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Baragaña, Beatriz and Forte, Barbara and Choi, Ryan and Nakazawa Hewitt, Stephen and Bueren-Calabuig, Juan A. and Pisco, João Pedro and Peet, Caroline and Dranow, David M. and Robinson, David A. and Jansen, Chimed and Norcross, Neil R. and Vinayak, Sumiti and Anderson, Mark and Brooks, Carrie F. and Cooper, Caitlin A. and Damerow, Sebastian and Delves, Michael and Dowers, Karen and Duffy, James and Edwards, Thomas E. and Hallyburton, Irene and Horst, Benjamin G. and Hulverson, Matthew A. and Ferguson, Liam and Jiménez-Díaz, María Belén and Jumani, Rajiv S. and Lorimer, Donald D. and Love, Melissa S. and Maher, Steven and Matthews, Holly and McNamara, Case W. and Miller, Peter and O'Neill, Sandra and Ojo, Kayode K. and Osuna-Cabello, Maria and Pinto, Erika and Post, John and Riley, Jennifer and Rottmann, Matthias and Sanz, Laura M. and Scullion, Paul and Sharma, Arvind and Shepherd, Sharon M. and Shishikura, Yoko and Simeons, Frederick R. C. and Stebbins, Erin E. and Stojanovski, Laste and Straschil, Ursula and Tamaki, Fabio K. and Tamjar, Jevgenia and Torrie, Leah S. and Vantaux, Amélie and Witkowski, Benoît and Wittlin, Sergio and Yogavel, Manickam and Zuccotto, Fabio and Angulo-Barturen, Iñigo and Sinden, Robert and Baum, Jake and Gamo, Francisco-Javier and Mäser, Pascal and Kyle, Dennis E. and Winzeler, Elizabeth A. and Myler, Peter J. and Wyatt, Paul G. and Floyd, David and Matthews, David and Sharma, Amit and Striepen, Boris and Huston, Christopher D. and Gray, David W. and Fairlamb, Alan H. and Pisliakov, Andrei V. and Walpole, Chris and Read, Kevin D. and Van Voorhis, Wesley C. and Gilbert, Ian H.. (2019) Lysyl-tRNA synthetase as a drug target in malaria and cryptosporidiosis. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 116 (14). pp. 7015-7020.


Baragaña, Beatriz and Hallyburton, Irene and Lee, Marcus C. S. and Norcross, Neil R. and Grimaldi, Raffaella and Otto, Thomas D. and Proto, William R. and Blagborough, Andrew M. and Meister, Stephan and Wirjanata, Grennady and Ruecker, Andrea and Upton, Leanna M. and Abraham, Tara S. and Almeida, Mariana J. and Pradhan, Anupam and Porzelle, Achim and Martínez, María Santos and Bolscher, Judith M. and Woodland, Andrew and Norval, Suzanne and Zuccotto, Fabio and Thomas, John and Simeons, Frederick and Stojanovski, Laste and Osuna-Cabello, Maria and Brock, Paddy M. and Churcher, Tom S. and Sala, Katarzyna A. and Zakutansky, Sara E. and Jiménez-Díaz, María Belén and Sanz, Laura Maria and Riley, Jennifer and Basak, Rajshekhar and Campbell, Michael and Avery, Vicky M. and Sauerwein, Robert W. and Dechering, Koen J. and Noviyanti, Rintis and Campo, Brice and Frearson, Julie A. and Angulo-Barturen, Iñigo and Ferrer-Bazaga, Santiago and Gamo, Francisco Javier and Wyatt, Paul G. and Leroy, Didier and Siegl, Peter and Delves, Michael J. and Kyle, Dennis E. and Wittlin, Sergio and Marfurt, Jutta and Price, Ric N. and Sinden, Robert E. and Winzeler, Elizabeth A. and Charman, Susan A. and Bebrevska, Lidiya and Gray, David W. and Campbell, Simon and Fairlamb, Alan H. and Willis, Paul A. and Rayner, Julian C. and Fidock, David A. and Read, Kevin D. and Gilbert, Ian H.. (2015) A novel multiple-stage antimalarial agent that inhibits protein synthesis. Nature, Vol. 522, H. 7556. pp. 315-320.

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