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Nhung, Nguyen Thi Trang and Schindler, Christian and Chau, Ngo Quy and Hanh, Phan Thi and Hoang, Le Tu and Dien, Tran Minh and Thanh, Nguyen Thi Nhat and Künzli, Nino. (2019) Exposure to air pollution and risk of hospitalization for cardiovascular diseases amongst Vietnamese adults: Case-crossover study. Science of the Total Environment, 703. p. 134637.

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Shen, Ye and Wiegand, Ryan E. and Olsen, Annette and King, Charles H. and Kittur, Nupur and Binder, Sue and Zhang, Feng and Whalen, Christopher C. and Secor, William Evan and Montgomery, Susan P. and Mwinzi, Pauline N. M. and Magnussen, Pascal and Kinung'hi, Safari and Campbell, Carl H. and Colley, Daniel G.. (2019) Five-year impact of different multi-year mass drug administration strategies on childhood Schistosoma mansoni-associated morbidity: a combined analysis from the schistosomiasis consortium for operational research and evaluation cohort studies in the lake victoria regions of Kenya and Tanzania. American journal of tropical medicine and hygiene, 101 (6). pp. 1336-1344.

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Gosoniu, L. and Msengwa, A. and Lengeler, C. and Vounatsou, P.. (2012) Spatially explicit burden estimates of malaria in Tanzania : Bayesian geostatistical modeling of the malaria indicator survey data. PLoS ONE, Vol. 7, H. 5 , e23966.

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Reichlin, T. and Schindler, C. and Drexler, B. and Twerenbold, R. and Reiter, M. and Zellweger, C. and Moehring, B. and Ziller, R. and Hoeller, R. and Rubini, Gimenez and Haaf, P. and Potocki, M. and Wildi, K. and Balmelli, C. and Freese, M. and Stelzig, C. and Freidank, H. and Osswald, S. and Mueller, C.. (2012) One-hour rule-out and rule-in of acute myocardial infarction using high-sensitivity cardiac troponin T. Archives of internal medicine, Vol. 172, H. 16. pp. 1211-1218.

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Van Sighem, A. and Vidondo, B. and Glass, T. R. and Bucher, H. C. and Vernazza, P. and Gebhardt, M. and De Wolf, F. and Derendinger, S. and Jeannin, A. and Bezemer, D. and Fraser, C. and Low, N.. (2012) Resurgence of HIV infection among men who have sex with men in Switzerland : mathematical modelling study. PLoS ONE, Vol. 7, H. 9 , e44819.

Villard, L. and Romer, A. and Marincek, N. and Brunner, P. and Koller, M. T. and Schindler, C. and Ng, Q. K. and Macke, H. R. and Muller-Brand, J. and Rochlitz, C. and Briel, M. and Walter, M. A.. (2012) Cohort study of somatostatin-based radiopeptide therapy with [(90)Y-DOTA]-TOC versus [(90)Y-DOTA]-TOC plus [(177)Lu-DOTA]-TOC in neuroendocrine cancers. Journal of clinical oncology : official journal of the American Society of Clinical Oncology, Vol. 30, H. 10. pp. 1100-1106.

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