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Repapi, E. and Sayers, I. and Wain, L. V. and Burton, P. R. and Johnson, T. and Obeidat, M. and Zhao, J. H. and Ramasamy, A. and Zhai, G. and Vitart, V. and Huffman, J. E. and Igl, W. and Albrecht, E. and Deloukas, P. and Henderson, J. and Granell, R. and McArdle, W. L. and Rudnicka, A. R. and Barroso, I. and Loos, R. J. and Wareham, N. J. and Mustelin, L. and Rantanen, T. and Surakka, I. and Imboden, M. and Wichmann, H. E. and Grkovic, I. and Jankovic, S. and Zgaga, L. and Hartikainen, A. L. and Peltonen, L. and Gyllensten, U. and Johansson, A. and Zaboli, G. and Campbell, H. and Wild, S. H. and Wilson, J. F. and Glaser, S. and Homuth, G. and Volzke, H. and Mangino, M. and Soranzo, N. and Spector, T. D. and Polasek, O. and Rudan, I. and Wright, A. F. and Heliövaara, M. and Ripatti, S. and Pouta, A. and Naluai, A. T. and Olin, A. C. and Toren, K. and Cooper, M. N. and James, A. L. and Palmer, L. J. and Hingorani, A. D. and Wannamethee, S. G. and Whincup, P. H. and Smith, G. D. and Ebrahim, S. and McKeever, T. M. and Pavord, I. D. and MacLeod, A. K. and Morris, A. D. and Porteous, D. J. and Cooper, C. and Dennison, E. and Shaheen, S. and Karrasch, S. and Schnabel, E. and Schulz, H. and Grallert, H. and Bouatia-Naji N., and Delplanque, J. and Froguel, P. and Blakey, J. D. and Britton, J. R. and Morris, R. W. and Holloway, J. W. and Lawlor, D. A. and Hui, J. and Nyberg, F. and Jarvelin, M. R. and Jackson, C. and Kahonen, M. and Kaprio, J. and Probst-Hensch N. M., and Koch, B. and Hayward, C. and Evans, D. M. and Elliott, P. and Strachan, D. P. and Hall, I. P. and Tobin, M. D.. (2010) Genome-wide association study identifies five loci associated with lung function. Nature genetics, Vol. 42, H. 1. pp. 36-44.


Alimohammadi, M. and Björklund, P. and Hallgren, A. and Pöntynen, N. and Szinnai, G. and Shikama, N. and Keller, M. P. and Ekwall, O. and Kinkel, S. A. and Husebye, E. S. and Gustafsson, J. and Rorsman, F. and Peltonen, L. and Betterle, C. and Perheentupa, J. and Akerström, G. and Westin, G. and Scott, H. S. and Holländer, G. A. and Kämpe, O.. (2008) Autoimmune polyendocrine syndrome type 1 and NALP5, a parathyroid autoantigen. The New England journal of medicine, Vol. 358, H. 10. pp. 1018-1028.

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