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Brunschwig, Christel and Lawrence, Nina and Taylor, Dale and Abay, Efrem and Njoroge, Mathew and Basarab, Gregory S. and Le Manach, Claire and Paquet, Tanya and Cabrera, Diego Gonzàlez and Nchinda, Aloysius T. and de Kock, Carmen and Wiesner, Lubbe and Denti, Paolo and Waterson, David and Blasco, Benjamin and Leroy, Didier and Witty, Michael J. and Donini, Cristina and Duffy, James and Wittlin, Sergio and White, Karen L. and Charman, Susan A. and Jiménez-Díaz, Maria Belén and Angulo-Barturen, Iñigo and Herreros, Esperanza and Gamo, Francisco Javier and Rochford, Rosemary and Mancama, Dalu and Coetzer, Theresa L. and van der Watt, Mariëtte E. and Reader, Janette and Birkholtz, Lyn-Marie and Marsh, Kennan C. and Solapure, Suresh M. and Burke, John E. and McPhail, Jacob A. and Vanaerschot, Manu and Fidock, David A. and Fish, Paul V. and Siegl, Peter and Smith, Dennis A. and Wirjanata, Grennady and Noviyanti, Rintis and Price, Ric N. and Marfurt, Jutta and Silue, Kigbafori D. and Street, Leslie J. and Chibale, Kelly. (2018) UCT943, a next generation Plasmodium falciparum PI4K inhibitor preclinical candidate for the treatment of malaria. Antimicrobial agents and chemotherapy, 62 (9). e00012-e00018.


Le Bihan, Amélie and de Kanter, Ruben and Angulo-Barturen, Iñigo and Binkert, Christoph and Boss, Christoph and Brun, Reto and Brunner, Ralf and Buchmann, Stephan and Burrows, Jeremy and Dechering, Koen J. and Delves, Michael and Ewerling, Sonja and Ferrer, Santiago and Fischli, Christoph and Gamo-Benito, Francisco Javier and Gnädig, Nina F. and Heidmann, Bibia and Jiménez-Díaz, María Belén and Leroy, Didier and Martínez, Maria Santos and Meyer, Solange and Moehrle, Joerg J. and Ng, Caroline L. and Noviyanti, Rintis and Ruecker, Andrea and Sanz, Laura María and Sauerwein, Robert W. and Scheurer, Christian and Schleiferboeck, Sarah and Sinden, Robert and Snyder, Christopher and Straimer, Judith and Wirjanata, Grennady and Marfurt, Jutta and Price, Ric N. and Weller, Thomas and Fischli, Walter and Fidock, David A. and Clozel, Martine and Wittlin, Sergio. (2016) Characterization of Novel Antimalarial Compound ACT-451840: Preclinical Assessment of Activity and Dose–Efficacy Modeling. PLoS medicine, 13 (10). e1002138.


Baragaña, Beatriz and Hallyburton, Irene and Lee, Marcus C. S. and Norcross, Neil R. and Grimaldi, Raffaella and Otto, Thomas D. and Proto, William R. and Blagborough, Andrew M. and Meister, Stephan and Wirjanata, Grennady and Ruecker, Andrea and Upton, Leanna M. and Abraham, Tara S. and Almeida, Mariana J. and Pradhan, Anupam and Porzelle, Achim and Martínez, María Santos and Bolscher, Judith M. and Woodland, Andrew and Norval, Suzanne and Zuccotto, Fabio and Thomas, John and Simeons, Frederick and Stojanovski, Laste and Osuna-Cabello, Maria and Brock, Paddy M. and Churcher, Tom S. and Sala, Katarzyna A. and Zakutansky, Sara E. and Jiménez-Díaz, María Belén and Sanz, Laura Maria and Riley, Jennifer and Basak, Rajshekhar and Campbell, Michael and Avery, Vicky M. and Sauerwein, Robert W. and Dechering, Koen J. and Noviyanti, Rintis and Campo, Brice and Frearson, Julie A. and Angulo-Barturen, Iñigo and Ferrer-Bazaga, Santiago and Gamo, Francisco Javier and Wyatt, Paul G. and Leroy, Didier and Siegl, Peter and Delves, Michael J. and Kyle, Dennis E. and Wittlin, Sergio and Marfurt, Jutta and Price, Ric N. and Sinden, Robert E. and Winzeler, Elizabeth A. and Charman, Susan A. and Bebrevska, Lidiya and Gray, David W. and Campbell, Simon and Fairlamb, Alan H. and Willis, Paul A. and Rayner, Julian C. and Fidock, David A. and Read, Kevin D. and Gilbert, Ian H.. (2015) A novel multiple-stage antimalarial agent that inhibits protein synthesis. Nature, Vol. 522, H. 7556. pp. 315-320.


Kuhen, Kelli L. and Chatterjee, Arnab K. and Rottmann, Matthias and Gagaring, Kerstin and Borboa, Rachel and Buenviaje, Jennifer and Chen, Zhong and Francek, Carolyn and Wu, Tao and Nagle, Advait and Barnes, S. Whitney and Plouffe, David and Lee, Marcus C. S. and Fidock, David A. and Graumans, Wouter and van de Vegte-Bolmer, Marga and van Gemert, Geert J. and Wirjanata, Grennady and Sebayang, Boni and Marfurt, Jutta and Russell, Bruce and Suwanarusk, Rossarin and Price, Ric N. and Nosten, Francois and Tungtaeng, Anchalee and Gettayacamin, Montip and Sattabongkot, Jetsumon and Taylor, Jennifer and Walker, John R. and Tully, David and Patra, Kailash P. and Flannery, Erika L. and Vinetz, Joseph M. and Renia, Laurent and Sauerwein, Robert W. and Winzeler, Elizabeth A. and Glynne, Richard J. and Diagana, Thierry T.. (2014) KAF156 is an antimalarial clinical candidate with potential for use in prophylaxis, treatment, and prevention of disease transmission. Antimicrobial agents and chemotherapy, Vol. 58, H. 9. pp. 5060-5067.

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