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Leal-Cidoncha, E. and Durán, I. and Paradela, C. and Tassan-Got, L. and Audouin, L. and Leal, L. C. and Naour, C. L. and Noguere, G. and Tarrío, D. and Leong, L. S. and Altstadt, S. and Andrzejewski, J. and Barbagallo, M. and Bécares, V. and Bečvář, F. and Belloni, F. and Berthoumieux, E. and Billowes, J. and Boccone, V. and Bosnar, D. and Brugger, M. and Calviani, M. and Calviño, F. and Cano-Ott, D. and Carrapiço, C. and Cerutti, F. and Chiaveri, E. and Chin, M. and Colonna, N. and Cortés, G. and Cortés-Giraldo, M. A. and Diakaki, M. and Domingo-Pardo, C. and Dressler, R. and Eleftheriadis, C. and Ferrari, A. and Fraval, K. and Ganesan, S. and García, A. R. and Giubrone, G. and Gómez-Hornillos, M. B. and Gonçalves, I. F. and González-Romero, E. and Griesmayer, E. and Guerrero, C. and Gunsing, F. and Gurusamy, P. and Hernández-Prieto, A. and Jenkins, D. G. and Jericha, E. and Kadi, Y. and Käppeler, F. and Karadimos, D. and Kivel, N. and Kokkoris, M. and Krtička, M. and Kroll, J. and Lampoudis, C. and Langer, C. and Lederer, C. and Leeb, H. and Losito, R. and Mallick, A. and Manousos, A. and Marganiec, J. and Martínez, T. and Massimi, C. and Mastinu, P. F. and Mastromarco, M. and Meaze, M. and Mendoza, E. and Mengoni, A. and Milazzo, P. M. and Mingrone, F. and Mirea, M. and Mondelaers, W. and Pavlik, A. and Perkowski, J. and Plompen, A. and Praena, J. and Quesada, J. M. and Rauscher, T. and Reifarth, R. and Riego, A. and Robles, M. S. and Roman, F. and Rubbia, C. and Sabaté-Gilarte, M. and Sarmento, R. and Saxena, A. and Schillebeeckx, P. and Schmidt, S. and Schumann, D. and Tagliente, G. and Tain, J. L. and Tsinganis, A. and Valenta, S. and Vannini, G. and Variale, V. and Vaz, P. and Ventura, A. and Versaci, R. and Vermeulen, M. J. and Vlachoudis, V. and Vlastou, R. and Wallner, A. and Ware, T. and Weigand, M. and Weiß, C. and Wright, T. and Žugec, P.. (2017) High accuracy 234U(n,f) cross section in the resonance energy region. In: EPJ Web of Conferences, 146. p. 4.


Sayer, R. O. and Guber, K. H. and Leal, L. C. and Larson, N. M. and Rauscher, T.. (2006) R-matrix analysis of Cl neutron cross sections up to 1.2 MeV. Physical review. C, Nuclear physics, Vol. 73, H. 4 , 044603, 16 S..


Guber, K. H. and Koehler, P. E. and Derrien, H. and Valentine, T. E. and Leal, L. C. and Sayer, R. O. and Rauscher, T.. (2003) Neutron capture reaction rates for silicon and their impact on the origin of presolar mainstream SiC grains. Physical review. C, Nuclear physics, Vol. 67, H. 6 , 062802.


Guber, K. H. and Sayer, R. O. and Valentine, T. E. and Leal, L. C. and Spencer, R. R. and Harvey, J. A. and Koehler, P. E. and Rauscher, T.. (2002) New Maxwellian averaged neutron capture cross sections for Cl-35,Cl-37. Physical review. C, Nuclear physics, Vol. 65, H. 5 , 058801.

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