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Ronco, Fabrizia and Matschiner, Michael and Böhne, Astrid and Boila, Anna and Büscher, Heinz H. and El Taher, Athimed and Indermaur, Adrian and Malinsky, Milan and Ricci, Virginie and Kahmen, Ansgar and Jentoft, Sissel and Salzburger, Walter. (2020) Drivers and dynamics of a massive adaptive radiation in cichlid fishes. Nature, 589. pp. 86-81.

El Taher, Athimed and Böhne, Astrid and Boileau, Nicolas and Ronco, Fabrizia and Indermaur, Adrian and Widmer, Lukas and Salzburger, Walter. (2020) Gene expression dynamics during rapid organismal diversification in African cichlid fishes. Nature ecology & evolution. 10.1038/s41559-020-01354-3.

Bose, Aneesh P. H. and Windorfer, Johannes and Böhm, Alex and Ronco, Fabrizia and Indermaur, Adrian and Salzburger, Walter and Jordan, Alex. (2020) Structural manipulations of a shelter resource reveal underlying preference functions in a shell-dwelling cichlid fish. Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences, 287 (1927).

Ronco, Fabrizia and Büscher, Heinz H. and Indermaur, Adrian and Salzburger, Walter. (2020) The taxonomic diversity of the cichlid fish fauna of ancient Lake Tanganyika, East Africa. Journal of Great Lakes research, 46 (5). pp. 1067-1078.

Widmer, Lukas and Indermaur, Adrian and Egger, Bernd and Salzburger, Walter. (2020) Where Am I? Niche constraints due to morphological specialization in two Tanganyikan cichlid fish species. Ecology and evolution, 10 (17). pp. 9410-9418.


Musilova, Zuzana and Indermaur, Adrian and Bitja-Nyom, Arnold Roger and Omelchenko, Dmytro and Kłodawska, Monika and Albergati, Lia and Remišová, Kateřina and Salzburger, Walter. (2019) Evolution of the visual sensory system in cichlid fishes from crater lake Barombi Mbo in Cameroon. Molecular ecology, 28 (23). pp. 5010-5031.

Widmer, Lukas and Heule, Elia and Colombo, Marco and Rueegg, Attila and Indermaur, Adrian and Ronco, Fabrizia and Salzburger, Walter. (2019) Point-Combination Transect (PCT): Incorporation of small underwater cameras to study fish communities. Methods in ecology and evolution, 10 (6). pp. 891-901.


Indermaur, Adrian and Theis, Anya and Egger, Bernd and Salzburger, Walter. (2018) Mouth dimorphism in scale-eating cichlid fish from Lake Tanganyika advances individual fitness. Evolution; international journal of organic evolution, 72 (9). pp. 1962-1969.

1 September 2015

Boileau, Nicolas and Cortesi, Fabio and Egger, Bernd and Muschick, Moritz and Indermaur, Adrian and Theis, Anya and Büscher, Heinz H. and Salzburger, Walter. (2015) A complex mode of aggressive mimicry in a scale-eating cichlid fish. Biology letters, 11 (9). p. 20150521.

March 2015

Meyer, Britta S. and Indermaur, Adrian and Ehrensperger, Xenia and Egger, Bernd and Banyankimbona, Gaspard and Snoeks, Jos and Salzburger, Walter. (2015) Back to Tanganyika: a case of recent trans-species-flock dispersal in East African haplochromine cichlid fishes. Royal Society open science, 2 (3). p. 140498.


Theis, Anya and Ronco, Fabrizia and Indermaur, Adrian and Salzburger, Walter and Egger, Bernd. (2014) Adaptive divergence between lake and stream populations of an East African cichlid fish. Molecular ecology, Vol. 23, H. 21. pp. 5304-5322.

Indermaur, Adrian. Comparative ecology and phylogeography in east African cichild fishes. 2014, Doctoral Thesis, University of Basel, Faculty of Science.


Colombo, Marco and Diepeveen, Eveline T. and Muschick, Moritz and Santos, M. Emilia and Indermaur, Adrian and Boileau, Nicolas and Barluenga, Marta and Salzburger, Walter. (2013) The ecological and genetic basis of convergent thick-lipped phenotypes in cichlid fishes. Molecular Ecology, 22 (3). pp. 670-684.


Muschick, Moritz and Indermaur, Adrian and Salzburger, Walter. (2012) Convergent Evolution within an Adaptive Radiation of Cichlid Fishes. Current biology, Vol. 22, H. 24. pp. 2362-2368.

Marie, Theres Dittmann and Roesti, Marius and Indermaur, Adrian and Colombo, Marco and Gschwind, Martin and Keller, Isabel and Kovac, Robin and Barluenga, Marta and Salzburger, Walter. (2012) Depth-dependent abundance of Midas Cichlid fish (Amphilophus spp.) in two Nicaraguan crater lakes. Hydrobiologia, Vol. 686, H. 1. pp. 277-285.

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