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Brasseit, J. and Althaus-Steiner, E. and Faderl, M. and Dickgreber, N. and Saurer, L. and Genitsch, V. and Dolowschiak, T. and Li, H. and Finke, D. and Hardt, W.-D. and McCoy, K. D. and Macpherson, A. J. and Corazza, N. and Noti, M. and Mueller, C.. (2016) CD4 T cells are required for both development and maintenance of disease in a new mouse model of reversible colitis. Mucosal Immunology, 9 (3). pp. 689-701.

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Nacambo, S. and Leuthardt, F. L. G. and Wan, H. and Li, H. and Haye, T. and Baur, B. and Weiss, R. M. and Kenis, M.. (2014) Developmental characteristics of the box-tree moth Cydalima perspectalis and its potential distribution in Europe. Journal of applied entomology (JAE), Vol. 138, H. 1-2 , S. 14–26.


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Li, H. and Tang, P. and Zhao, Y. and Liu, S. X. and Aeschi, Y. and Deng, L. J. and Braun, J. and Zhao, B. and Liu, Y. Q. and Tan, S. T. and Meier, W. and Decurtins, S.. (2012) Benzodifuran-containing well-defined pi-conjugated polymers for photovoltaic cells. Journal of polymer science. A, Polymer chemistry, Vol. 50, H. 14. pp. 2935-2943.


He, J. and Kuhn, N. J. and Li, H. and Zhang, X. and Li, W.. (2007) Soil loosening on permanent raised-beds in arid northwest China. Soil and tillage research, Vol. 97, H. 2. pp. 172-183.

He, J. and Li, H. and Wang, X. and McHugh, A. D. and Li, W. and Gao, H. and Kuhn, N. J.. (2007) The adoption of annual subsoiling as conservation tillage in dryland maize and wheat cultivation in northern China. Soil and tillage research, Vol. 94, H. 2. pp. 493-502.


Li, H. and Arber, S. and Jessell, T. M. and Edlund, H.. (1999) Selective agenesis of the dorsal pancreas in mice lacking homeobox gene Hlxb9. Nature Genetics, Vol. 23, H. 1. pp. 67-70.

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