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Holzschuh, A. and Lerch, A. and Gerlovina, I. and Fakih, B. S. and Al-Mafazy, A. H. and Reaves, E. J. and Ali, A. and Abbas, F. and Ali, M. H. and Ali, M. A. and Hetzel, M. W. and Yukich, J. and Koepfli, C.. (2023) Multiplexed ddPCR-amplicon sequencing reveals isolated Plasmodium falciparum populations amenable to local elimination in Zanzibar, Tanzania. Nat Commun, 14. p. 3699.

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Smith, T. and Denz, A. and Ombok, M. and Bayoh, N. and Koenker, H. and Chitnis, N. and Briët, O. and Yukich, J. and Gimnig, J. E.. (2021) Incidence and consequences of damage to insecticide-treated mosquito nets in Kenya. Malar J, 20. p. 476.

Lorenz, L. M. and Bradley, J. and Yukich, J. and Massue, D. J. and Mageni Mboma, Z. and Pigeon, O. and Moore, J. and Kilian, A. and Lines, J. and Kisinza, W. and Overgaard, H. J. and Moore, S. J.. (2020) Comparative functional survival and equivalent annual cost of 3 long-lasting insecticidal net (LLIN) products in Tanzania: a randomised trial with 3-year follow up. PLoS Med, 17 (9). e1003248.

Sutherland, C. S. and Yukich, J. and Goerre, R. and Tediosi, F.. (2015) A literature review of economic evaluations for a neglected tropical disease : human African trypanosomiasis ("sleeping sickness"). PLoS neglected tropical diseases, Vol. 9, H. 2 , e0003397.

Bhatt, S. and Weiss, D. J. and Cameron, E. and Bisanzio, D. and Mappin, B. and Dalrymple, U. and Battle, K. E. and Moyes, C. L. and Henry, A. and Eckhoff, P. A. and Wenger, E. A. and Briët, O. and Penny, M. A. and Smith, T. A. and Bennett, A. and Yukich, J. and Eisele, T. P. and Griffin, J. T. and Fergus, C. A. and Lynch, M. and Lindgren, F. and Cohen, J. M. and Murray, C. L. J. and Smith, D. L. and Hay, S. I. and Cibulskis, R. E. and Gething, P. W.. (2015) The effect of malaria control on Plasmodium falciparum in Africa between 2000 and 2015. Nature, 526 (7572). pp. 207-211.

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Yukich, J. and D'Acremont, V. and Kahama, J. and Swai, N. and Lengeler, C.. (2010) Cost savings with rapid diagnostic tests for malaria in low-transmission areas : evidence from Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. American journal of tropical medicine and hygiene, 83 (1). pp. 61-68.

Newspaper or Magazine Article

Lengeler, C. and Yukich, J.. (2010) Cost and effects of large-scale vector control. Public Health Journal, (21). pp. 48-52.

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