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Wicki, Andreas and Hermann, Frank and Prêtre, Vincent and Winterhalder, Ralph and Kueng, Marc and von Moos, Roger and Rochlitz, Christoph and Herrmann, Richard. (2014) Pre-existing antihypertensive treatment predicts early increase in blood pressure during bevacizumab therapy: the prospective AVALUE cohort study. Oncol Res Treat, 37 (5). pp. 230-236.

Kasenda, Benjamin and Bass, Annatina and Koeberle, Dieter and Pestalozzi, Bernhard and Borner, Markus and Herrmann, Richard and Jost, Lorenz and Lohri, Andreas and Hess, Viviane. (2014) Survival in overweight patients with advanced pancreatic carcinoma: a multicentre cohort study. BMC Cancer, 14. p. 728.


Wicki, Andreas and Rochlitz, Christoph and Orleth, Annette and Ritschard, Reto and Albrecht, Imke and Herrmann, Richard and Christofori, Gerhard and Mamot, Christoph. (2012) Targeting tumor-associated endothelial cells: anti-VEGFR2 immunoliposomes mediate tumor vessel disruption and inhibit tumor growth. Clinical cancer research, Vol. 18, no. 18. pp. 454-464.


Vetter, Marcus and Tzankov, Alexandar and Engert, Andreas and Mehling, Matthias and Herrmann, Richard and Rochlitz, Christoph. (2011) Hodgkin's Lymphoma and Paraneoplastic Phenomena in the Central Nervous System : A Case Report and Review of the Literature. Case Reports in Oncology, 4 (1). pp. 106-114.


Wicki, Andreas and Herrmann, Richard and Christofori, Gerhard. (2010) Kras in metastatic colorectal cancer. Swiss Medical Weekly, Vol. 140 , w13112.

Brauchli, Peter and Thürlimann, Beat and Crowe, Susanne N. and Herrmann, Richard. (2010) What is the value of the 21-gene recurrence score? Journal of clinical oncology, Vol. 28 , e671-e672.


Lippert, Eric and Girodon, François and Hammond, Emma and Jelinek, Jaroslav and Reading, N. Scott and Fehse, Boris and Hanlon, Katy and Hermans, Mirjam and Richard, Céline and Swierczek, Sabina and Ugo, Valérie and Carillo, Serge and Harrivel, Véronique and Marzac, Christophe and Pietra, Daniela and Sobas, Marta and Mounier, Morgane and Migeon, Marina and Ellard, Sian and Kröger, Nicolaus and Herrmann, Richard and Prchal, Josef T. and Skoda, Radek C. and Hermouet, Sylvie. (2009) Concordance of assays designed for the quantification of JAK2V617F : a multicenter study. Haematologica : journal of hematology, Vol. 94. pp. 38-45.

Herrmann, Richard and Lorenz, Matthias and Zuber, Markus and Rufibach, Kaspar and Laffer, Urban. (2009) Perioperative and adjuvant chemotherapy in colon cancer : results of SAKK trial 40/93. International journal of colorectal disease, Vol. 24, H. 3. pp. 351-352.

Cunningham, David and Chau, Ian and Stocken, Deborah D. and Valle, Juan W. and Smith, David and Steward, William and Harper, Peter G. and Dunn, Janet and Tudur-Smith, Catrin and West, Julia and Falk, Stephen and Crellin, Adrian and Adab, Fawzi and Thompson, Joyce and Leonard, Pauline and Ostrowski, Joe and Eatock, Martin and Scheithauer, Werner and Herrmann, Richard and Neoptolemos, John P.. (2009) Phase III randomized comparison of gemcitabine versus gemcitabine plus capecitabine in patients with advanced pancreatic cancer. Journal of clinical oncology : official journal of the American Society of Clinical Oncology, Vol. 27. pp. 5513-5518.

Kühner, Sebastian and van Noort, Vera and Betts, Matthew J. and Leo-Macias, Alejandra and Batisse, Claire and Rode, Michaela and Yamada, Takuji and Maier, Tobias and Bader, Samuel and Beltran-Alvarez, Pedro and Castaño-Diez, Daniel and Chen, Wei-Hua and Devos, Damien and Güell, Marc and Norambuena, Tomas and Racke, Ines and Rybin, Vladimir and Schmidt, Alexander and Yus, Eva and Aebersold, Ruedi and Herrmann, Richard and Böttcher, Bettina and Frangakis, Achilleas S. and Russell, Robert B. and Serrano, Luis and Bork, Peer and Gavin, Anne-Claude. (2009) Proteome organization in a genome-reduced bacterium. Science, 326 (5957). pp. 1235-1240.

Buess, Martin and Rajski, Michal and Vogel-Durrer, Brigitte M. L. and Herrmann, Richard and Rochlitz, Christoph. (2009) Tumor-endothelial interaction links the CD44(+)/CD24(-) phenotype with poor prognosis in early-stage breast cancer. Neoplasia, Vol. 11. pp. 987-1002.

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