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Erni, W. and Keshelashvili, I. and Krusche, B. and Steinacher, M. and Heng, Y. and Liu, Z. and Liu, H. and Shen, X. and Wang, Q. and Xu, H. and Aab, A. and Albrecht, M. and Becker, J. and Csapo, A. and Feldbauer, F. and Fink, M. and Friedel, P. and Heinsius, F. H. and Held, T. and Klask, L. and Koch, H. and Kopf, B. and Leiber, S. and Leyhe, M. and Motzko, C. and Pelizaeus, M. and Pychy, J. and Roth, B. and Schroeder, T. and Schulze, J. and Sowa, C. and Steinke, M. and Trifterer, T. and Wiedner, U. and Zhong, J. and Beck, R. and Bianco, S. and Brinkmann, K. T. and Hammann, C. and Hinterberger, F. and Kaiser, D. and Kliemt, R. and Kube, M. and Pitka, A. and Quagli, T. and Schmidt, C. and Schmitz, R. and Schnell, R. and Thoma, U. and Vlasov, P. and Walther, D. and Wendel, C. and Wuerschig, T. and Zaunick, H. G. and Bianconi, A. and Bragadireanu, M. and Caprini, M. and Pantea, D. and Pantelica, D. and Pietreanu, D. and Serbina, L. and Tarta, P. D. and Kaplan, D. and Fiutowski, T. and Idzik, M. and Mindur, B. and Przyborowski, D. and Swientek, K. and Czech, B. and Kistryn, M. and Kliczewski, S. and Kozela, A. and Kulessa, P. and Lebiedowicz, P. and Pysz, K. and Schaefer, W. and Siudak, R. and Szczurek, A. and Jowzaee, S. and Kajetanowicz, M. and Kamys, B. and Kistryn, S. and Korcyl, G. and Korcyl, K. and Krzemien, W. and Magiera, A. and Moskal, P. and Palka, M. and Rudy, Z. and Salabura, P. and Smyrski, J. and Wronska, A. and Augustin, I. and Lehmann, I. and Nimorus, D. and Schepers, G. and Al-Turany, M. and Arora, R. and Deppe, H. and Flemming, H. and Gerhardt, A. and Goetzen, K. and Jordi, A. F. and Kalicy, G. and Karabowicz, R. and Lehmann, D. and Lewandowski, B. and Luehning, J. and Maas, F. and Orth, H. and Patsyuk, M. and Peters, K. and Saito, T. and Schepers, G. and Schmidt, C. J. and Schmitt, L. and Schwarz, C. and Schwiening, J. and Traxler, M. and Voss, B. and Wieczorek, P. and Wilms, A. and Zuehlsdorf, M. and Abazov, V. M. and Alexeev, G. and Arefiev, A. and Astakhov, V. I. and Barabanov, M. Yu. and Batyunya, B. V. and Davydov, Yu. I. and Dodokhov, V. Kh. and Efremov, A. A. and Fedunov, A. G. and Festchenko, A. A. and Galoyan, A. S. and Grigoryan, S. and Karmokov, A. and Koshurnikov, E. K. and Lobanov, V. I. and Lobanov, Yu. Yu. and Makarov, A. F. and Malinina, L. V. and Malyshev, V. L. and Mustafaev, G. A. and Olshevskiy, A. and Pasyuk, M. A. and Perevalova, E. A. and Piskun, A. A. and Pocheptsov, T. A. and Pontecorvo, G. and Rodionov, V. K. and Rogov, Yu. N. and Salmin, R. A. and Samartsev, A. G. and Sapozhnikov, M. G. and Shabratova, G. S. and Skachkova, A. N. and Skachkov, N. B. and Strokovsky, E. A. and Suleimanov, M. K. and Teshev, R. Sh. and Tokmenin, V. V. and Uzhinsky, V. V. and Vodopyanov, A. S. and Zaporozhets, S. A. and Zhuravlev, N. I. and Zorin, A. G. and Branford, D. and Glazier, D. and Watts, D. and Woods, P. and Britting, A. and Eyrich, W. and Lehmann, A. and Uhlig, F. and Dobbs, S. and Metreveli, Z. and Seth, K. and Tomaradze, A. and Xiao, T. and Bettoni, D. and Carassiti, V. and Ramusino, A. Cotta and Dalpiaz, P. and Drago, A. and Fioravanti, E. and Garzia, I. and Savrie, M. and Stancari, G. and Bianchi, N. and Gianotti, P. and Guaraldo, C. and Lucherini, V. and Orecchini, D. and Pace, E. and Bersani, A. and Bracco, G. and Macri, M. and Parodi, R. F. and Bremer, D. and Dormenev, V. and Drexler, P. and Dueren, M. and Eissner, T. and Foehl, K. and Galuska, M. and Gessler, T. and Hayrapetyan, A. and Hu, J. and Koch, P. and Kroeck, B. and Kuehn, W. and Lange, S. and Liang, Y. and Merle, O. and Metag, V. and Moritz, M. and Muenchow, D. and Nanova, M. and Novotny, R. and Spruck, B. and Stenzel, H. and Ullrich, T. and Werner, M. and Xu, H. and Euan, C. and Hoek, M. and Ireland, D. and Keri, T. and Montgomery, R. and Protopopescu, D. and Rosner, G. and Seitz, B. and Babai, M. and Glazenborg-Kluttig, A. and Kavatsyuk, M. and Lemmens, P. and Lindemulder, M. and Lohner, H. and Messchendorp, J. and Moeini, H. and Schakel, P. and Schreuder, F. and Smit, H. and Tambave, G. and van der Weele, J. C. and Veenstra, R. and Sohlbach, H. and Buescher, M. and Deermann, D. and Dosdall, R. and Esch, S. and Gillitzer, A. and Goldenbaum, F. and Grunwald, D. and Henssler, S. and Herten, A. and Hu, Q. and Kemmerling, G. and Kleines, H. and Kozlov, V. and Lehrach, A. and Maier, R. and Mertens, M. and Ohm, H. and Orfanitski, S. and Prasuhn, D. and Randriamalala, T. and Ritman, J. and Roeder, M. and Schadmand, S. and Serdyuk, V. and Sterzenbach, G. and Stockmanns, T. and Wintz, P. and Wuestner, P. and Xu, H. and Kisiel, J. and Li, S. and Li, Z. and Sun, Z. and Xu, H. and Rigato, V. and Fissum, S. and Hansen, K. and Isaksson, L. and Lundin, M. and Schroder, B. and Achenbach, P. and Bleser, S. and Cahit, U. and Cardinali, M. and Denig, A. and Distler, M. and Fritsch, M. and Jasinski, P. and Kangh, D. and Karavdina, A. and Lauth, W. and Merkel, H. and Michel, M. and Espi, M. C. Mora and Mueller, U. and Pochodzalla, J. and Sanchez, S. and Sanchez-Lorente, A. and Schlimme, S. and Sfienti, C. and Thiel, M. and Weber, T. and Dormenev, V. I. and Fedorov, A. A. and Korzhik, M. V. and Missevitch, O. V. and Balanutsa, V. and Chernetsky, V. and Demekhin, A. and Dolgolenko, A. and Fedorets, P. and Gerasimov, A. and Goryachev, V. and Varentsov, V. and Boukharov, A. and Malyshev, O. and Marishev, I. and Semenov, A. and Boehmer, F. and Dorheim, S. and Ketzer, B. and Paul, S. and Hergemoeller, A. K. and Khoukaz, A. and Koehler, E. and Taeschner, A. and Wessels, J. and Varma, R. and Chaterjee, A. and Jha, V. and Kailas, S. and Roy, B. J. and Yan, Y. and Chinorat, K. and Khanchai, K. and Ayut, L. and Pomrad, S. and Baldin, E. and Kotov, K. and Peleganchuk, S. and Tikhonov, Yu. and Boucher, J. and Chambert, V. and Dbeyssi, A. and Gumberidze, M. and Hennino, T. and Imre, M. and Kunne, R. and Le Galliard, C. and Ma, B. and Marchand, D. and Maroni, A. and Ong, S. and Ramstein, B. and Rosier, P. and Tomasi-Gustafsson, E. and De Wiele, J. Van and Boca, G. and Braghieri, A. and Costanza, S. and Genova, P. and Lavezzi, L. and Montagna, P. and Rotondi, A. and Abramov, V. and Belikov, N. and Davidenko, A. and Derevschikov, A. and Goncharenko, Y. and Grishin, V. and Kachanov, V. and Konstantinov, D. and Kormilitsin, V. and Melnik, Y. and Levin, A. and Minaev, N. and Mochalov, V. and Morozov, D. and Nogach, L. and Poslavskiy, S. and Ryazantsev, A. and Ryzhikov, S. and Semenov, P. and Shein, I. and Uzunian, A. and Vasiliev, A. and Yakutin, A. and Back, T. and Cederwall, B. and Makonyi, K. and Tegner, P. E. and von Wurtemberg, K. M. and Belostotski, S. and Gavrilov, G. and Itzotov, A. and Kashchuk, A. and Kisselev, A. and Kravchenko, P. and Levitskaya, O. and Manaenkov, S. and Miklukho, O. and Naryshkin, Y. and Veretennikov, D. and Vikhrov, V. and Zhadanov, A. and Alberto, D. and Amoroso, A. and Bussa, M. P. and Busso, L. and De Mori, F. and Destefanis, M. and Fava, L. and Ferrero, L. and Greco, M. and Maggiora, M. and Marcello, S. and Sosio, S. and Spataro, S. and Zotti, L. and Calvo, D. and Coli, S. and De Remigis, P. and Filippi, A. and Giraudo, G. and Lusso, S. and Mazza, G. and Morra, O. and Rivetti, A. and Wheadon, R. and Iazzi, F. and Lavagno, A. and Younis, H. and Birsa, R. and Bradamante, F. and Bressan, A. and Martin, A. and Clement, H. and Galander, B. and Balkestahl, L. Caldeira and Calen, H. and Fransson, K. and Johansson, T. and Kupsc, A. and Marciniewski, P. and Thome, E. and Wolke, M. and Zlomanczuk, J. and Diaz, J. and Ortiz, A. and Dmowski, K. and Duda, P. and Korzeniewski, R. and Slowinski, B. and Chlopik, A. and Guzik, Z. and Kosinski, K. and Melnychuk, D. and Wasilewski, A. and Wojciechowski, M. and Wronka, S. and Wysocka, A. and Zwieglinski, B. and Buehler, P. and Hartman, O. N. and Kienle, P. and Marton, J. and Suzuki, K. and Widmann, E. and Zmeskal, J.. (2013) Technical design report for the PANDA (AntiProton Annihilations at Darmstadt) Straw Tube Tracker. The European physical journal. A, Hadrons and nuclei, Vol. 49, H. 2. p. 25.

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