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Köberle, D. and Betticher, D. C. and von Moos, R. and Dietrich, D. and Brauchli, B. and Baertschi, D. and Matter, K. and Winterhalder, R. and Borner, M. and Anchisi, S. and Moosmann, P. and Kollar, A. and Saletti, P. and Roth, A. and Frueh, M. and Kueng, M. and Popescu, R. A. and Schacher, S. and Hess, V. and Herrmann, R.. (2015) Bevacizumab continuation versus no continuation after first-line chemotherapy plus bevacizumab in patients with metastatic colorectal cancer: a randomized phase III non-inferiority trial (SAKK 41/06). Annals of Oncology, 26 (4). pp. 709-714.


Mamot, C. and Ritschard, R. and Wicki, A. and Kung, W. and Schuller, J. and Herrmann, R. and Rochlitz, C.. (2012) Immunoliposomal delivery of doxorubicin can overcome multidrug resistance mechanisms in EGFR-overexpressing tumor cells. Journal of drug targeting, Vol. 20, H. 5. pp. 422-432.

Mamot, C. and Ritschard, R. and Wicki, A. and Stehle, G. and Dieterle, T. and Bubendorf, L. and Hilker, C. and Deuster, S. and Herrmann, R. and Rochlitz, C.. (2012) Tolerability, safety, pharmacokinetics, and efficacy of doxorubicin-loaded anti-EGFR immunoliposomes in advanced solid tumours: a phase 1 dose-escalation study. The Lancet oncology, Vol. 13, H. 12. pp. 1234-1241.


Rochlitz, C. and Ruhstaller, T. and Lerch, S. and Spirig, C. and Huober, J. and Suter, T. and Buhlmann, M. and Fehr, M. and Schonenberger, A. and von Moos, R. and Winterhalder, R. and Rauch, D. and Muller, A. and Mannhart-Harms, M. and Herrmann, R. and Cliffe, B. and Mayer, M. and Zaman, K.. (2011) Combination of bevacizumab and 2-weekly pegylated liposomal doxorubicin as first-line therapy for locally recurrent or metastatic breast cancer : a multicenter, single-arm phase II trial (SAKK 24/06). Annals of oncology, Vol. 22, H. 1. pp. 80-85.


Hess, V. and Pratsch, S. and Potthast, S. and Lee, L. and Winterhalder, R. and Widmer, L. and Cescato, C. and Lohri, A. and Jost, L. and Stillhart, P. and Pestalozzi, B. and Herrmann, R.. (2010) Combining gemcitabine, oxaliplatin and capecitabine (GEMOXEL) for patients with advanced pancreatic carcinoma (APC) : a phase I/II trial. Annals of oncology, Vol. 21, H. 12. pp. 2390-2395.

Bernhard, J. and Dietrich, D. and Glimelius, B. and Hess, V. and Bodoky, G. and Scheithauer, W. and Herrmann, R.. (2010) Estimating prognosis and palliation based on tumour marker CA 19-9 and quality of life indicators in patients with advanced pancreatic cancer receiving chemotherapy. British journal of cancer, Vol. 103, no. 9. pp. 1318-1324.

Rajski, M. and Zanetti-Dallenbach, R. and Vogel, B. and Herrmann, R. and Rochlitz, C. and Buess, M.. (2010) IGF-I induced genes in stromal fibroblasts predict the clinical outcome of breast and lung cancer patients. BMC medicine, Vol. 8. p. 1.

Haschke, M. and Vitins, T. and Lude, S. and Todesco, L. and Novakova, K. and Herrmann, R. and Krahenbuhl, S.. (2010) Urinary excretion of carnitine as a marker of proximal tubular damage associated with platin-based antineoplastic drugs. Nephrology, dialysis, transplantation, Vol. 25, H. 2. pp. 426-433.


Laffer, U. and Metzger, U. and Aeberhard, P. and Lorenz, M. and Harder, F. and Maibach, R. and Zuber, M. and Herrmann, R.. (2008) Adjuvant perioperative portal vein or peripheral intravenous chemotherapy for potentially curative colorectal cancer : long-term results of a randomized controlled trial. International journal of colorectal disease, Vol. 23, H. 12. pp. 1233-1241.

Thürlimann, B. and Bonnefoi, H. and Cameron, D. and Goldhirsch, A. and Herrmann, R. and Monnerat, C. and von Moos, R. and Pagani, O. and Perey, L. and Pestalozzi, B. and Rochlitz, C. and Suter, T.. (2008) Adjuvant therapy of HER2-positive breast cancer with trastuzumab. Senologie, Vol. 5. pp. 1-3.

Hess, V. and Glimelius, B. and Grawe, P. and Dietrich, D. and Bodoky, G. and Ruhstaller, T. and Bajetta, E. and Saletti, P. and Figer, A. and Scheithauer, W. and Herrmann, R.. (2008) CA 19-9 tumour-marker response to chemotherapy in patients with advanced pancreatic cancer enrolled in a randomised controlled trial. The Lancet oncology, Vol. 9. pp. 132-138.

Bernhard, J. and Dietrich, D. and Scheithauer, W. and Gerber, D. and Bodoky, G. and Ruhstaller, T. and Glimelius, B. and Bajetta, E. and Schüller, J. and Saletti, P. and Bauer, J. and Figer, A. and Pestalozzi, B. C. and Köhne, C. H. and Mingrone, W. and Stemmer, S. M. and Tàmas, K. and Kornek, G. V. and Koeberle, D. and Herrmann, R. and Central, European Cooperative Oncology Group. (2008) Clinical benefit and quality of life in patients with advanced pancreatic cancer receiving gemcitabine plus capecitabine versus gemcitabine alone : a randomized multicenter phase III clinical trial--SAKK 44/00-CECOG/PAN.1.3.001. Journal of clinical oncology, Vol. 26. pp. 3695-3701.

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Ilgen, Gunter and Glindemann, D. and Herrmann, R. and Hertel, F. and Huang, Jen-How. (2008) Organometals of tin, lead and mercury compounds in landfill gases and leachates from Bavaria, Germany. Waste Management, 28 (9). pp. 1518-1527.

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Heinrich, M. C. and Joensuu, H. and Demetri, G. D. and Corless, C. L. and Apperley, J. and Fletcher, J. A. and Soulieres, D. and Dirnhofer, S. and Harlow, A. and Town, A. and McKinley, A. and Supple, S. G. and Seymour, J. and Di Scala, L. and van Oosterom, A. and Herrmann, R. and Nikolova, Z. and McArthur, A. G.. (2008) Phase II, open-label study evaluating the activity of imatinib in treating life-threatening malignancies known to be associated with imatinib-sensitive tyrosine kinases. Clinical cancer research, Vol. 14. pp. 2717-2725.

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