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Berman, Helen M. and Adams, Paul D. and Bonvin, Alexandre A. and Burley, Stephen K. and Carragher, Bridget and Chiu, Wah and DiMaio, Frank and Ferrin, Thomas E. and Gabanyi, Margaret J. and Goddard, Thomas D. and Griffin, Patrick R. and Haas, Juergen and Hanke, Christian A. and Hoch, Jeffrey C. and Hummer, Gerhard and Kurisu, Genji and Lawson, Catherine L. and Leitner, Alexander and Markley, John L. and Meiler, Jens and Montelione, Gaetano T. and Phillips, George N. and Prisner, Thomas and Rappsilber, Juri and Schriemer, David C. and Schwede, Torsten and Seidel, Claus A. M. and Strutzenberg, Timothy S. and Svergun, Dmitri I. and Tajkhorshid, Emad and Trewhella, Jill and Vallat, Brinda and Velankar, Sameer and Vuister, Geerten W. and Webb, Benjamin and Westbrook, John D. and White, Kate L. and Sali, Andrej. (2019) Federating Structural Models and Data: Outcomes from A Workshop on Archiving Integrative Structures. Structure (London, England : 1993), 27 (12). pp. 1745-1759.


Markley, John L. and Akutsu, Hideo and Asakura, Tetsuo and Baldus, Marc and Boelens, Rolf and Bonvin, Alexandre and Kaptein, Robert and Bax, Ad and Bezsonova, Irina and Gryk, Michael R. and Hoch, Jeffrey C. and Korzhnev, Dmitry M. and Maciejewski, Mark W. and Case, Dave and Chazin, Walter J. and Cross, Timothy A. and Dames, Sonja and Kessler, Horst and Lange, Oliver and Madl, Tobias and Reif, Bernd and Sattler, Michael and Eliezer, David and Fersht, Alan and Forman-Kay, Julie and Kay, Lewis E. and Fraser, James and Gross, John and Kortemme, Tanja and Sali, Andrej and Fujiwara, Toshimichi and Gardner, Kevin and Luo, Xuelian and Rizo-Rey, Jose and Rosen, Michael and Gil, Roberto R. and Ho, Chien and Rule, Gordon and Gronenborn, Angela M. and Ishima, Rieko and Klein-Seetharaman, Judith and Tang, Pei and van der Wel, Patrick and Xu, Yan and Grzesiek, Stephan and Hiller, Sebastian and Seelig, Joachim and Laue, Ernest D. and Mott, Helen and Nietlispach, Daniel and Barsukov, Igor and Lian, Lu-Yun and Middleton, David and Blumenschein, Tharin and Moore, Geoffrey and Campbell, Iain and Schnell, Jason and Vakonakis, Ioannis John and Watts, Anthony and Conte, Maria R. and Mason, James and Pfuhl, Mark and Sanderson, Mark R. and Craven, Jeremy and Williamson, Michael and Dominguez, Cyril and Roberts, Gordon and Günther, Ulrich and Overduin, Michael and Werner, Joern and Williamson, Philip and Blindauer, Claudia and Crump, Matthew and Driscoll, Paul and Frenkiel, Tom and Golovanov, Alexander and Matthews, Steve and Parkinson, John and Uhrin, Dusan and Williams, Mark and Neuhaus, David and Oschkinat, Hartmut and Ramos, Andres and Shaw, David E. and Steinbeck, Christoph and Vendruscolo, Michele and Vuister, Geerten W. and Walters, Kylie J. and Weinstein, Harel and Wüthrich, Kurt and Yokoyama, Shigeyuki. (2012) In support of the BMRB. Nature Structural and Molecular Biology, 19 (9). pp. 854-860.

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