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Hancock, D. B. and Soler, Artigas and Gharib, S. A. and Henry, A. and Manichaikul, A. and Ramasamy, A. and Loth, D. W. and Imboden, M. and Koch, B. and McArdle, W. and Smith, A. V. and Smolonska, J. and Sood, A. and Tang, W. and Wilk, J. B. and Zhai, G. and Zhao, J. H. and Aschard, H. and Burkart, K. M. and Curjuric, I. and Eijgelsheim, M. and Elliott, P. and Gu, X. and Harris, T. B. and Janson, C. and Homuth, G. and Hysi, P. and Liu, J. Z. and Loehr, L. R. and Lohman, K. and Loos, R. and Manning, A. K. and Marciante, K. D. and Obeidat, M. and Postma, D. and Aldrich, M. and Brusselle, G. G. and Chen, T. H. and Eiriksdottir, G. and Franceschini, N. and Heinrich, J. and Rotter, J. I. and Wijmenga, C. and Williams, O. D. and Bentley, A. R. and Hofman, A. and Laurie, C. and Lumley, T. and Morrison, A. C. and Joubert, B. R. and Rivadeneira, F. and Couper, D. J. and Kritchevsky, S. B. and Liu, Y. and Wjst, M. and Wain, L. V. and Vonk, J. M. and Uitterlinden, A. and Rochat, T. and Rich, S. S. and Psaty, B. M. and O'Connor, G. T. and North, K. E. and Mirel, D. B. and Meibohm, B. and Launer, L. J. and Khaw, K. T. and Hartikainen, A. L. and Hammond, C. J. and Gläser, S. and Marchini, J. and Kraft, P. and Wareham, N. J. and Völzke, H. and Stricker, B. H. C. and Spector, T. D. and Probst-Hensch, N. M. and Jarvis, D. and Jarvelin, M. R. and Heckbert, S. R. and Gudnason, V. and Boezen, H. M. and Barr, R. G. and Cassano, P. A. and Strachan, D. P. and Fornage, M. and Hall, I. P. and Dupuis, J. and Tobin, M. D. and London, S. J.. (2012) Genome-wide joint meta-analysis of SNP and SNP-by-smoking interaction identifies novel loci for pulmonary function. PLoS genetics, Vol. 8, H. 12 , e1003098.

Paternoster, L. and Standl, M. and Chen, C. M. and Ramasamy, A. and Bonnelykke, K. and Duijts, L. and Ferreira, M. A. and Alves, A. C. and Thyssen, J. P. and Albrecht, E. and Baurecht, H. and Feenstra, B. and Sleiman, P. M. and Hysi, P. and Warrington, N. M. and Curjuric, I. and Myhre, R. and Curtin, J. A. and Groen-Blokhuis, M. M. and Kerkhof, M. and Saaf, A. and Franke, A. and Ellinghaus, D. and Folster-Holst, R. and Dermitzakis, E. and Montgomery, S. B. and Prokisch, H. and Heim, K. and Hartikainen, A. L. and Pouta, A. and Pekkanen, J. and Blakemore, A. I. and Buxton, J. L. and Kaakinen, M. and Duffy, D. L. and Madden, P. A. and Heath, A. C. and Montgomery, G. W. and Thompson, P. J. and Matheson, M. C. and Le, S. P. and Pourcain, B. S. and Smith, G. D. and Henderson, J. and Kemp, J. P. and Timpson, N. J. and Deloukas, P. and Ring, S. M. and Wichmann, H. E. and Muller-Nurasyid, M. and Novak, N. and Klopp, N. and Rodriguez, E. and McArdle, W. and Linneberg, A. and Menne, T. and Nohr, E. A. and Hofman, A. and Uitterlinden, A. G. and van Duijn, C. M. and Rivadeneira, F. and de Jongste, J. C. and van der Valk, R. J. and Wjst, M. and Jogi, R. and Geller, F. and Boyd, H. A. and Murray, J. C. and Kim, C. and Mentch, F. and March, M. and Mangino, M. and Spector, T. D. and Bataille, V. and Pennell, C. E. and Holt, P. G. and Sly, P. and Tiesler, C. M. and Thiering, E. and Illig, T. and Imboden, M. and Nystad, W. and Simpson, A. and Hottenga, J. J. and Postma, D. and Koppelman, G. H. and Smit, H. A. and Soderhall, C. and Chawes, B. and Kreiner-Moller, E. and Bisgaard, H. and Melen, E. and Boomsma, D. I. and Custovic, A. and Jacobsson, B. and Probst-Hensch, N. M. and Palmer, L. J. and Glass, D. and Hakonarson, H. and Melbye, M. and Jarvis, D. L. and Jaddoe, V. W. and Gieger, C. and Strachan, D. P. and Martin, N. G. and Jarvelin, M. R. and Heinrich, J. and Evans, D. M. and Weidinger, S.. (2012) Meta-analysis of genome-wide association studies identifies three new risk loci for atopic dermatitis. Nature genetics, Vol. 44, H. 2. pp. 187-192.


Eisner, M. D. and Anthonisen, N. and Coultas, D. and Künzli, N. and Perez-Padilla R., and Postma, D. and Romieu, I. and Silverman, E. K. and Balmes, J. R.. (2010) An official American Thoracic Society public policy statement: Novel risk factors and the global burden of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. American journal of respiratory and critical care medicine, 182 (5). pp. 693-718.

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