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Burgener, Anne-Valérie and Bantug, Glenn R. and Meyer, Benedikt J. and Higgins, Rebecca and Ghosh, Adhideb and Bignucolo, Olivier and Ma, Eric H. and Loeliger, Jordan and Unterstab, Gunhild and Geigges, Marco and Steiner, Rebekah and Enamorado, Michel and Ivanek, Robert and Hunziker, Danielle and Schmidt, Alexander and Müller-Durovic, Bojana and Grählert, Jasmin and Epple, Raja and Dimeloe, Sarah and Lötscher, Jonas and Sauder, Ursula and Ebnöther, Monika and Burger, Bettina and Heijnen, Ingmar and Martínez-Cano, Sarai and Cantoni, Nathan and Brücker, Rolf and Kahlert, Christian R. and Sancho, David and Jones, Russell G. and Navarini, Alexander and Recher, Mike and Hess, Christoph. (2019) SDHA gain-of-function engages inflammatory mitochondrial retrograde signaling via KEAP1-Nrf2. Nature Immunology, 20 (10). pp. 1311-1321.


Däster, Silvio and Amatruda, Nunzia and Calabrese, Diego and Ivanek, Robert and Turrini, Eleonora and Droeser, Raoul A. and Zajac, Paul and Fimognari, Carmela and Spagnoli, Giulio C. and Iezzi, Giandomenica and Mele, Valentina and Muraro, Manuele G.. (2017) Induction of hypoxia and necrosis in multicellular tumor spheroids is associated with resistance to chemotherapy treatment. Oncotarget, 8 (1). pp. 1725-1736.

Mochizuki, Michika and Lorenz, Vera and Ivanek, Robert and Della Verde, Giacomo and Gaudiello, Emanuele and Marsano, Anna and Pfister, Otmar and Kuster, Gabriela M.. (2017) Polo-Like Kinase 2 is Dynamically Regulated to Coordinate Proliferation and Early Lineage Specification Downstream of Yes-Associated Protein 1 in Cardiac Progenitor Cells. Journal of the American Heart Association, 6 (10). e005920.

Diepenbruck, Maren and Tiede, Stefanie and Saxena, Meera and Ivanek, Robert and Kalathur, Ravi Kiran Reddy and Lüönd, Fabiana and Meyer-Schaller, Nathalie and Christofori, Gerhard. (2017) miR-1199-5p and Zeb1 function in a double-negative feedback loop potentially coordinating EMT and tumour metastasis. Nature Communications, 8 (1). p. 1168.


Fagiani, Ernesta and Bill, Ruben and Pisarsky, Laura and Ivanek, Robert and Rüegg, Curzio and Christofori, Gerhard. (2015) An immature B cell population from peripheral blood serves as surrogate marker for monitoring tumor angiogenesis and anti-angiogenic therapy in mouse models. Angiogenesis, Vol. 18 H. 3. pp. 327-345.

Hirt, Christian and Papadimitropoulos, Adam and Muraro, Manuele G. and Mele, Valentina and Panopoulos, Evangelos and Cremonesi, Eleonora and Ivanek, Robert and Schultz-Thater, Elke and Droeser, Raoul A. and Mengus, Chantal and Heberer, Michael and Oertli, Daniel and Iezzi, Giandomenica and Zajac, Paul and Eppenberger-Castori, Serenella and Tornillo, Luigi and Terracciano, Luigi and Martin, Ivan and Spagnoli, Giulio C.. (2015) Bioreactor-engineered cancer tissue-like structures mimic phenotypes, gene expression profiles and drug resistance patterns observed "in vivo". Biomaterials, 62. pp. 138-146.

Moretti, Francesca and Rolando, Chiara and Winker, Moritz and Ivanek, Robert and Rodriguez, Javier and Von Kriegsheim, Alex and Taylor, Verdon and Bustin, Michael and Pertz, Olivier. (2015) Growth Cone Localization of the mRNA Encoding the Chromatin Regulator HMGN5 Modulates Neurite Outgrowth. Molecular and Cellular Biology, 35 (11). pp. 2035-2050.


Vigano, M. Alessandra and Ivanek, Robert and Balwierz, Piotr and Berninger, Philipp and van Nimwegen, Erik and Karjalainen, Klaus and Rolink, Antonius. (2014) An epigenetic profile of early T-cell development from multipotent progenitors to committed T-cell descendants. European journal of immunology, Vol. 44, H. 4. pp. 1181-1193.

Lopez-Rios, Javier and Duchesne, Amandine and Speziale, Dario and Andrey, Guillaume and Peterson, Kevin A. and Germann, Philipp and Ünal, Erkan and Liu, Jing and Floriot, Sandrine and Barbey, Sarah and Gallard, Yves and Müller-Gerbl, Magdalena and Courtney, Andrew D. and Klopp, Christophe and Rodriguez, Sabrina and Ivanek, Robert and Beisel, Christian and Wicking, Carol and Iber, Dagmar and Robert, Benoit and McMahon, Andrew P. and Duboule, Denis and Zeller, Rolf. (2014) Attenuated sensing of SHH by Ptch1 underlies evolution of bovine limbs. Nature, 511 (7507). pp. 46-51.

Osterwalder, Marco and Speziale, Dario and Shoukry, Malak and Mohan, Rajiv and Ivanek, Robert and Kohler, Manuel and Beisel, Christian and Wen, Xiaohui and Scales, Suzie J. and Christoffels, Vincent M. and Visel, Axel and Lopez-Rios, Javier and Zeller, Rolf. (2014) HAND2 targets define a network of transcriptional regulators that compartmentalize the early limb bud mesenchyme. Developmental Cell, 31 (3). pp. 345-357.

Diepenbruck, Maren and Waldmeier, Lorenz and Ivanek, Robert and Berninger, Philipp and Arnold, Phil and van Nimwegen, Erik and Christofori, Gerhard. (2014) Tead2 expression levels control the subcellular distribution of Yap and Taz, zyxin expression and epithelial-mesenchymal transition. Journal of Cell Science, 127 (7). pp. 1523-1536.


Dertschnig, Simone and Nusspaumer, Gretel and Ivanek, Robert and Hauri-Hohl, Mathias M. and Holländer, Georg A. and Krenger, Werner. (2013) Epithelial cytoprotection sustains ectopic expression of tissue-restricted antigens in the thymus during murine acute GVHD. Blood, 122 (5). pp. 837-841.


Tippmann, Sylvia C. and Ivanek, Robert and Gaidatzis, Dimos and Schöler, Anne and Hoerner, Leslie and van Nimwegen, Erik and Stadler, Peter F. and Stadler, Michael B. and Schübeler, Dirk. (2012) Chromatin measurements reveal contributions of synthesis and decay to steady-state mRNA levels. Molecular systems biology, Vol. 8. p. 593.


Stadler, Michael B. and Murr, Rabih and Burger, Lukas and Ivanek, Robert and Lienert, Florian and Schöler, Anne and van Nimwegen, Erik and Wirbelauer, Christiane and Oakeley, Edward J. and Gaidatzis, Dimos and Tiwari, Vijay K. and Schübeler, Dirk. (2011) DNA-binding factors shape the mouse methylome at distal regulatory regions. Nature, Vol. 480, H. 7378. pp. 490-495.

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