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Mastinu, P. F. and Abbondanno, U. and Aerts, G. and Alvarez, H. and Andriamonje, S. and Angelopoulos, A. and Assimakopoulos, P. and Bacri, C. O. and Badurek, G. and Baumann, P. and Becvar, F. and Beer, H. and Benlliure, J. and Berthier, B. and Berthomieux, E. and Boffi, S. and Borcea, C. and Boscolo-Marchi, E. and Bustreo, N. and Calvino, P. and Cano-Ott, D. and Capote, R. and Carlson, P. and Cennini, P. and Chepel, V. and Chiaveri, E. and Coceva, C. and Colonna, N. and Cortes, G. and Cortina, D. and Couture, A. and Cox, J. and Dababneh, S. and Dahlfors, M. and David, S. and Dolfini, R. and Domingo-Pardo, C. and Duran, I. and Eleftheriadis, C. and Embid-Segura, M. and Ferrant, L. and Ferrari, A. and Ferreira-Lourenco, L. and Ferreira-Marques, R. and Frais-Koelbl, H. and Furman, W. I. and Giomataris, Y. and Goncalves, I. F. and Gonzalez-Romero, E. and Goverdovski, A. and Gramegna, F. and Griesmayer, E. and Gunsing, F. and Haight, R. and Heil, M. and Herrera-Martinez, A. and Ioannides, K. G. and Janeva, N. and Jericha, E. and Kappeler, F. and Kadi, Y. and Karamanis, D. and Kelic, A. and Ketlerov, V. and Kitis, G. and Koehler, P. E. and Konovalov, V. and Kossionides, E. and Lacoste, V. and Leeb, H. and Lindote, A. and Lopes, M. I. and Loriggiola, M. and Lozano, M. and Lukic, S. and Markov, S. and Marigo, S. and Marrone, S. and Martinez-Val, J. and Mengoni, A. and Milazzo, P. M. and Minguez, E. and Molina-Coballes, A. and Moreau, C. and Neves, F. and Oberhummer, H. and O'Brien, S. and Pancin, J. and Papaevangelou, T. and Paradela, C. and Pavlik, A. and Pavlopoulos, P. and Perez-Parra, A. and Perlado, J. M. and Perrot, L. and Peskov, V. and Plag, R. and Plompen, A. and Plukis, A. and Poch, A. and Policarpo, A. and Pretel, C. and Quesada, J. M. and Radici, M. and Raman, S. and Rapp, W. and Rauscher, T. and Reifarth, R. and Rejmund, F. and Rosetti, M. and Rubbia, C. and Rudolf, G. and Rullhusen, P. and Salgado, J. and Savvidis, E. and Soares, J. C. and Stephan, C. and Tagliente, G. and Tain, J. L. and Tapia, C. and Tassan-Goth, L. and Tavora, L. M. N. and Terlizzi, R. and Terrani, M. and Tsangas, N. and Vannini, G. and Vaz, P. and Ventura, A. and Villamarin-Fernandez, D. and Vincente-Vincente, M. and Vlachoudis, V. and Vlastou, R. and Voss, F. and Wendler, H. and Wiescher, M. and Wisshak, K. and Zanini, L.. (2004) A low-mass neutron flux monitor for the n_TOF facility at CERN. Brazilian journal of physics, Vol. 34, H. 3A. pp. 914-918.

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