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Sayer, John A. and Otto, Edgar A. and O'Toole, John F. and Nurnberg, Gudrun and Kennedy, Michael A. and Becker, Christian and Hennies, Hans Christian and Helou, Juliana and Attanasio, Massimo and Fausett, Blake V. and Utsch, Boris and Khanna, Hemant and Liu, Yan and Drummond, Iain and Kawakami, Isao and Kusakabe, Takehiro and Tsuda, Motoyuki and Ma, Li and Lee, Hwankyu and Larson, Ronald G. and Allen, Susan J. and Wilkinson, Christopher J. and Nigg, Erich A. and Shou, Chengchao and Lillo, Concepcion and Williams, David S. and Hoppe, Bernd and Kemper, Markus J. and Neuhaus, Thomas and Parisi, Melissa A. and Glass, Ian A. and Petry, Marianne and Kispert, Andreas and Gloy, Joachim and Ganner, Athina and Walz, Gerd and Zhu, Xueliang and Goldman, Daniel and Nurnberg, Peter and Swaroop, Anand and Leroux, Michel R. and Hildebrandt, Friedhelm. (2006) The centrosomal protein nephrocystin-6 is mutated in Joubert syndrome and activates transcription factor ATF4. Nature genetics, Vol. 38, H. 6. pp. 674-681.


Bahe, Susanne and Stierhof, York-Dieter and Wilkinson, Christopher J. and Leiss, Florian and Nigg, Erich A.. (2005) Rootletin forms centriole-associated filaments and functions in centrosome cohesion. The Journal of cell biology, Vol. 171, H. 1. pp. 27-33.

Habedanck, Robert and Stierhof, York-Dieter and Wilkinson, Christopher J. and Nigg, Erich A.. (2005) The Polo kinase Plk4 functions in centriole duplication. Nature Cell Biology, Vol. 7, H. 11. pp. 1140-1146.


Krämer, Alwin and Mailand, Niels and Lukas, Claudia and Syljuåsen, Randi G. and Wilkinson, Christopher J. and Nigg, Erich A. and Bartek, Jiri and Lukas, Jiri. (2004) Centrosome-associated Chk1 prevents premature activation of cyclin-B-Cdk1 kinase. Nature cell biology, Vol. 6, H. 9. pp. 884-891.


Andersen, Jens S. and Wilkinson, Christopher J. and Mayor, Thibault and Mortensen, Peter and Nigg, Erich A. and Mann, Matthias. (2003) Proteomic characterization of the human centrosome by protein correlation profiling. Nature, Vol. 426. pp. 570-574.

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