evaluation of mobile medical APPS (MMAS) for reading and interpreting malaria rapid diagnostic tests. Malar J, 20. p. 39.

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