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Hazenkamp-von Arx, Marianne E. and Schindler, Christian and Ragettli, Martina S. and Künzli, Nino and Braun-Fahrländer, Charlotte and Liu, Lee-Jane S.. (2011) Impacts of highway traffic exhaust in alpine valleys on the respiratory health in adults: a cross-sectional study. Environmental Health, 10. p. 13.

Ireson, R. G. and Ondov, J. M. and Zielinska, B. and Weaver, C. S. and Easter, M. D. and Lawson, D. R. and Hesterberg, T. W. and Davey, M. E. and Liu, L. J.. (2011) Measuring in-cabin school bus tailpipe and crankcase PM2.5 : a new dual tracer method. Journal of the Air & Waste Management Association, Vol. 61, H. 5. pp. 494-503.

Larson, T. and Zielinska, B. and Ireson, R. and Liu, L. J. S.. (2011) Source apportionment of PM2.5 inside two diesel school buses using partial lesast squares discriminant analysis with chemical mass balance. Atmospheric pollution research : APR, Vol. 2. pp. 144-150.

Mercer, L. D. and Szpiro, A. A. and Sheppard, L. and Lindstrom, J. and Adar, S. D. and Allen, R. W. and Avol, E. L. and Oron, A. P. and Larson, T. and Liu, L. J. and Kaufman, J. D.. (2011) Comparing universal kriging and land-use regression for predicting concentrations of gaseous oxides of nitrogen (NOx) for the Multi-Ethnic Study of Atherosclerosis and Air Pollution (MESA Air). Atmospheric environment : research papers, review articles and preliminary communications, Vol. 45, H. 26. pp. 4412-4420.

Oanh, N. T. and Bich, T. L. and Tipayarom, D. and Manadhar, B. R. and Prapat, P. and Simpson, C. D. and Liu, L. J.. (2011) Characterization of particulate matter emission from open burning of rice straw. Atmospheric environment, 45 (2). pp. 493-502.


Curjuric, I. and Imboden, M. and Schindler, C. and Downs, S. H. and Hersberger, M. and Liu, L. J. and Matyas, G. and Russi, E. W. and Schwartz, J. and Thun, G. A. and Postma, D. S. and Rochat, T. and Probst-Hensch N. M., . (2010) HMOX1 and GST variants modify attenuation of FEF25-75% decline due to PM10 reduction. The European respiratory journal, 35 (3). pp. 505-514.

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Moffatt, M. F. and Gut, I. G. and Demenais, F. and Strachan, D. P. and Bouzigon, E. and Heath, S. and von Mutius, E. and Farrall, M. and Lathrop, M. and Cookson, W. O. and Imboden, M. and Liu, L. J. and Künzli, N. and Schindler, C. and Rochat, T. and Gerbase, M. and Curjuric, I. and Thun, G. A. and Probst-Hensch, N. and Braun-Fahrländer, C.. (2010) A large-scale, consortium-based genomewide association study of asthma. The New England journal of medicine, Vol. 363, H. 13. pp. 1211-1221.

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Künzli, N. and Bridevaux, P. O. and Liu, S. and Garcia-Esteban R., and Schindler, C. and Gerbase, M. and Sunyer, J. and Keidel, D. and Rochat, T.. (2009) Traffic-related air pollution correlates with adult-onset asthma among never-smokers. Thorax, Vol. 64. pp. 664-670.

Ramaprasad, J. and Tsai, M. G. and Fenske, R. A. and Faustman, E. M. and Griffith, W. C. and Felsot, A. S. and Elgethun, K. and Weppner, S. and Yost, M. G.. (2009) Children's inhalation exposure to methamidophos from sprayed potato fields in Washington State: exploring the use of probabilistic modeling of meteorological data in exposure assessment. Journal of exposure science and environmental epidemiology : official journal of the International Society of Exposure Analysis, Vol. 19, H. 6. pp. 613-623.

Schindler, Christian and Keidel, Dirk and Gerbase, Margaret W. and Zemp, Elisabeth and Bettschart, Robert and Brändli, Otto and Brutsche, Martin H. and Burdet, Luc and Karrer, Werner and Knöpfli, Bruno and Pons, Marco and Rapp, Regula and Bayer-Oglesby, Lucy and Künzli, Nino and Schwartz, Joel and Liu, Lee-Jane S. and Ackermann-Liebrich, Ursula and Rochat, Thierry and Sapaldia Team, . (2009) Improvements in PM10 exposure and reduced rates of respiratory symptoms in a cohort of Swiss adults (SAPALDIA). American journal of respiratory and critical care medicine, 179 (7). pp. 579-587.

Wu, C. F. and Wu, S. Y. and Wu, Y. H. and Cullen, A. C. and Larson, T. V. and Williamson, J. and Liu, L. J.. (2009) Cancer risk assessment of selected hazardous air pollutants in Seattle. Environment international : a journal of environmental science, risk and health, 35 (3). pp. 516-522.

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